5 Best Slip On Work Boots in 2020

TL;DR: Georgia Giant Men’s Romeo tops this list of best slip on work boots. The boots offer a great mix of protection, comfort, and ease of use. Highly Recommended!

Slip on work boots are quick to put on and off. You don’t need to learn different lacing techniques to achieve a good fit with them. Just slide your feet in and you are ready to go to work.

Unlike pull on work boots, slip ons have a short shaft that hardly reaches a little over your ankle at best. This short shaft makes it very easy to wear these boots. That’s why they are getting more and more popular.

I do not favor to sacrifice safety features for ease of use. That’s why I took the time to shortlist some of the safest and best slip on work boots that are available on the market right now. Enjoy!

Here are 5 Best Slip On Work Boots in 2020

Work Boots
1Georgia Giant Men’s Romeo Soft Toe Slip-On Work ShoesBest Overall
2Skechers Men's Rockland-Hooper Soft Toe Slip-On Work ShoesRunner Up
3Redback Men's Bobcat Steel Toe Slip On Work BootsAlso Good
4Carhartt Men's 4" Romeo Soft Toe Slip On Work BootsRoomy Fit
5KEEN Utility Men's Detroit Steel Toe Slip On Work BootsBest Safety

5 Best Slip On Work Boots in 2020 With Reviews

1. Georgia Giant Men’s Romeo Soft Toe Slip-On Work Shoes

Georgia giant men’s romeo slip ons are high performance work shoes. Don’t get befooled by the simple and minimalist look of the boots. They are the ultimate combination of sturdy build and pampering comfort.

Georgia boots are made for rough and tough use. The manufacturer even calls its product “America’s Hardest Working Boots”. A long trail of happy buyers confirm this claim.

For protection the boots come with a reinforced toe. This toe is then wrapped inside a 360 degree hardened rubber guard. Besides safety, this layered design gives these boots a high visual appeal as well.

The soft leather upper and two nylon panels on each side give these boots an ultimate flexibility. You can hyper flex your feet and the pliability of the boots will follow. The Goodyear Welt construction of the boots enhances this flexibility.

The interior of the boots is made of a breathable textile lining that keeps the temperature inside the boots in check. It is a smooth fabric that facilitates an easy foot entry. Moreover, the boots come with two pull straps- one on the tongue and one on the back. This makes wearing these boots even easier.

The cushioned insoles, thick rubber sole, and a steel shank in the sole provide all necessary comfort and support needed underfoot.This comfort is enhanced by the lightweight of the boots. The boots are well equipped to absorb shocks and fight fatigue.

In short, Georgia giant men’s slip on work boots is a good choice for most medium duty workers. The comfort and protection both are plausible. Also take note that the boots are available for men, women, and kids.


  • All purpose work boots
  • Comfortable like sneakers
  • Made for long working hours


  • No impact proof safety cap
  • Non removable insoles
  • Need proper breaking in

2. Skechers Men’s Rockland-Hooper Soft Toe Slip-On Work Shoes

Skechers rockland hooper slip on work shoes pass my criteria for protection and comfort with flying colors. Moreover, the long lifespan of the boots also played a big part in them earning a mention on this list.

The minimalist design, ultra lightweight, and intelligent interior make these boots very comfortable. On the other hand, its unique upper, thick sole, sturdy construction make these boots very durable for any work.

The upper is made of small pieces of soft leather that are stitched together with a sturdy thread. This reinforces every inch of the boots and give them ultimate durability. One pair of these boots will last you for years to come.

The interior of the boots, especially the vamp area, is lined with gore panels that provide a great instep feel and fit. Gore tex is a soft and breathable fabric that provides ultimate comfort. The fabric is water resistant as well.

The padded collar and memory foam insoles make these boots very comfortable to wear. Memory foam is a premium and one of the most comfortable materials for insoles. This comfort is enhanced by ultra lightweight of the boots.

The fit of the boots is ultimate. You will find two stretchable elastic panels on each side of the boots. Moreover, you will find two fine grooves on the tip of the tongue. These grooves provide added stretchability. Thus, the boots fit you snugly but don’t pinch your feet.

The outsole of the boots is rated for OSHA compliant slip resistance and ASTM compliant electric hazard resistance. This is made possible by the use of rubber material, an intelligent tread pattern, and a trail of suction extrusions along the profile of the outsole. The outsole extends and wraps over the heel counter that provides added comfort and support to your heels.

In short, Skechers men’s rockland hooper slip on work boots got it all for medium duty workers. The visual appeal usually boils down to the personal preference of a person but to me these are very good looking boots.


  • Truly non skid work boots
  • Comfortable for long shifts
  • Many second time buyers
  • Very long lifespan


  • No pull straps
  • No safety cap

3. Redback Men’s Bobcat Steel Toe Slip On Work Boots

Redback men’s bobcat steel toe slip on work boots are made in Australia and becoming popular in the USA too. The one thing that you should be mindful of is that the sizing of the boots refers to Australian/UK sizing and not to US sizing. Keep this in mind while ordering the boots.

The two side stretchable panels are extra large and wide. This results in an ultimate fit. With two pull straps and big side panels, it’s super easy to put these slip on boots on and off.

The steel caps are well equipped to protect your toes from impacts from falling objects. The toe area is roomier as well and the steel won’t pinch your toes.

The overall build and choice of material is made keeping the heavy duty industrial standards in mind. You can wear these boots to any tough job and they will hold up really well. Moreover, an equal focus is given to both protection and comfort.

The boots are made with 100% leather that are well oil tanned. It makes the leather resistant to getting stiff or cracked over time. Moreover, the leather is 20% thicker than normal boots. This increases the lifespan of the boots.

The outsole of these slip on boots is designed very intelligently. The open cells on the side walls of the outsole act as a suspension to your feet and absorb shocks before they reach your feet. The pliability of the sole follows your moves very well and prevent any subsequent foot fatigue or leg aches.

In short, Redback men’s bobcat steel toe slip on boots is a good looking, protective, and comfort oriented pair of boots that won’t disappoint you at any front. Moreover, the deep color and contrast stitching give the boots a nice visual appeal.


  • Large and wide side panels for a snug fit
  • Very comfortable right out of the box
  • Multipurpose work boots


  • Sizing is Aus/UK…converting it to US sizing is a bit of a hassle
  • Stitching is weak

4. Carhartt Men’s 4″ Romeo Soft Toe Slip On Work Boots

Carhartt men’s romeo are over the ankle slip on work boots. If you look for protection from your work boots but want them to be stylish as well, let this pair be your choice. The protection, comfort, and style of this pair are very plausible.

The gore panels on the sides of the boots are extra wide. They provide extra stretchability without feeling tight on your feet. With a sturdy pull strap on the back, it is very easy to put these slip on boots on and off.

The oil tanned leather upper is soft and quick to break in. The texture on the upper and a tapered transition from toe to collar are intentional so that you look good with these boots on. Just because you have a tough job to do, doesn’t mean you can’t look good.

The inner membrane of these slip on boots is made with Carhartt’s unique Storm Defender® technology. This makes the boots fully waterproof up until the brim. The gore tex side panels are also waterproof.

The boots come with OrthoLite insoles. These insoles are eco friendly, don’t lose their cushioning for long, and are fully washable. The insoles and thick sole will provide all the necessary underfoot comfort and support.

The rubber outsole is marked for slip and oil resistance. The sole will provide you all the necessary traction that you need to go through long work hours without the loss of performance. The sole is very flexible as well.

In short, Carhartt men’s romeo slip ons are all purpose boots that you can wear on and off work. The leather and the sole is so durable that, with regular care, the boots will last you for years to come without losing their charm.


  • A great mix of protection, comfort, and style
  • Extra wide side panels provide a great fit
  • Reinforced toe is very sturdy


  • Run a touch big
  • For some, the loop is not big enough to get index finger in

5. KEEN Utility Men’s Detroit Steel Toe Slip On Work Boots

Keen utility men’s detroit slip on work boots is a truly heavy duty pair. The build, the safety caps, the support system, the comfort layers are designed to keep medium to heavy duty workers easy on their feet all day long.

The extra wide gore side panels and 11” around boot opening will give you a good fit. The over the ankle shaft height of the boots will provide good ankle support and body alignment. Moreover, with two pull straps, you can quickly put the boots on and off.

The upper is made of nubuck leather that is highly water resistant. This is perfectly complemented by a truly non skid rubber outsole. Owe to the aggressive and multi-directional lug pattern, the boots are extremely slip resistant on both water and oil.

This is the first pair of slip on work boots on this list that come with steel caps for toe protection. The caps are asymmetrical that wraps around your left and right foot perfectly. This fit is complemented by anatomically molded footbeds that provide great underfoot support and fit.

The comfort system of the boots is designed with Hydrophobic 2-zone technology. It works by facilitating the air flow inside the boots. Thus, keeping your feet cool and sweat free.

Keen Utility detroit slip on work boots come with a bumper and heel that are secured by a hard rubber covering. This provides additional safety and stability to your feet from impacts and compressions.

In short, you can wear Keen detroit slip on work boots even to the toughest jobs and they will hold up really well. The boots are designed for safety and stability with an equal ease of use. If your job demands a rugged pair of work boots, consider this one.


  • Bigger and roomier fit
  • Toe protection at its best
  • Almost no break in needed


  • Visual appeal is a bit lacking
  • Initially, a little hard to get on

How to Choose the Best Slip On Work Boots in 2020

1. Big Side Panels

In case of slip on work boots, the responsibility for a snug and firm fit falls completely on the stretchable side panels. The larger and wider they are, the better they will make the boots fit.

Another thing to make sure is that they must be waterproof. If they are not, they may quickly get wet and cause irritation to your feet. Moreover, they will lose their elasticity soon.

2. Single or Dual Pull Straps

It is quite difficult to put the slip on work boots on and off if they don’t come with pull straps. There must be at least one pull strap on the back. Even better if there is an additional one on the tongue as well.

Also, the pull straps should be big enough that you can easily insert any of your fingers into them. Otherwise, it will be a bit of a hassle to use them.

3. Length of the Shaft

Length of the shaft boils down to your personal preference. If you prefer very easy on/off, go for an under the ankle design. On the other hand, if you prefer some ankle support as well, go for an over the ankle design.

4. Standard Comfort Features

I like to see a few features in slip on work boots that ensure a great step in experience and comfort all day. Make sure the vamp lining is lined with a soft fabric, the footbeds are well cushioned, and there is some padding around the tongue and collars.

5. Standard Safety Features

I like to see a few safety features before buying any work boots. A safety cap (metallic or reinforced), a thick rubber sole, and a reinforced upper are to name a few.

Before You Go

If you are on the fence, I’d suggest you go with Georgia Giant Men’s Romeo. They are made for both protection and comfort. Consider other options if your job requires a safety cap.

Slip on work boots do not mean you have to compromise with the fit. The stretchable side panels make sure they fit snugly on your feet. If you need a slightly more tight fit, wear them with some thick work socks.

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