5 Quick and Easy Methods To Dry Your Wet Boots

wet boots hanged in shine to dry

We’ve all been there- a good pair of leather boots drenched by water. Air-drying them will usually be the most effective way, but there isn’t always time for that. Fortunately, there are some quick ways to dry your wet boots.

What are these magic solutions you ask? Well, look no further, I’ve put together a list of my favorite tricks to help you dry wet boots fast.

Preparations Before Drying your wet boots

Some preparations before drying your wet boots are necessary. Don’t worry; they are quick to perform. Let’s discuss them:

  • Always remove any mud or dirt from boots using a clean towel or a soft brush. It can be tempting to avoid this step, but not cleaning your boots first will leave them marked. Also, this step can help prevent the discoloration of boots.
  • Always take laces out of the boots. Drying your wet boots with laces in them may cause discoloration of the area below the laces. So better remove them. It’s wise to remove the insoles as well.
  • Always lay a towel on the floor regardless of what method you will use to dry your wet boots. Otherwise, the dripping muddy water may leave stains on the floor.

5 Best Ways to Dry Wet Boots

1. Invest In A Boot Dryer

This might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but it’s not. Especially for people working outdoors, a boot dryer makes sure the boots are dry and ready to wear every morning.

On top of that, a boot dryer helps to keep your boots in good condition for longer. That makes up for the amount spent on the boot dryer machine.

I recommend checking my list of the best boot dryers.

2. Use Old Newspaper

Using a newspaper is one of the fastest ways to dry your leather boots without causing any damage to them. A newspaper is coarse by nature and is very effective at sucking water. Here’s how to use it:

  • Fill the boots with as much newspaper as you can fit.
  • Wrap some more newspapers around the boots and leave to dry.
  • Replace the paper when you feel it is soaked.
  • Replacing newspaper a couple of times should be enough to suck all moisture.

3. Use A Towel

Towels are as effective as a newspaper to dry your wet boots. You can use either or both of them for the purpose. Wrap a towel tightly around the boots and replace it once it is soaked.

4. Use Rice to Absorb Moisture

OK, we know rice is the technique for when your phone has gone for a swim. A small quantity of rice can absorb a lot of water into it. I used rice for drying wet boots as well, and it worked great. To use the rice-method:

  • Get a container. This can be anything you have handy at home.
  • Fill it with about one inch of rice.
  • Place the boots on top of the rice and leave overnight.
  • By next morning, you will have a ready to wear pair of boots.

5. Leave Your Boots on a Fan

Household Fans can be saviors in times of emergency drying needs. The moving air through the boots takes the moisture away with it.

This is a very fast method to dry your wet boots.

  • Put a towel under the fan to absorb any dripping water.
  • Use an old wire to hang boots from the fan. You can also twist the wire into an “S” shape and then hang the boots from the fan. Turn the fan on and leave the boots hanged on to it for a few hours.
  • Within a couple of hours, your wet leather boots will be completely dry.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Drying Your Wet Boots

1. Don’t put your Boots Too Close to a Heat Source

It could be tempting to blast a hairdryer on a pair of wet boots or place them right next to a fire source but this may ruin the pair permanently. This could shorten the lifespan of your boots and can damage the leather and glue.

Always air dry your boots and don’t use any heat source. Still, if you need to dry boots using a fire source, keep the boots at a minimum of three meters distance from the fire.

2. Don’t Dry Your Boots in A Small Space

Putting boots in small cupboards or plastic boxes to dry them affects their lifespan. This is due to the lack of air circulation that boots need to dry naturally. As a result, some bacteria, fungi, and odor may breed on your boots. So, always dry them in open spaces only.

3. Don’t Think That the Job is Over

The drying process can take some life out of your boots. So, it’s important to recondition them with good boot oil. An oil conditioner softens and moisturizes the leather. It also helps to create a protective barrier around the boots against water abuse.

Before You Go…

That was everything about how to dry your wet boots but I want to discuss the laces and Insoles as well. They can be dried naturally by leaving them out in the air.

Laces and insoles tend to dry much quicker than boots, because of their low mass. So, don’t stress over using fancy techniques to dry them. Just leave them out in the air and they will dry pretty fast.

If you are sick of drying your wet boots every day, consider investing in a solid pair of waterproof work boots. Now go forth and conquer.

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