6 Best Boot Laces To Replace Your Standard Ones

To save you time, Miscly Heavy Duty Round Shoelaces are the best boot laces for both work and hiking boots. They are made for heavy-duty use and have a very long lifespan.

The standard laces that come with your boots are made to appeal to a wide range of buyers. You may want to replace them with some best boot laces which communicate your individual style and are more custom fit to your feet.

Choosing replacement laces can be a good idea as they reduce any pressure on your metatarsal area. Thus, you will be able to work longer or hike more without feeling the strain.

You don’t have to go through several options as I have jotted down some of the best boot laces available on the market today. You will definitely find a match for your boots here.

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How Long Your Laces Should Be

A wrong length can render even the best boot laces worthless. So, before making a purchase, make sure you know the exact length that you need for your replacement laces. There are basically two ways to find this:

  • Measure Your Current Laces: This is probably the most reliable way to determine the length of your new laces. Remove your current laces from your boots and measure with a tape. Add or subtract from there. Simple as that.
  • Number of Eyelets Method: Number of eyelets on your boots is also a good tool to determine the length of your new laces. The standards are (eyelets on one side)- 45 inches for 5-6 eyelets, 54 inches for 6-7 eyelets, 63 inches for 7-8 eyelets, 72 inches for 8-9 eyelets.

Factors to Look for Before Buying Boot Laces

1. Heavy-Duty Use

Work boots, hiking boots, military boots, etc. are made for tough jobs and so must be the laces for them. The inner core and outer weave of the laces should be done with strong and durable material. Polyester and Kevlar are good options for that.

Other than the durability, it must be highly resistant to heat, fire, water, chemicals, UV, and abrasions- the common challenges of a workplace. If the laces are not able to withstand these challenges, there is no point in buying them.

2. Should Stay Tied

I hate it when I have to tie my laces more than once a day and I bet you’d hate it too. I like to see some tackiness on the laces as it makes sure that the laces will stay tied for the entire day.

This feature is even more important if you suffer from arthritis and don’t feel comfortable bending on your waist several times a day. An alternate solution could be buying lace locks.

3. Proper Length

To overcome the length problem, some laces are made of a stretchable material so that you can pull and tie them even if they come short. I’m not a fan of this “forced knotting”. I always try to find laces of the right length, even if I have to buy and ask for a replacement for a few times.

Always buy laces of the correct length. If you are unsure of the length you need for your new laces, buy “trim to fit” laces. They come with some extra length that you can cut anytime.

4. Fused Tips

A big problem with boot laces is that the threads start to fray at the aglets (tips) after a while. So make sure the tip of the laces is fused with heat and wrapped in a plastic cover. It must be short and should not bend.

5. Color Quality

First, the color should not fade over time. Most laces start to fade off after a month or so. It makes the laces look bad on boots. The durability of the laces is useless if they look ugly on your boots.

Second, when wet or washed, the color of the laces should not bleed on your boots. It may ruin your lovely pair of boots. Thus, the color quality is also critical.

6 Best Boot Laces With Reviews

boot laces reviews

1. OrthoStep Thin Round Nylon Shoelaces for Work Boots

Orthostep is known in the footwear industry for its durable footwear products and these thin nylon shoelaces are not an exception. These laces are perfect for sports shoes, work boots, and hiking boots.

The laces are made in the USA with original nylon construction. This makes these round shoelaces very tough and durable. The strength of the laces can easily withstand heavy-duty work environments.

The tip of the laces is fused with heat treatment and no plastic is wrapped around the tips. This heat fusion makes the tips very smooth and resistant to any cracks. You won’t experience the problem of lost tips with these boot laces.

Coming to the design, the laces are ⅛ inch thick and round in shape. Thus, they will easily go through round and hexagonal eyelets. They will also go nicely along with speed lacing hooks and lace locks.

The laces are treated with wax to make them a little tacky. This makes the laces stay tied the entire day.

The laces are available in 8 different colors and I’m sure you will find one that matches your boots. One thing to keep in mind is that the length of the laces may differ from color to color. It ranges from 32” to 120”. So, choose the correct color and length.

In short, OrthoStep boot laces would be a decent purchase for you. The strength, durability, and quality of the laces are all top-notch. Moreover, the price is also reasonable. 


  • Strong and durable
  • Good quality at a reasonable price
  • Multiple color options


  • A little stiff
  • The tip may bend a little

2. Miscly Heavy Duty Round Shoelaces for Work & Hiking Boots

Miscly heavy-duty shoelaces are simply made to last. These are designed to satisfy the needs of heavy-duty workers. This makes them perfect replacement laces for work and hiking boots. I would even suggest these laces to skiers and ice climbers as well.

The core of Miscly boot laces is made of two nylon cords. These cords are so sturdy that they were originally used in parachutes. These cords are then woven inside a strong polyester outer. Combined, they give these laces unparalleled strength and durability.

Adding to the strength of these laces, the manufacturer offers you a lifetime warranty. If your Miscly laces ever break, the brand will replace them for free. That’s quite a bold and confident statement.

The polyester outer is woven beautifully and gives these boot laces an aesthetic look. The pattern also provides enough friction that once you tie the laces they stick and don’t come undone.

The tip of the laces comes with a plastic wrap around. The tip doesn’t bend or fray. If you are a choosy person, it would probably be the first replacement laces that you would like.

The boot laces are 3/16 inch thick. They come in four different colors and four different lengths. With these many options, you will certainly find one for you. The key is selecting the right length for your boots.

In short, Miscly boot laces are perfect replacements for your original ones. You won’t find such a build quality anywhere else. That makes it a no brainer.


  • Long-life laces
  • Stay tied once done
  • Versatile product


  • The aglets (tips) are a little too large
  • A little fat for some boots

3. TOFL Cut to Fit Leather Boot Laces

TOFL boot laces are one size fits all solution. They come with an extra length and you can cut them to the length you want. They are made of leather and can be used with any leather boots.

TOFL uses a unique approach here. All their laces are 72 inches long that fit most boots. All you need to do is to start at the bottom and lace your boots all the way up. Then put your boots on your feet and tie the laces as tight as you want. Now, cut the laces to the desired length. Simple as that.

The laces are made of cow leather and are very strong and durable. However, there is sometimes a weak area in the cowhide that is usually unnoticeable. It could cause the laces to break when tying. If that happens to your pair of laces, TOFL replaces it for free.

The leather boot laces are resistant to heat and sparks. So, it doesn’t melt from welding sparks or campfire. That makes it a perfect pair of laces for welders, constructions, hunters, and hikers.

The strength of the TOFL boot laces allows an active and heavy-duty use. The unique design makes them stay tied as well. So, you can use them with work boots, moccasins, hiker boots, and all sorts of leather boots.

The TOFL boot laces are available in 16 colors and there is no way that you won’t find a color of your choice. The color and square shape of the laces make them visually appealing as well.

In short, TOFL is a great choice as a replacement pair of laces. Due to their versatile use, I believe they can end your search for the best boot laces.


  • Don’t melt
  • Fit most boots
  • Stay tied
  • 16 color options
  • Visually appealing


  • Maximum length is 72 inches

4. GREATLACES proTOUGH(TM) Reinforced Heavy Duty Boot Laces

GREATLACES are just that a great pair of laces that are designed for rough and tough use. Their build quality makes them ideal for all types of work boots and hiking boots. They go equally well with casual boots too.

The laces were originally designed keeping the smokejumpers in mind. So, their build quality is unmatched. They are strong, durable, heat resistant, stay always tied, and never break apart. If you are sick of replacing your boot laces every so often, these could be your last purchase for boot laces.

The strength of the laces come from a strong inner core that is wrapped around in weaving of polyester and Kevlar strands. This double design reinforces every inch of the laces. The laces are heavy duty and you can withstand your work challenges.

The laces are 3/16 inch thick. This diameter results in a tight tie but doesn’t pinch your feet. The tight tie doesn’t mean it’s difficult to pull it off. You can untie the laces just with the pull of two fingers.

The color of the laces is also very high quality. It won’t fade with time and won’t bleed on your boots even when washed. This keeps your laces vibrant and new for a long time. Still, you must remove the laces from the boots when washing them.

In short, GREATLACES boot laces fit the workers, hikers, and skiers the most. You can also use them with your casual pair of leather boots but that won’t justify the heavy-duty build of the laces. 


  • Excellent laces for work and hiking boots
  • Reinforced with three strands of Kevlar
  • Made in the USA


  • Small for boots longer than 8 inches or more
  • Your boots must have eyelets of ⅛ inch or more to use these laces

5. Ironlace Shoelaces- The Strongest Boot Laces

Ironlace makes many bold claims with these strongest boot laces. The boldest of all is that the laces are unbreakable and guaranteed for life. This makes them suitable for work boots, hiking boots, and motorcycle riding boots.

Ironlace has used a special Para-Aramid fiber to build these laces that is considered twenty times stronger than Kevlar. To give you a perspective, Kevlar is five times stronger than steel. Now you can imagine how strong Para-Aramid fiber would be.

The laces are both stretch and slip-free. This allows you to do a tight tie. Once tied, the laces stay put that way until you pull them off.

Other than the break-free feature the laces are very resistant to any exposure to UV, chemicals, abrasions, heat, and even fire. The fireproof ability makes these laces ultra suitable for welders and firefighters. The boot laces can withstand temperatures of up to 630 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are an ice climber, you are going to love these boot laces. The laces don’t absorb water and don’t freeze in winters. Even on some extremely cold days, you will be able to undo them pretty easily and quickly.

The boot laces are available in two colors only- black and brown. So, your options with colors are limited here but they are available in many sizes and you will find one for your boots.

In short, the Ironlace boot laces are a high-quality product available at an affordable price. The long lifespan of the laces makes them even more economical in the long run.


  • Last forever
  • Stronger than steel
  • Fire, cut, and abrasion-resistant


  • Color may fade over time

6. LOCK LACES Premium Heavy Duty No Tie Shoelaces for Boots

LOCK LACES got a wildcard entry on this list of best boot laces. I liked the fact that they are the original patented laces in the USA and can turn any boots into a slip-on. All you need to do is tie the laces once and use these locks to keep the laces that way until you want to untie them again.

If you are suffering from arthritis, have trouble bending on your waist, or sick of tying your boots every so often then you would love these LOCK LACES.

Installing the Lock Laces is easy and quick. Just make sure you put your boots on while installing them.

Start from the bottom and lace your boots all the way up. Once laced, pass the ends through the lock device, slide the device all the way back to the tongue, and press to clamp it there. Now, cut the laces to the desired length and you are done with the installation.

The laces are designed so that they reduce the pressure points on your feet and make you feel comfortable in any situation. You will feel more comfortable than ever while working, hunting, or hiking with these lace locks in place.

The length of the laces is 72 inch and due to its trim to fit feature, it will go well with boots that require laces 48 inch or more. On the other hand, the string is stretchable and can be stretched to 108 inches.

In short, LOCK LACES are a durable, waterproof, and versatile replacement to your standard boot laces. They are designed for heavy-duty use keeping the workers and hikers in mind. On top of that, they look visually appealing as well.


  • Turn any boots into a slip-on
  • “Trim to fit” length fits most boots
  • Guaranteed for life


  • A bit hard to put high shaft boots on and off

Before You Go

If I were at your place and had to choose the best boot laces that are both high quality and reasonably priced, I would go with Miscly Heavy Duty Round Shoelaces for Work & Hiking Boots.

No matter what option you go with all products on this list fulfill our criteria of the best boot laces and will serve you for a long time. Besides, the brands are also reputed and stand behind their product.

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