5 Best Military Boot Socks in 2020

TL;DR: Darn Tough Marino Wools are the best military boot socks that you can buy for yourself. The durability, fit, and comfort features that these socks provide are top-notch.

Best military boot socks help you cope with varied climates where friction, heat, and moisture give you sweaty and blistery feet. The irony is that many army personnel concentrate on the boots but not on the socks. Some are not aware, and some don’t care. That led me to write this guide.

To ease your purchase, I have enlisted 5 best military boot socks in this article. You don’t need to put hours into fresh research. Jut scroll down, know the types, crucial factors, and buy one out of the recommended ones.

Here are 5 Best Military Boot Socks in 2020

Military Socks
1Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool Military Boot SocksBest Overall
2Under Armour Men's Heatgear Tactical Boot SocksRunner Up
3FoxRiver Stryker Wick Dry Mid-Calf Military Boot SocksAlso Good
4Thorlos Men's Mcb Over The Calf Combat Boot SocksMost Durable
5281Z Military Boot SocksMost Breathable

5 Best Military Boot Socks in 2020 with Reviews

1. Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool Military Boot Socks

Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool socks are specifically designed to withstand the extremities of the trail happily with a layer of cushioned comfort. This is ideal for hiking and exploring rough terrains.

The several stitches in an inch give durability, comfort, and a great fitting without any added volume. Darn’s signature knitting strengthens the common wear areas and avoids holes for a longer time. 

The underfoot cushion keeps your feet ultra-warm when needed and the inside cushion rebounds all day while you go for a trek and hiking plans.

The Italian knitted machines design the true seamless toe with ultra-dense knits. The knit is so fine that you cannot even detect any toe seam. All you will feel is the continuous bliss and a trail runner within. 

The custom form fit makes it slip-free without any blisters or bunches and ensures never-ending support to your legs. The ribbed support keeps you go on to whichever trail you choose. 

Darn Tough Vermont does each and every knitting process by themselves under one roof so that every pair of socks coming out of their warehouse yields unparalleled fit, quality, durability, and comfort.

In short, owing to the quality, durability, sturdiness, fit, and comfort of these socks, I don’t hesitate to call it the best military boot socks.


  • Comprises 64% merino wool, 33% nylon, 3% lycra spandex
  • The USA made and suitable for machine wash
  • Built out of fine-gauge merino wool which is antibacterial and antimicrobial
  • Seamless constructed to give smooth performance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hard-wearing and undoubtedly durable


  • Check the size immediately after receiving it. A few buyers said that the sizing is a little on the small side.

2. Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Tactical Boot Socks

If you are one of them, whose job is to get roasted in hot weather, then this tactical sock may accompany you throughout your day. You can wear this pair in construction, military, and law enforcement jobs. 

People like me who never miss hiking wherever they go can choose it without giving a second thought. The Under Armour Heatgear Tactical Socks minimizes the volume but manages to give comfort with its half cushioned footbed. 

It features the Under Armour Heatgear Tactical Socks Armour Block technology, which keeps the socks free from odor and bacteria. Additionally, the moisture-wicking fabric never makes your feet sweaty. 

Generally, in cheap socks, the toe and heel area comprises soft material that often ends up developing holes into socks. But that’s not the case with this sock’s seamless toe. The material is sturdy enough to withstand heavy-duty use.

If comfort and an odorless day are your priorities, then you can invest in this pair. The seamless toe, dry material, and armour block technology will take care of your feet very well.


  • Reduced foot fatigue with embedded arch support
  • Military compliant socks
  • Armour dry fabric accelerates evaporation and wicks moisture
  • Half cushion footbed and true seamless toe adds on to minimize irritation and superior comfort
  • Armour block technology avoids the growth of bacteria


  • Some bigger feet sizes are not available

3. FoxRiver Stryker Wick Dry Mid-Calf Military Boot Socks

Fox River Stryker Military Boot Socks are backed by a century of experience in manufacturing heavy-duty socks. Their socks are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for a year.

The blended socks consist of 76% acrylic, 22% nylon, and 2% spandex, which makes it suitable for machine wash. The material combination keeps the socks odor-free for a long time. The material, together with its reinforced toe and heel area, makes the socks very sturdy and durable.

If your job demands long tiring tours, then the extra cushioning of these socks will save your feet and legs from sudden jolts and bumps for miles. The socks also keep your feet toasty warm. 

The smooth and flat toe seams of the socks keep blisters at bay. This impressive pair of socks wick away any moisture from your feet and keeps them dry as long as your feet are in them. 

The socks have various vented panels that maintain breathability and a healthy flow of air inside the boots. That makes these socks ideal to wear in hot weather. 

The two colors, black and sand will go fine with your military outfit. Moreover, the socks are available in all medium and large sizes.


  • Well fitted and good padding
  • Enhanced durability and hard-wearing
  • Scentry technology to reduce the odor in the socks
  • Impeccable moisture-wicking features
  • Reinforced toe and heel area for increased life span


  • You may find it a little warm during hot temperatures

4. Thorlos Men’s Mcb Over The Calf Combat Boot Socks

Thorlos manufacture socks that are capable of challenging the extreme combat conditions and damaging field training. These calf socks bestow your feet with maximum safeguards for enhanced mobility. 

The blended fabric socks comprise 85% acrylic, 14% nylon, and 1% elastic. This combo of various materials makes the socks resilient, moisture-wicking, and soft, which will keep your feet comfortable and dry all day long.

The fitting on the instep, shin, and the arch is well-cushioned. Further, the ball of the foot and heel are superbly padded for protection and safety. This avoids the blisters, unnecessary pressure, and pain in your heel & toe area. 

These USA made socks are clinically tested and deliver the highest stability possible. These socks are specifically built for combat, tactical, and army boots.

The material of the socks features moisture-wicking properties that keep your feet dry. Though these are soft yet there is no compromise with the quality. The sturdiness of the socks is remarkable.

In short, the socks are very suitable for heavy-duty use. A couple of pairs of these socks may last you close to a year. It is available in 3 color options to fit from sizes 5.5 to 15. 


  • Easily covers the calf muscles
  • Padding enables you to wear it comfortably even for prolonged hours
  • Clinically tested for padding reduces the moisture, pain, pressure, and blisters from the feet
  • Maximum feet protection 
  • Maintains a good foot health
  • Low profile toe seams will not irritate or rub your feet


  • Quite thick that takes up some room in the boots

5. 281Z Military Boot Socks

281Z Military Socks go well with the army, combat, and tactical boots. 281Z is a reliable, reputed, and versatile brand that you can count on when it comes to extra-sturdy socks for extra-demanding jobs.

The impressive air circulation setup provides extra breathability, maintains a healthy temperature inside the shoes, prevents odor, and vents out excess heat.

The sensitive zones in the ankle and arch get you extra comfort and minimize the compression effect. This, in turn, increases the blood flow to your feet nerves.

The cotton weaves are strengthened with nylon strands for exceptional durability. It doesn’t mean they are hard on your feet. The inner cushioning softens the blow on your feet while wearing for extended hours.

The additional weave reinforces the socks and the zones prone to maximum sweating. There are exclusive channels on the top of the socks for enhanced heat exchange and air circulation. 

All of you who are army personnel, hiker, law enforcement officer, soldier, climber, cyclist, hunter, fisherman, etc. will find this pair always stand tall by your side. Regardless of the location, be it arctic, tundra, jungle, forest, or desert, you will never repent your selection of these socks. 


  • High breathability to maintain a healthy air circulation
  • Reinforced cotton weaves to give strength to each seam of the socks
  • Increased life span
  • Extra support to vulnerable zones of your feet
  • Enhanced durability and soft cushioning for extended comfort


  • Price on the expensive side but well worth it

How to Choose the Best Military Boot Socks in 2020

best army socks

Appropriate Material

The material should be such that it can keep your feet odorless, dry, and comfortable. For both cold and hot weather, merino wool is a good option. It can absorb the moisture and can withstand hard-wearing, which prevents holes in heels and toes. 

  • Acrylic is not absorbent like wool but dries quickly and wicks moisture away from your feet.
  • Nylon is a strong fabric, absorbent, and enhances durability but lacks wicking attributes.
  • Polyester is hard-wearing and moisture-wicking with a fine woven. It dries up quickly and keeps the color well.
  • Lycra and Spandex give elasticity to the socks, keep them up, and provides full support to your leg.

A few other pointers before selecting the material of the socks are:

  • Breathable fabric is one of the priorities.
  • Thick fabric for cold climate and thin fabric for hot weather.
  • Comparatively tougher and thicker material in the toe and heel areas.
  • Stretchable material at the top end of the sock.
  • Snugly fit against your calf muscles and comfortable for your leg.

Keeping all the suggestions listed above in mind, I’d reiterate that merino wool is the best material for military boot socks.

Long-Lasting Comfort

For a blissful comfort during the long sessions, the cushioned footbed is an important factor to ponder upon. It supports your every move and alleviates any pressure on the arch of your foot.

Seamless toe is also a feature to look for. It prevents the rub on various pressure points and stops blister from forming up.

Adding to the comfort, root for some instep padding as well. It helps to achieve a snug fit and stop the socks from falling down and bunching up.

High Quality 

A high-quality pair of military boot socks trap heat and insulate against heat loss during cold temperatures. Moreover, quality brings durability and longer life. No doubt it comes at a premium price, but it’s well worth every penny.

Types of Military Socks

1. Military Boots Socks

Military boots socks are mid-calf long and are abbreviated as MB. Since they are for the army or military purpose, so they often come in colors that complement the profession such as black, coyote brown, olive, foliage green, and desert sand. 

2. Combat Boots Socks

Combat boots socks stretch over the calf and abbreviated as MCB. These socks are one of the ideal choices for any climate and terrain. The five color options which are there for military socks are the same for combat socks also.

3. Tactical Boots Socks

Tactical boots socks are purposely built to keep your feet blister-free and are abrasion-resistant. These socks are available in standard uniform colors, which keeps your feet cozy and comfortable. It provides you with cushioning support plus keeps your feet dry in both cold and hot weather with its moisture-wicking fabrics. 

4. Desert Boots Socks

The Desert boot socks are abbreviated as MLH. The desert word indicates that these socks are for hot weather. These socks have half cushioned footbed, which gives comfort without the bulk. The socks come in three colors that are sable, desert sand, and coyote brown.

5. Physical Training Boots Socks

Physical training boots socks are made for rough use, and to be abused daily. These are well known as PT socks and are denoted as MT. These socks are not fancy and you will never find frills on it.

6. Anti-fatigue Boots Socks

Anti-fatigue boots socks, aka MS are over-calf socks which provide extra leg support. They help when your job involves a lot of standing and walking. Also, these are quite comfortable for extended field operations. You can choose from four color options, which are coyote brown, desert sand, foliage green, and black. 

Pro Tip: Military socks and work socks are quite interchangeable. Both are made for heavy-duty use, keeping feet at comfort on a long day, and providing stability to the feet in tough environments.

Before You Go

Although all of the recommended products in this roundup are of top-notch quality, yet I have developed a liking for Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool Socks. I’d say they are the best socks for military boots.

Darn Tough socks will keep your feet warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. Such is the inherent capability of the material used- merino wool. Moreover, the material is naturally odor and bacteria resistant.

The strong build of the socks makes them durable and gives them a long lifespan without any wear & tear- enough reasons to call this pair a winner today. Thanks.

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