4 Steps to Repair Cracked Leather Boots Like A Pro

repairing cracked leather boots

Spoiler Alert: Cracks in the leather boots are irreversible. There are some workarounds to repair them, but they hide them and do not repair them. Sounds unfortunate? Yes, but that’s how it is. Let me explain.

Repairing cracks in leather boots is more like restoring the pair. You treat your boots with solutions that fill in the gaps, bond to the surface, and look like leather.

Aging and dryness are the two primary reasons that leather boots develop some cracks over time. With age, leather loses its strength and begins to dry up. Over time, the leather fibers become weaker and break apart.

4 Step Process to Repair Cracks in Leather Boots

cracked leather surface

Step 1: Clean Your Leather Boots Properly

As we are to fill and close the cracked surface permanently, we don’t want any dust, mold, or mildew lurking in the cracks. So, you must clean your leather boots thoroughly and make sure there is no dirt in the cracks.

For this, take any brush or a clean cloth and use it in a circular motion on the boots. It will quickly remove any dirt buildup on the surface of the leather. Please do it for at least a couple of minutes.

If the dirt in the cracks is tough to lift, use saddle soap to remove it. Contrary to popular belief, modern saddle soaps are nourishing and not harsh on the leather.

Note: I must make you aware of the fact that this cleaning process is critical. Any remaining dust or dirt may produce mediocre results or may even ruin the results completely. So, take your time and do it well.

Step 2: Rehydrate the Leather With Mink or Neatsfoot Oil

Cracks in leather boots are results of aged and dry leather, and you can’t get rid of them without hydrating the leather.

For this, apply a liberal amount of mink or neatsfoot oil on the surface of leather boots. Either oil will work, so use whichever is available to you. If you don’t want to take a chance, use a specialized oil for leather boots.

Take a liberal amount of oil and cover the entire leather surface with it. Now move your thumb on the surface in a circular motion. It will help the oil to reach deep into the leather pores and nourish every fiber of it. You must spend a good five minutes doing it. Don’t forget to wipe the extra oil with a clean cloth.

Once you have conditioned your boots this way, you will immediately notice that the cracks are not that noticeable, and the small scratches are already gone. Thus, half of the battle is won. If you are happy with the outcome, you can skip to step 4.

Step 3: Repair the Cracks in Leather Boots

If some stubborn scratches are still visible, you are going to need a filler compound. This compound will settle into the cracks and bridge the gap.

A leather repair kit is a perfect solution for our purpose. Please consult the manufacturer’s instructions and use the kit accordingly.

Generally, you should apply the filler compound and leave it for 30 minutes or so. Once it is completely soaked in, buff your boots generously for 3-4 minutes with a clean cloth. Polishing this way will smoothen any color patches and give your pair a uniform look.

Sidenote: Mink oil and neatsfoot oil also work well as a filler compound. In most cases, just applying them to your leather boots will do the trick to fill the gaps. It leaves Step 3 unnecessary. In case you haven’t achieved the desired results, then use a professional kit.

Step 4: Nourish Your Leather Boots

You must also consider applying high-quality boot polish on your leather boots, once the cracks are gone. A boot polish will further nourish the leather and hide any cracks.

Before You Go

Step 1, Step 2, and Step 4 are the keys to repair cracked leather boots. Step 3 is optional but highly effective.

Once you have repaired the cracks in your leather boots, you wouldn’t want them to reappear.

The last step to nourish the leather is something that you would like to repeat so often to prevent leather boots from developing cracks again. Thanks.

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