Sno Seal Reviews: Best Product for Waterproofing Leather Boots in 2020

TL;DR: Sno Seal is the best product for waterproofing leather boots. It nourishes and waterproofs leather boots simultaneously. It was invented back in 1930 by an outdoor enthusiast Ome Daiber. Ome wanted to create a coating that waterproofs the leather but doesn’t make it pulpy. I must say, he’s done a good job.

Sno Seal Review in 2020 (An In-Depth Analysis)

Sno Seal is a great product to waterproof, protect, nourish, and condition your leather boots. If applied regularly, it can increase the lifespan of your boots, protects them from stains, and keeps them look like new forever.

Although Sno Seal lubricates and conditions your leather boots, yet it doesn’t make them go pulpy. It ensures that the leather retains both its shine and strength. Moreover, it doesn’t compromise the breathability of the leather.

The downside of using Sno Seal is that it changes the color of your leather boots by a few shades. After the treatment, the leather may look slightly darker than the original. So, test Sno Seal on a small area of your boots before applying it on the entire surface.


  • Non-greasy formula
  • Waterproofs leather boots
  • Protects leather from stains
  • Leaves no odor once dried


  • Makes the leather look darker by a few shades
  • If overused, it may leave the leather sticky that attracts a lot of dust
  • Not so suitable for suede or nubuck leather

Sno Seal Ingredients And Their Benefits

Sno Seal uses beeswax, animal oils, and some mineral spirits as its ingredients. It doesn’t contain any grease.

Beeswax is the primary ingredient in Sno Seal. Beeswax has a high melting point; that’s why it creates a separate protective layer on top of the leather and doesn’t seep into the leather. Thus, the leather remains intact and doesn’t lose its breathability.

The animal oils help to provide extra nourishment to the leather and enhance the waterproofing capability of the Sole.

What Boots You Can Waterproof with Sno Seal

You may use Sno Seal to waterproof any boots made of leather such as work boots. However, Sno Seal is not very effective on synthetic leather boots.

I do not recommend using Sno Seal on suede or nubuck leather either. It doesn’t necessarily ruin the leather but flattens the nap that ruins the textured appearance of the surface. In this case, better use a suede protectant spray.

Another thing to note is that Sno Seal is safe to use on boots with Gore-Tex lining. It is actually a good thing to do, especially once your boots are aged, and the lining starts tearing down.

How To Apply Sno Seal On Leather Boots

The directions to use Sno Seal on leather items are simple and should not take you more than ten minutes to follow the process. To apply sno seal on leather boots:

  1. Remove laces from the boots.
  2. Clean any dirt buildup on boots.
  3. Warm the leather boots by putting them under the sun for an hour or so.
  4. Using your fingers, apply Sno-Seal on the entire leather surface in a circular motion.
  5. Keep working Sno-Seal into the leather until absorbed.
  6. Use a clean rag to wipe the excess solution off the leather.
  7. Leave the leather boots overnight for them to dry fully.

Sno Seal vs. Other Options

Sno-Seal is by far the best option that I recommend to my readers to waterproof their boots. However, there are some other products out there that are not as robust as Sno Seal but do the job (to some extent).

Mink Oil

Mink oil is a good option to protect and nourish your leather boots. Even if it is good to nourish your leather boots but, unlike sno seal, it can not waterproof them. If you want to waterproof your boots, then go for Sno-Seal only.

Obenauf’s Oil

Obenauf oil is a specialized oil for leather boots. It is far superior to mink oil to protect and nourish your leather boots. To some extent, it also makes your boots water-resistant but not as efficiently as the sno seal does. So, if waterproofing your boots is crucial to you, sno seal outshines among all the options.


Nikwax is an effective alternative to Sno Seal when it comes to waterproofing leather boots, but it lacks in nourishing & conditioning the pair. Whereas Sno Seal comes as a complete product that waterproofs, protects, and conditions boots simultaneously.

Where To Buy Sno Seal Leather Protector

The easiest of all is to buy Sno Seal somewhere online. Make sure you buy from the original manufacturer or an authorized seller only. The long trail of happy buyer reviews will confirm that the seller is authentic, and you will receive a genuine product.

Summing It Up: Is Sno-Seal Worth It?

Let’s face this. Leather boots are expensive, and buying them is neither budget-friendly nor convenient. Just by taking proper care of them, you can almost double their lifespan. Sno-Seal is the best product to waterproof your leather boots.

Sno Seal is a complete leather protector that acts as a barrier on your boots against water, snow, stains, dust, salt, etc. A single can of Sno Seal doesn’t cost much and lasts many months. I’d say it’s a no brainer.

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