Clean Timberland Boots With Soap, Water, Vinegar, and Baking Soda

The Timberland Cleaning Kit is the best way to clean timberland boots without causing any damage to them. If you don’t mind shelling out a little money, this kit is the best way forward.

Timberland boots are probably one of the most versatile footwear. I have seen people wearing them for style when going out, and protection when going to work. Tim boots rock at both places.

With regular use, Timberland boots may pick up some dirt, oil, stains, paint, mildew, and all sorts of shit that may make them look dull and old. Luckily, you can deep clean Timberland boots at home without the need of any cleaner.

In this guide, I have suggested cleaning methods that are equally effective on both black and brown Timberland boots. The methods can be used on boots of any colour. What are the ways? Glad you asked.

Timberland Cleaning Kit: The Best Method

The kit contains an eraser, a brush, a balm proofer, a dirt remover, and a handy booklet of instructions. Always refer to the provided booklet for any guidance.

The eraser removes most of the spots on Timberland boots. The brush helps lift the apparent dirt. It also fluffs the nap.

For tough spots, use the provided dirt remover and for forming a protective layer around your boots, use the provided balm protector. Thus a complete cleaning kit for Timberland boots.

Cleaning Timberland Suede and Nubuck Boots

To clean timberland suede or nubuck boots, you have to be very careful. if you use harsh material on them, it will quickly ruin the nap. Instead, follow the steps below:

  • Cleaning Obvious Dirt: Use a soft bristle brush and buff the timberland boots slowly in a circular motion. You can use a toothbrush too. It will lift any dirt deposited on the boots.
  • Cleaning Small Spots: The small spots on the boots formed by pen, pencil, chalk, or rubbing against bricks, etc. are not permanent. A gum eraser can easily remove them. Just rub slowly but in circular motions.
  • Cleaning Oil Stains: To clean oil stains, we need a material that is a very good absorbent and can suck all the oil. Enters cornmeal! Just sprinkle a little cornmeal on the oil marks, and it will suck the oil.
  • Cleaning Large Stains: Perspiration, snow, and water may leave salt stains on the surface of your Timberland boots. They are such a headache to remove but not with vinegar. White vinegar is an acidic substance that is hard on salt stains but not on suede. Apply some on the affected area with a clean cloth and move your hands in a circular motion. You will see the salt stains disappear.
  • Refluff the nap: The cleaning methods may flatten the nap. Once your Timberland boots are completely dry, take a toothbrush and use it on the surface in a circular motion. It will fluff the nap again.

You just saw how useful simple household items are to clean your Timberland boots without buying a cleaner. If some stains are too stubborn to go away and you are not afraid of trying something crazy, consider dying your suede boots.

Cleaning Timberland Leather Boots

clean timberland leather boots

To clean Timberland leather boots, you can be a little more lenient than that with suede or nubuck boots. Leather Timbs need less maintenance and can withstand the use of some harsh household items to clean them. Here’s how to do it right:

  • Cleaning Obvious Dirt: You are already familiar with this one. Use a soft bristle brush but rub your boots very briskly. Do it for a couple of minutes and you will get rid of most of the dirt deposited on your Timberland boots. Make sure the dirt is completely dry before buffing. Otherwise, it will spread instead of coming off.
  • Cleaning Small Spots: The small spots on Timberland leather boots are not permanent. You can use a good eraser to either remove them or fade them enough so that they are not noticeable anymore.
  • Cleaning Oil Stains: I would say use some baking soda here. Take a small quantity of baking soda on a toothbrush and rub it on the stains in a circular motion. Now put the boots under a running faucet and the stains on your boots will flush away. Don’t allow the water to dry on the boots. Instead, wipe the water with a dry cloth.
  • Cleaning Large Stains: Large stains on leather caused by sweat, snow, and water are very easy to clean. You can use any mild detergent to clean them. Take some detergent on your palm, add a few drops of water to it, and apply on the boots vigorously. Wash the boots under a running faucet and wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Nourish the Leather: The leather won’t get ruined with the Timberland cleaning methods discussed above. The only issue that may arise is the use of baking soda and detergent may rip the leather off its essential protective oils. This phenomenon makes it crucial that you use good leather oil to recreate that protective layer.

Contrary to popular belief, the liberal use of water to clean Timberland leather boots is not harmful. Just make sure that the water doesn’t dry on the surface. Instead, wipe the water with a dry cloth.

Deep Cleaning Timberland Boots

I recommend you deep clean your Timberland boots at least once a month. It will revive them, make them look good, and increase their lifespan. Here’s the process:

  • Remove the laces and insoles of your Timberland boots. Wash them separately with water and a mild detergent. Leave them to air dry.
  • Take a pen or pencil and lift off any dirt buildup inside the grooves of the outsole. 
  • Take some detergent on a toothbrush and vigorously clean the tread pattern. You can also put the outsole under a running faucet while scrubbing with a toothbrush.
  • Use the methods discussed before to clean the upper part of your boots.
  • Dry your boots for any moisture by leaving them in the air or on a boot dryer overnight. Do not dry your boots under direct sun.
  • Put some baking soda into a pair of clean socks and leave the socks inside your boots overnight. It will kill any odor in the boots, making them smell fresh.
  • Bingo! Your boots are deep cleaned and ready to help you take on the world.

Cleaning Timberland Boots with Soap and Water?

You can use soap and water to clean your Timberland boots but only on the leather ones and not on suede, nubuck, and canvas ones. I’d recommend some good saddle soap for the purpose as it is not as harsh on boots as any regular soap. Moreover, it comes with some moisturizing properties that nourish the leather as well.

Before You Go

I have not included any method to clean your Timberland boots that have even a remote chance of ruining them. Still, if in doubt about any method, do a small test on an inconspicuous area of your boots, i.e. heel.

Clean your Timberland boots with a brush daily, spot clean them with a damp cloth weekly, and deep clean them at least once a month. It will keep them look new, fresh, odourless, and alive. Moreover, you will increase their lifespan and save yourself some money on buying new pairs often.

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