Easy Ways To Remove Deep Scratches From Leather Boots

There could be many reasons for your leather boots to get scratches and scuffs. A few reasons include passing through a crowded place, hiking on mountains, work environment, your cat playing with your boots, etc.

Leather boots can easily catch scratches and scuffs even if they are new. It is not practical to save them from getting scraped forever. Luckily, it is very easy to remove these scratches from your leather boots and making them look new again.

Different reasons cause scratches of different intensity, and we need a different approach for removing each of them. I have listed the best ways to remove scuffs, light scratches, medium scratches, and deep scratches from your leather boots. Enjoy!

Things to Know Before Removing Scratches from Leather Boots

  • Damage is Done: Leather is the dead skin of an animal. It doesn’t heal or recover. Once there happens to be a scratch on your leather boots, it stays there forever. Your job is to make it as little notice as possible. That’s the best you can do.
  • Dust Settles In: No matter how subtle the scratch is, some dust always settles in there. So, before you use any of the methods given below to remove scratches from your leather boots, you must clean the boots really well for any dirt.
  • Stuff the Boots: Before using the methods below, stuff your leather boots with some newspaper or a boot tree. It opens up the scratches, and our applied treatment reaches deeper.

Methods to Remove Scratches from Leather Boots

removing scuffs from leather boots

1. Removing Light Scratches & Scuffs from Leather Boots

Light scratches or scuffs are the easiest to remove from your leather boots. All you need to do is to condition them with oil.

You have a few options here. You can use olive, neatsfoot, or mink oil. If you want the best results, choose one from the specialized oil for leather boots.

Dab your fingers into the oil and apply it on the affected area. Take a clean cloth and buff the boots well for 2-3 minutes. You will immediately notice that the light scratches and scuffs aren’t noticeable anymore.

2. Removing Medium Scratches from Leather Boots

Sometimes the scratches are quite visible but don’t look like torn leather. These are scratches of medium intensity, and just conditioning the leather with oil won’t work here.

Here comes the lanolin cream.

Lanolin cream is more potent at nourishing the leather than any other oil. It sits deep into the leather and makes it swell by a little. This swelling shrinks the scratches to extinction.

The process of applying lanolin cream is the same as applying a leather oil. 

Just take a small amount of the cream and apply it on the affected area of your leather boots. Buff the area briskly for a couple of minutes. Let the cream dry on the boots, and you will see the leather becomes flawless.

3. Removing Deep Scratches from Leather Boots

Some severe damage is done here, and leather is badly torn. Probably your cat has done this.

It’s not possible to make deep scratches invisible just by nourishing the leather boots with any oil or cream.

To remove deep scratches, you actually have to paint them and blend them into the surrounding area. If the boots are black, you can use a permanent marker here. Otherwise, boot polish is the way forward.

Apply a boot polish on the leather and buff it well, especially on the scratches. Buff briskly and for a few minutes.

P.S. If the boot polish doesn’t work, you will have to use a commercial leather repair kit.

Preventing Your Leather Boots from New Scratches

You can not spend your days worrying about preventing your leather boots from scratches. Instead, use a protective spray so that they get less scraped on a daily basis.

The protective sprays work three-fold. They make the leather boots repellent to water, stains, and scratches. Thus they last longer and stay new for a long time.

Another thing you can do to prevent deep scratches on your leather boots is to keep them out of reach of your cat. Cats can cause deep scratches that are hard or, sometimes, impossible to reverse.

Before You Go

Don’t go nuts about removing scratches from your leather boots.

Leather boots is a gear that looks better with wear and tear. Some scratches look good, especially after applying the oil or polish. Some manufacturers even give age to their boots during the manufacturing process.

If the scratches on your boots don’t look terrible, don’t try to repair them. If they look awful, use the methods discussed in this guide. If the discussed methods don’t work, don’t be creative and take your boots to a cobbler.

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