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Buying new work boots is not a budget-friendly event and definitely not fun. So, I created a series of quick tips to address the most common issues that may shorten the life of your pair. Not only these tips will increase the life of your work boots but they will also make them look like new for a long time. Enjoy!

Featured Guides

This section contains my best guides on boots. So, I kept it on top here and suggest my every reader to go through them. Topics like breaking in boots, measuring foot size, styling boots with different clothing, etc. are covered here.


This section deals with the aesthetic part of the work boots. Boots, new or old, may pose some embarrassing issues such as slouching, squeaking, odor, slippage, etc. The good news is they are easy to fix and that’s what you will learn here.


If you clean, wash, and dry your work boots regularly in a right way, this alone will increase the lifespan of your pair significantly. Moreover, they will become more graceful than ever.


Scratches, creases, cracks, etc. are a few common damages that happen to your work boots on day-to-day basis. The good new is most of these damages are reversible with easy home fixes.