Welcome to Safe Work Wears

liam scout author of safeworkwears

Hi, there! I am Liam Scout, your host on this website.

I started this blog to bring my lovely readers work boots that are protective, comfortable, and stylish.

I remember how starting on a blue-collar job restricted me from wearing my clothes of choice. It was devastating. After all, what is work all about if we can’t even be ourselves?

To satisfy my obsession with fashion, I made my workwear more appealing by giving it a touch of style. In my style statement, work boots play a significant role.

There are work boots out there that offer protection, comfort, and style packed together. Moreover, they don’t bite your pockets much and are surprisingly affordable.

I will be bringing you the best work boots after passing them through my strict quality criteria.

My mission is to make safeworkwears.com a trusted resource where people can find high-quality work boots and can learn how to style them with different pieces of clothing.

My Vetting Process

Today’s busy life does not allow workers to put in hours of research to compare different options before buying work boots. So, I decided to do all the heavy lifting for my awesome readers.

  • Every day, I spend many hours to list different work boots available on the market. Then, I carefully vet them before endorsing them on this blog. I ensure they pass my 3-step checklist- Protection, Comfort, and Style.
  • I also make sure the products I recommend are value for the money – both in the present and in the long-term. It liberates you from buying new pairs often and allows you to spend your money on other things that you might love (for me, it’s Tequila).
  • As much as possible, I try to get a hands-on experience of the products that I recommend on this blog. However, since it’s not always possible, I also harness the power of extensive feedback from real customers.

What Is in It for You?

If you resonate with the following statements, you will enjoy the content found on this site:

  • You want work boots that are protective, comfortable, and stylish at a reasonable price.
  • You want buying advice which is confirmed by real customer feedback and not fake marketing.
  • You want to increase the longevity of your work boots with easy DIY tips.

If this is something to your interest, welcome aboard. For any questions, please send me an email at liamscout52@gmail.com.