5 Best Cowboy Work Boots in 2021

best cowboy work boots

TL;DR: I’d say, Ariat Men’s Ramblers are the best cowboy work boots out there. The boots are a perfect cross of style and ruggedness. Truly value for money!

Western work boots come in many variations such as cowboy, classic, shortie, roper, buckaroo, etc. Among them, cowboy work boots are the most popular. (source)

Cowboy work boots come in many different toe shapes such as pointed, round, snipped, square, and broad cut. Among them, pointed and square ones are the most popular because they look classic and most authentic.

Cowboy work boots are for confident people only and require some guts to wear them. Moreover, they carry the history of great America in them. So, I made sure I suggest only the best of the best cowboy work boots in this guide. Enjoy!

Here are 5 Best Cowboy Work Boots in 2021

Work Boots
1Ariat Men's Rambler Square Toe Cowboy Work BootsBest Overall
2Old West Boots Men's Tbm 3010 Cowboy Work BootsRunner Up
3Ariat Men's Heritage R Cowboy Work BootsAlso Good
4Twisted X Men’s Steel Square Toe Cowboy Work BootsMost Bold
5Ariat Men's Rambler Phoenix Square Toe Cowboy Work BootsBest Square Toe

5 Best Cowboy Work Boots in 2021 With Reviews

1. Ariat Men’s Rambler Square Toe Cowboy Work Boots

Ariat men’s rambler cowboy work boots are made very rugged and manly, not only in performance but in appearance as well. You can easily wear them out to harshest work conditions and they will hold up very well.

The leather upper is thick and rugged and doesn’t degrade easily. The upper is made slightly distressed to give it a manly look. The more the boots age the more beautiful they look.

The 10.5” high shaft reach up to your mid-calf. There is no embroidery work done on the shaft of the boots but it is carefully sanded and given a natural texture of the earth. This visual appearance is enhanced by protruded seams that are stitched together with a sturdy thread.

The boot opening measures 16” around that snugly holds on to your calf and provides a reliable fit. The fit is so good that you won’t experience any heel slippage while walking in these boots. Moreover, there are two large pull straps on either side of the collar. This makes putting these boots on very quick.

The square toe shape of the boots accommodates most feet really well. Even wide feet will like them. Moreover, the break in period of the boots is very short, just a day or two.

The outsole is made of Duratread rubber. It is one of the most reliable rubber types that is water, oil, chemical, and slip resistant. With these boots on, you can make your way through mud and puddles very confidently.

The design of the added composite shank for stability is very intelligent. It is a rectangular piece of composite material that splits in two at the end. This forked design helps the shank to provide a wider underfoot support. The shank is very effective to fight fatigue even on long working days.

In short, Ariat men’s rambler cowboy work boots are for farmers, ranchers, and anyone working outdoors. Please take note that the upper is water resistant and not waterproof. So, do not submerge them into water.


  • Performance oriented boots
  • Comfortable right out of the box
  • Scuffs look good on them
  • Extremely durable


  • Short shaft
  • Plain shaft

2. Old West Boots Men’s Tbm 3010 Cowboy Work Boots

Old west boots Tbm 3010 is a great pair of cowboy work boots. It is safe to say that the refined look of the boots make them a gentleman’s choice. The polished leather, sober design, and pointed toe make them look more refined and less rugged.

The leather upper is well polished and made resistant to water. The boots will easily withstand mud and puddles but can’t withstand submerging them into water. To get even better protection, you can apply a coat of some waterproofing compound as well.

The height of the shaft is a little over 12”. Thus, it reaches up to your calf and hold on to it firmly, providing you a great fit. This fit is enhanced by a narrow 14.25” around boot opening.

The embroidery on the shaft and vamp look very attractive. A triple stitching is used to do the embroidery that makes it look very prominent. This is a hand finished embroidery that gives the cowboy boots a classic look.

The inner lining of the boots is man made and very soft. You will experience a great instep experience and comfort all day long. This comfort is enhanced by the cushioned footbeds and a thick bouncy sole.

The rubber outsole will give you all the stability and traction you need on any type of surfaces. This stability and traction is enhanced by using a reinforced shank in the sole. This will directly improve your performance at work.

In short, Old West Boots cowboy boots are for you if you want to exude a gentleman appearance while working. This doesn’t mean the boots are delicate in any way. You can use these boots for any medium duty jobs and they will serve you very well.


  • Fantastic craftsmanship
  • A day or two is enough to break in
  • Surprising quality at an affordable price


  • Inner lining is a bit lacking
  • Need to buy half a size larger than your normal boots

3. Ariat Men’s Heritage R Cowboy Work Boots

Ariat men’s heritage r wester cowboy work boots are my favorite ones. Probably, after knowing their quality and features, they’ll become a favorite of yours too. The boots are equally good in both performance and appearance.

The upper is made of 100% genuine full grain leather that is naturally water repellent and breathable. The leather is made slightly distressed to make the boots look manly. The multi shades of brown enhance the visual appeal.

The shaft is tall enough to reach up to your calf and wrap around it snugly for a good fit. With two straps on the scallops, it is very easy to put these cowboy boots on.

Moreover, there is a great embroidery done on the shaft with multi color threads. This use of multi colored threads, gives the resulting pattern a 3d and embossed look. The classic pointed toe and designer vamp enhance the overall appearance of the boots.

The shaft and upper are leather inside out. The leather inner lining is soft and doesn’t cause blisters on your feet. This comfort is enhanced by Ariat’s ATS footbeds. These footbeds are well cushioned and gel infused that pamper your feet all day long.

The synthetic thick sole has some bouncy characteristic in it. It cushions your every step when you walk in these boots. Plus, the sole come with famous forked shank made of composite material. These together absorb shocks and fight fatigue.

In short, Ariat men’s heritage R cowboy work boots is a great package of performance and style. You can wear them to work and wear them to casual occasions as well. And, you can wear them right away as they don’t require any break in period.


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Fit like a second skin
  • Visually eye catching


  • Heel is soft and may wear out quickly
  • Shaft takes some time to loosen up

4. Twisted X Men’s Steel Square Toe Cowboy Work boots

Twisted X men’s steel toe cowboy work boots are for workers who are in heavy duty jobs. The safety, protection, and comfort these boots provide make them fit for some very tough jobs. Moreover, style is also not compromised.

The boots are available in more than 10 different styles. The boots come in several combinations of color and design. Some styles come with a plain shaft and some come with a shaft densely covered with embroidery. Thus, you have many options to choose from.

There are not any pull straps on the shaft but pull holes. You will find four holes at the collar that you can insert your fingers in and give a good pull to wear your boots quickly and easily. The patch and stitching along the holes make the boots look even more visually appealing.

Twisted X cowboy work boots come with a steel cap in the bumper. The metallic toe is very sturdy and prevents you from stubbing your toe or your feet getting injured by some heavy objects falling on to them.

Please take note that the upper is water resistant, not waterproof. It will resist water splashes, mud, light rain etc. and won’t give you a problem of wet feet. However, don’t take it for granted and avoid submerging the boots into water completely.

Usually, the inner lining of most cowboy boots is leather. That’s not the case with these boots. There is a soft fabric lining along the shaft of the boots that makes them very comfortable to wear. If this is your first pair of cowboy boots, let this pair be your choice.

The outsole of the boots is made of rubber that is rated for slip resistant and wear resistance. You can step your feet on any surface and the boots will keep you on your feet without a fail.

In short, Twisted X men’s steel toe cowboy work boots are for you if your job warrants a safety toe. Other than that, the style, comfort, and durability of the boots are also good reasons to own them.


  • Steel safety cap
  • Moisture wicking insoles
  • Several styles to choose from
  • Unique pull holes
  • Shock absorbance is really good


  • Craftsmanship is a bit lacking
  • Size runs on the large side

5. Ariat Men’s Rambler Phoenix Square Toe Cowboy Work Boots

Ariat men’s rambler phoenix cowboy work boots have a square toe profile and will suit the workers who have wide feet. The fairly short shaft height also makes it easier to put the boots on and off for people with wide feet.

The leather upper is made distressed to make it look rugged. 

The vamp and the shaft is almost fully covered with designer embroidery that make the boots a center of attraction. The sharp dip in the collars and protruded seams enhance this visual appearance by many folds.

The inner lining of the boots is leather and soft enough that you won’t feel any irritation wearing them. However, you need a couple of days to break into the boots and loosen up the calves. Onward, you will love the comfort these boots provide.

The sole of the boots is made with Ariat’s Advanced Torque Stability technology. It prevents the heel from rolling on hard surfaces and prevents a sudden bending of the feet. Thus, it prevents your feet from getting sprained.

You must take note that the boots are fully handcrafted. You can see this in the craftsmanship of the boots and attention to detail in the making of the boots. It ultimately increases the durability of the boots as well.

There are two pull straps on the collar that are big enough for you to insert any of your finger into them. This makes putting the boots on really easy and quick.

In short, Ariat men’s rambler phoenix cowboy work boots are for you if you love wearing bold and classic boots. There is no reason you can’t look good while working and these boots prove just that.


  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Accommodate wide feet very well
  • Fit like a glove


  • Need a few days to break in the boots
  • Calf takes some time to loosen up

How to Choose the Best Cowboy Work Boots in 2021

1. Shaft Height

A high shaft is what makes cowboy work boots look so attractive. Prefer long shafts that reach up to your calf. The longer the shaft the better it will hold on your calf and fit your better. I usually like to wear 10” or taller shafts.

2. Designer Shaft

The beauty of cowboy work boots lies within the embroidery carved on the shaft. The denser the embroidery, the more attractive the boots will look. However, it depends on the personal preference only. Some cowboy boots with plain shaft also look very attractive.

3. Designer Vamp

A designer vamp complements a designer shaft perfectly. However, the pattern on the vamp should be much lighter than that on the shaft or the point of focus will shift from the shaft to vamp.

4. Dip Collar

Try to avoid cowboy work boots that come with a perfectly round collar. The typical cowboy boots should have sharp dips in the collar at the front and back. This will not only enhance the visual appeal of the boots but make them fit you very snugly as well.

5. Pull Straps

Long boots are always a little difficult to put on and cowboy work boots are no different. Like pull-on work boots, there should ideally be two pull straps on the collar of cowboy boots to assist you while putting them on. It’s even better if the straps are big enough that you can enter your fingers into them.

6. Toe Shape

Toe shape is always a matter of personal preference. Cowboy boots are available in many different toe shapes but pointed and square are the most popular ones. Both pointed and square toe cowboy work boots look classic and stylish.

7. Comfort

Cowboy work boots are made to use in off road conditions. That makes ensuring comfort a priority when buying cowboy work boots. A presence of a soft interior, cushioned footbed, and sturdy shank support ensures your feet will stay in comfort all day long.

Applications of Cowboy Work Boots

Industrial Work

Cowboy work boots can be used in almost any medium-duty industry. There fit, comfort, and stability make them fit for most workers out there who love wearing stylish clothing.

Farming Work

Farmers would surely love these long shaft cowboy work boots. Unless you have to get your feet into deep water, you are good to go with these boots. They will withstand mud and puddles very easily.

Ranching Work

Cowboy work boots are made for off-road conditions. Thus, they will suit the ranchers very well. They will keep your feet in comfort and give you all the necessary traction you need on a hard day.

Horse Riding

The heel of the boots is designed in a way that it fit in the stirrup perfectly. This gives a cowboy enough stability when on a horse.

Are You Going To Wear Cowboy Boots For The First Time?

Here’s a little piece of advice in case this is going to be your first pair of cowboy work boots. 

Cowboy boots are almost always a little rougher and tougher than city boots. They rarely come with a fabric inner lining and thick collar padding. That makes them a little rough on your feet.

You may miss your old boots but if you persist for a few days, your cowboy boots will become as soft and comfortable as your old boots.

So, keep in mind, if you are going to try cowboy boots for the first time, it will take a few days for you to get used to them.

Before You Go

I was very careful when choosing these best cowboy work boots. All the options on the list will stand the test of the time. You won’t be disappointed with any product recommended.

If you still need a little nudge, bet on Ariat Men’s Ramblers. They are protective, comfortable, and stylish. The more you wear them the more beautiful they will become.

Lastly, almost all cowboy work boots require a little break in period and a few on and off for the calf to loosen up and fit you like a second skin. Take your time with them and they will serve you very well.

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