5 Best Work Boots For Women in 2021

best women work boots

TL;DR: Skechers Women’s Peril Steel Toe are the best work boots for women to buy. The sturdy steel toe cap, roomy fit, high shaft, gel insoles, and multiple color options make these boots a good choice for ladies.

As a woman, you will always find a man’s work boots ill-fitting on your feet. No matter how small the size you put on, they are never going to fit you right. Reason being? Women’s feet are different than men’s feet.

The first obvious difference is size. Women’s feet are always shorter and narrower than men’s feet. That’s why some brands offer a different sizing chart and different work boots for women.

Other than the smaller size, women’s feet are anatomically different as well that warrants different work boots. They have shorter toes, wider forefoot, narrower heel, thicker ankles, and overall narrow feet compared to their male counterparts. There’s no way “she” can feel comfortable in “his” boots.

Here are 5 Best Work Boots for Women in 2021

Work Boots
1Skechers Women's Peril Steel Toe Work BootsBest Overall
2KEEN Utility Women's Flint Low Steel Toe Work ShoesRunner Up
3Timberland PRO Women's Titan Waterproof Work BootsAlso Good
4Caterpillar Women's Waterproof Steel Toe Work BootsMost Cute
5Timberland PRO Women's Alloy-Toe EH W Work ShoesBest Construction

5 Best Work Boots for Women in 2021 with Reviews

1. Skechers Women’s Peril Steel Toe Work Boots

Skechers Peril steel toe work boots will suit all women very well. I must say the brand has done a great job of creating a pair that is both functional and stylish.

The boots come in three colors- black, dark brown, and wheat. The dark brown and wheat colored boots come with a sanded nubuck leather. The black color comes with a corrugated genuine leather. All variants look good on women’s feet.

The boots come with ASTM approved steel toe caps. The bumper is given a soft and polished look. The round toe cap makes these boots look feminine and not rugged.

If we talk about comfort, the boots are designed on the basis of a relaxed fit. While they fit your feet well, you will find that the boots are quite roomy and you can wiggle your toes easily. This will keep your feet in comfort even on long working days.

I generally recommend my readers to change the standard insoles with some more specialized insoles to optimize the comfort. That’s not the case with these boots. 

The accompanied insoles are gel infused and cushioned with memory foam. The inner gel and outer memory foam both conforms to any shape without losing their firmness. Thus, the insoles pamper every inch of your feet.

The high shaft, bold laces, and contrast logo at tongue and collars give the boots a great visual appeal that turns faces and catches eyes. Just make it a routine to clean your nubuck boots every day and they will look better with age.

In short, Skechers steel toe work boots are worth giving a try. A long trail of fans and many second time buyers display the quality and satisfaction Skechers has to offer.


  • Literally no break in required
  • The padding of the boots is like a soft pillow
  • High visual appeal


  • Average lifespan
  • A little heavy

2. KEEN Utility Women’s Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoes

Keen Utility steel toe work boots are very much liked by women. The unique shape and style of the boots will protect your feet from most safety hazards while giving you a touch of style.

The upper is made of 100% nubuck leather with a unique carved in design. A breathable mesh fabric is added to its grooved area. This ensures that the air can flow freely inside the boots and your feet stay warm and dry.

Getting the right fit is the key when it comes to finding best work boots for women. The steel caps in the right and left toe are asymmetrical and wrap around your toes snugly without pinching them. These toe caps are covered with a rugged leather and hard plastic. This increases their ability to withstand impact and compression.

For midfoot support, an impressive Torsional Stability Shank is added in the sole. From the top, it is a wide plate of steel with an extruded part that supports the ball of the feet and prevents any twisting or bending from happening. Thus, you rarely get a sprain in your feet. From left, it is an S-Shaped plate of steel that supports your arch when you walk.

The outsole is made of non-marking rubber that protects your from any slippage and electric hazards. Adding to this, there is a contoured heel lock in the boots that keeps your feet in place and doesn’t let them slip. With these boots on, you can walk confidently on any type of surfaces.

The comfort features of the work boots are really impressive. The boots come with a dual density compression midsole that acts as a suspension and cushions your every step when you walk.

The insoles are metatomically designed to support the curvy profile of feminine feet. Moreover, the insoles are removable in case you want to change them with some custom ones. The interior of the work boots is made of soft fabric mesh that naturally controls sweat and odor.

In short, Keen Utility Flint is an awesome pair of work boots for women. The fit, comfort, safety, durability, and visual appeal all are spot on. Thus, it earned the first place on this list.


  • Made for a heavy duty use
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Asymmetrical toe caps
  • Metatomical footbeds


  • Need break in period
  • A little heavy

3. Timberland PRO Women’s Titan Waterproof Work Boots

Timberland Pro has a fully waterproof pair of work boots for women. The safety and comfort features of the boots make them suitable for any medium to heavy duty female workers. I found them visually pleasing and cute as well.

Timberland Pro Titan boots are designed to fit women’s feet snugly, just like a second skin. The profile of the boots follow the natural anatomical contours of a feminine foot. The boots are contoured and padded at the right places and you won’t feel any fatigue after wearing them for long hours.

The boots are fully waterproof and seals are seamed well. With a high shaft, there’s no chance of water getting into your boots. That keeps your feet warm and dry. The boots are also electric hazard proof so wet floors with wires everywhere shouldn’t cause a problem.

The boots use asymmetrical toe caps made of alloy material. The use of alloy keeps the weight low but the protection high. Moreover, the asymmetrical caps always fit better than rounded ones.

The comfort system of the boots comprises of all the standard features such as cushioning, padding, roomy fit etc. and is backed by a bold 30-day guarantee. 

Timberland offers full refund of your purchase price if you don’t find these work boots more comfortable than the ones you wear. Impressive, isn’t it?

Coming to visuals, the single color dark brown corrugated leather, textured tongue, steel batch, and double color sole give the boots quite a nice visual appearance. You will like wearing them.

In short, Timberland Pro Titan is a great pair of work boots for women who work long shifts. If you do 8+ or heck even 12+ hours long shift, you must consider owning this pair. I’m pretty sure you won’t get disappointed.


  • Comfortable even for 12 hours shift
  • Warm and dry that leave no sweaty feet
  • Narrow feet will adore these boots


  • Safety toe is metal and may set off detectors
  • A little heavy

4. Caterpillar Women’s Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots

Caterpillar steel toe work boots do a pretty good job at making women want it. The bold and beautiful design of the boots and equally good safety features make these cute work boots a no brainer for women.

The two beautiful colors, 8” high shaft, metallic eyelets, metallic speed hooks, and contrast stitching make this the most eye-catching pair on this list. Once you wear them, you are at the risk of getting compliments everywhere.

The upper is 100% nubuck leather that is fully waterproof. It is also resistant to chemicals and oil so the leather doesn’t degrade easily when exposed to these harsh substances. 

The outsole is rubber with lug design that makes the boots even more suitable for working in wet conditions. They won’t let you slip.

The comfort quality of these work boots feel like that of athletic shoes. Padded tongues and collars, soft nylon mesh lining, removable sock liners, and PU footbeds make sure that comfort is not compromised even on long work days. The high pliability of the boots adds to this comfort and allow your feet to flex freely.

The sturdy steel toe cap and electric hazard proof sole takes the safety concerns off your plate. Thus, you can focus more on work and improving your performance at work without worrying for any safety issues.

Despite being high shaft work boots, they are not difficult to put on or off. You can do the laces once as fit as you want and, onward, use the speed hooks only to put the boots on and off.

In short, Caterpillar work boots should be your choice if you have to work in a wet environment or have to go through muddy passages. Other than the functionality, the look alone could be the reason to buy these beautiful work boots for women.


  • Made for heavy duty use
  • Cute but fiercely protective
  • Very light weight


  • Need a break in period
  • Insoles are a bit lacking

5. Timberland PRO Women’s Alloy-Toe EH W Work Shoes

Timberland PRO has a great alloy toe work boots for women. It is a cross between work boots and training shoes. You will find safety features of work boots and comfort features of training shoes together in these women work boots.

The upper is 100% genuine leather with some mesh fabric that makes it breathable. The inner mesh lining is also breathable and have been given an antimicrobial treatment. That keeps the fatigue, sweat, bacteria and odor miles away from your boots and feet.

The low cut design of the boots keeps them low weight. On top of that, alloy caps are inserted in the toe area that are a lot lighter than their steel counterparts but equally sturdy. The shank is made of fiberglass that is quite sturdy but even more lightweight than the alloy material. Overall, this intelligent design keeps the boots feather lite.

I think the boots are very cool look wise. The minimalist design makes these boots a center of attraction. The bold color of the boots feel like it is glowing at night. That attracts many compliments.

The tread pattern on the outsole is really impressive. It is made of some intended spheres. These indented spheres create a mild suction effect with the ground. Thus, the boots don’t slip on water and oil and remain extremely slip resistant.

The boots are made using the Cement Construction method. This keeps the boots very flexible. This method also reduces the break in period. Sometimes, you don’t need to break in these boots at all.

In short, these boots from Timberland won’t be a bad purchase at all. Reasonable price, intelligent design, and good visual appeal make this pair a strong contender on this list.


  • Literally no break in period needed
  • Many second time buyers
  • Take off stress from your feet, ankles, and knees


  • Some users reported that the inner mesh tears apart after a few months
  • Laces are too short to wrap around your ankles

How to Choose the Best Work Boots for Women in 2021

cute women work boots

1. Anatomical Fit

As you read, women feet are anatomically different than men’s feet. So, buying smaller sizes of men’s work boots won’t help. You need work boots that are made for women keeping their feet’s anatomy in mind.

I have not included any pair of work boots that is even unisex. Only women specific work boots are suggested in this guide.

2. Cute Visual Appeal

Men dress up for visual power and women dress up for visual appeal. The trend should continue in work attires as well.

Being a worker doesn’t mean you have to wear cliche work boots. 

All women specific boots discussed in this guide are quite cute and come with a high visual appeal. So, ladies…get ready to collect compliments everywhere.

3. Safety Features

Probably, this is why you are here today. You need beautiful but safe work boots.

I want the women work boots to look cute but that doesn’t mean I overlook the safety features or ruggedness in any way.

A safety cap, sturdy shank, slip & oil resistant outsole, and electric hazard protection are the necessary safety features that I ensure are present in the work boots I recommend for women.

4. Comfort Features

If you are not comfortable in your work boots, the safety features are useless for you.

Discomfort, fatigue, and irritation won’t let you work for long and that will directly degrade your performance at work.

No need to be a neurotic here. Just make sure a few features are present in the work boots and that’s it for comfort. They are:

  • Padded collars
  • Padded tongue
  • Soft inner lining
  • Cushioned insoles (preferably removable)
  • Flexible sole
  • Soft leather

Before You Go

I want to give some credit here to my girlfriend who helped me put this guide together. Her views on women’s work boots helped me better understand the needs of my female readers. Skechers Women’s Peril Steel Toe are her favorite ones on this list.

Ladies, you have all the power in your hands. You just got your hands on a carefully curated list of best work boots for women. They are studded with both ruggedness and cuteness. Give them a try and they won’t disappoint you at all.

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