5 Best Vegan Work Boots in 2020

TL;DR: In my opinion, Crocks Vegan Work Shoes are the best vegan work boots for both men and women. 100% synthetic material, slip-resistance, abrasion resistance, and Goodyear weld stitching make these boots the best option on this list.

If you are searching for footwear that is not made from leather and doesn’t contain animal skin in any form, grab a Vegan work boot right away. These are 100% natural made. 

Moreover, you will find all the attributes which you normally get in leather boots or boots which are made out of animal flesh. 

The next thing to discuss is its features. According to your profession or use, you might be interested in footwear which is waterproof, shockproof, water or oil resistant, and much more. 

I have shared my top picks for the Vegan work boots. If you are on the stage where you want to know about crucial factors to make a better choice then here you go. 

Here are 5 Best Vegan Work Boots

Work Boots
1Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Black Combat Vegan Work BootsBest Overall
2Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Black Combat Vegan Work BootsRunner Up
3Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea Vegan Work BootsAlso Good
4Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” Duty Vegan Work BootsBest Lightweight
5Fugu Sa-Me Japanese Eco-Friendly Vegan Work BootsEco Friendly

5 Best Vegan Work Boots in 2020 With Reviews

1. Crocs Men’s And Women’s On The Clock Vegan Work Shoes

The Crocs is a well-known brand for its comfort and durability. These are preferred for casual as well as you can confidently wear them at work, especially when they’re vegan. 

Unlike Dr. Martens, safety is not an issue with Crocs. The enclosed toe and heel adds on to safety features. Plus it meets all the workplace standards. 

The 100% man-made shoes with synthetic soles have enhanced arch support. This design adds extra comfort. Even the tapered fit is extremely relaxed and smooth. It is tapered from the back of the heel to contour the shape of your feet for a secure fit.

The standard things which are present in vegan boots, Crocs has it all. These are reinforced slip-on boots and are always ready for the grind with its slip-resistant tread.

Further, the removable footbed gives superior cushioning on the bottom. This gives you a bit of bounce in every step and saves you from any fatigue.

The dual Crocs Comfort outlines molded drop in the footbeds. This footbed features moisture-wicking liners which are very beneficial to keep your feet dry, fresh and odorless.

They are extremely easy to clean with a damp cloth. Further, the waterproof attributes make it an ideal choice for the medical, kitchen, food industry and what not. 


  • Fully man-made
  • Lightweight, waterproof and easy to clean
  • Moisture-wicking liners
  • Customers are highly satisfied
  • Removable footbed for extra bounce and cushioning
  • Available in various graphics


  • A buyer said that sometimes the pair is slippery and sweaty

2. Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Black Combat Vegan Work Boots

Dr. Martens brings up an amalgam of classy and subtle two-tone finish Vegan work boots. This fat and oil resistant pair with impressive good abrasion and slip resistance is indeed a divine piece.

The Goodyear welted sole with one-inch high heel offers a decent grip and durability. The height of the shaft is six and a half inches and has a 12” opening around the vegan.

The eight-hole lace-up front has a loop to help pull the boots. Also, this combat boot style has a comfortable air-cushioned sole that keeps your feet fatigue and stress-free. 

One beneficial point about this pair is its unisex look and fit. The sizes are available for both men and women. It ranges from 5 to 14. If your feet come in half size list then opting for a size up will be convenient for you.

People with wider feet may face problems due to the unavailability of the options. Further, the uppers of the boots are leather and the feel is supple and soft. 

Cleaning this boot is just like walking on the clouds. Simply, clean it with a damp cloth and then apply clear wax polish to give it a brand new look. 

Conclusively, all of you who love comfort and classic style then these iconic boots are for you. It is a good choice when extra safety is not a concern.


  • 100% Synthetic (High-shine)
  • Versatile and fairly stylish unisex work boots
  • Oil and slip-resistant
  • Air-cushioned sole
  • Fairly water-resistant


  • Half-size might not be available. Go for a half size bigger
  • People with wide feet may face problems
  • No toe protection

3. Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea Vegan Work Boots

Another iconic pair by Dr. Martens is Felix Vegan Work Boots. This durable and tough Chelsea style workwear is a vegan-friendly option made out of no animal products.

the construction is 100% synthetic including the synthetic sole with a natural rubber outsole and leather uppers.

The unisex 2976 Chelsea boot retains all the classic Doc’s DNA such as elegant yellow heel-loop and grooved sides with yellow stitching. 

Most of the features of Vegan 2976 resembles Vegan 1460. Unlike Vegan 1460, Vegan 2976 is a laceless work boot. 

Further, the sole and upper are sewn together and are heat-sealed. You can happily grind your footwear in the summers. 

In addition to this, if your job area is often wet or slippery then Vegan 2976 is highly slip-resistant. It gives a perfect grip to the surface.

This is an easy slip-on boot with a convenient pull tab at the back. The design comprises air-cushioned sole which provides superior shock absorbency as well as cushioned comfort.


  • Entirely vegan-friendly
  • Laceless workwear
  • Elegant Chelsea style work boots
  • Slip-resistant and heat-sealed
  • Perfectly cushioned for shock absorbency


  • The toe protection is missing
  • It may not be successful during rains and snowfalls.

4. Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” Duty Vegan Work Boots

The fully synthetic with ultralight upper, Danner Tachyon 8” Duty Vegan Work Boots is another masterpiece to ponder upon. 

The perfect duty boots you were looking for, might give you a vision of harsh and heavy boots on your feet. Once you wear it either for your office or for tiring summer days, you will never regret.

Danner has designed this pair with the utmost care and concern. The construction will give stability to the heel and comfortably holds your forefoot. This anatomical shaped workwear is extremely lightweight and weighs just 26 ounces of each pair.

Coming to little more on construction, it has a polyurethane footbed with an added layer of open-cell design. This design can efficiently absorb the shock by maintaining the airflow to maintain freshness and comfort for your feet.

The EVA comprised midsole provides additional cushioning which keeps you away from fatigue and tired feet. The outer sole consists of 100% rubber. Also, the pentagon shaped-lugs give sufficient traction.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ample range of sizes for both men and women
  • 100% fabric with rubber sole
  • The toe cap is abrasion resistance
  • Highly cushioned midsole and insole
  • Secure speed lace system
  • Ideal pair for servicemen and women for office duty or summer days


  • Ankle support may bother you due to lightweight nature

5. Fugu Sa-Me Japanese Eco-Friendly Vegan Work Boots

If you want to stand out from the crowd, Fugu is a mist choice to consider. It is on my list because of the looks, comfort, and durability. 

The Japenese Vegan Mid-Calf Boots is a completely different, smart and classy piece to own. From Hollywood film productions to dance companies, people from various industries order these boots.

These eco-friendly boots comprise 100% vegan and cruelty-free natural material. Also, it consists of recycled rubber and breathable canvas which maintains the dryness and freshness throughout the day.

Perfect for any surface or terrain, this durable pair is lightweight, sturdy, airy and an excellent choice to pamper your feet. It is multipurpose boot and ideal for all of you who love dancing, yoga, martial arts, hiking, gathering and much more.

It features steel toe, water-resistant and water repellent treatment keeps them durable and strong. The plus point is that these are unisex work boots. By any chance if you think that you have a weird foot size, do not worry at all Fugu boots come in many sizes. 

This versatile laceless pair has a hook-and-loop mechanism. With this, the boot fits perfectly and securely in such a way that your feet will not feel restricted. Also, you can say that it is an extra flexible product with slip-resistant features.


  • Classic and vintage Japanese workwear
  • Vegan and comprises natural materials
  • Steel toe for overall safety
  • Orthopedic sole for long-lasting comfort
  • Slip-resistant to challenge any wet or oily terrain
  • Unisex and easy fit
  • Minimizes back and knee pain 


  • People with wide feet especially women, check the size as soon as you receive it
  • More of regular boots than workwear but highly comfortable with perfect fit

How to Choose the Best Vegan Work Boots in 2020

Vegan Leather

Leather is made out of the hide of animals whereas vegan is 100% free from any animal skin or product.

Like vegan leather, other alternatives are also gaining popularity which includes polyurethane or even various plants and fruits. 

Materials made out of fruit waste, pineapple leaves, cork or apple peels are sustainable, biodegradable and above all comfortable for your feet. 

Impressive Comfort

Everything you are buying today is for your comfort. You spend most of your time in footwear while standing, moving or working.

Look for cushioned midsoles and insoles. Even, the replaceable footbed is recommended for the shockproof experience. This profile eliminates fatigue, odor and maintains breathability.


Normal tendency is to get a pair that is multipurpose. Get footwear that can support you in outdoors by keeping your feet dry and fresh. Also, a water-resistant shoe will repel the moisture.

Sometimes you cannot predict the weather conditions and it is not possible for everyone to own different footwear for various purposes. 

Fresh Feet 

Shoes with antimicrobial membranes keep the feet odor-free and fresh throughout the day. Apart from freshness, it circulates the air and keeps them breathable.

A work boot with moisture-wicking linings and insoles with breathable uppers will be a divine combo of you.

Perfect Fit

People with common sizes get what they want but if you have wider feet or you lie in half size category then you compromise with the size. 

One idea is to get a size up and put insoles. Another thing is to find the brands which manufacture odd sizes too. 

I have listed a few brands which have a wide range of sizes and you or going to get a fine surprise today.

Before You Go

I’d say double check Crocks Vegan Work Shoes as I believe they are the best vegan work boots available today. The synthetic upper of these boots is as strong as any leather boots.

Cruelty in form is not accepted. People are finding ways to get organic and biodegradable stuff from footwear to clothing. 

Vegan leather is one such solution that is friendly in many ways. Since they are common so these are available in all sizes and styles. 

You do not have to compromise on features. From safety to support to waterproofing every possible attribute is available in these work boots. When we have options then why not stop cruelty and do something for nature. Have a vegan day ahead!

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