7 Best Boot Dryers to Buy in 2021

best boot dryers

TL:DR: DryGuy DX Forced Dryer is the best boot dryer that I have ever come across. It takes just 1-3 hours to dry your boots fully. The dryer is safe to use on different leather articles such as boots, gloves, jackets, etc.

Boot dryers are excellent machines that not only dry your boots but control and kill bacteria, mold, fungus, and odor as well. Other than boots, it is also safe to use boot dryers to dry leather shoes, clothes, gloves, etc.

Snow in the winter, sweat in the summer, wet work environment, and all sorts of watery abuse on a typical workday makes it hard to keep your boots dry. Sometimes, despite all your efforts, you have to wear a damp pair of boots to work because they are so difficult to air dry.

Boots are really tough to dry just by leaving them on the floor overnight. So, to ensure your boots are always warm and dry, invest in some best boot dryers available on the market.

Here are 7 Best Boot Dryers in 2021

Boot Dryers
1DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot and Garment DryerRunner Up
2PEET Original Electric Boot and Shoe DryerBest Overall
3JobSite Silent Boot and Shoe DryerAlso Good
4MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove DryerBest Forced
5DryGuy Boot, Shoe, and Glove DryerBest Adjustable
6DryGuy Portable Travel Boot and Shoe DryerBest Portable
7IRIS USA SDR-C1 Boot and Shoe DryerBest Ergonomic

7 Best Boot Dryers in 2021 with Reviews

1. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot and Garment Dryer

DryGuy forced air boot dryer is an excellent product. It is a fast action boot dryer that takes 1-3 hours to dry most of your wet gear such as boots, shoes, ski boots, gloves, garments, and so on.

This boot dryer can dry four articles simultaneously. You will find that most clothes are moisture free and ready to wear within a couple of hours. Heavy-duty gears such as work boots or ski boots will be completely dry within 3 hours. To dry different articles simultaneously, you can set a timer to remind you when to remove something.

This dryer comes with a 6 feet long power cord that can be plugged into any standard 120 volt AC plug. The electricity consumption of the machine is very low and you won’t get any surprises with your next electricity bill.

The dryer has a central fan that draws the ambient air over a heating element and then expels the warm air (105 degrees F) out of the air chambers into the boots. This warm but gentle air takes the trapped moisture with it and leaves the boots dry. It also controls bacteria, molds, and any resulting odor.

You also have the option to turn the heat switch off in case you want to dry your pair with normal air.

The dryer also comes with two removable extension tubes that are handy if you want to dry boots up to 16 inches long. This allows you to use the dryer for cowboys and ski boots as well.

In short, DryGuy boots dryer is a good choice if you are fancy of Forced boot dryers. It is made in the USA and has a long lifespan.


  • Very fast at drying leather and ski boots
  • Can dry four articles simultaneously
  • Whisper-silent dryer


  • The heating element has a short lifespan
  • The heat output is a little low

2. PEET Original Electric Boot and Shoe Dryer

The original PEET boot dryer has been a choice of masses since 1968. It has only gotten better over the years. Although it’s a leather boot dryer yet it can dry almost anything including rubber, vinyl, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, fleece, microfiber, etc.

PEET is an electric boot dryer and works by circulating warm air through its air chambers into your boots. It takes around 3-8 hours to completely dry a soaked pair of boots or shoes. The dryer is so silent that you are going to double-check if it is plugged in or not.

What’s impressive is that even if you leave it on overnight, it will consume electricity worth pennies. The manufacturer even suggests that you leave it on 24×7 and there is no need to turn it off. No matter how you use it, it would only add pennies to your electricity bill. So, make it an event to dry your boots with PEET every night.

Other than being an excellent device to dry your boots, it also deodorizes them and neutralizes any unpleasant smell coming from your footwear. PEET does this all while using less electricity than a standard bulb.

PEET is so confident about its product that it offers a hopping 25 years of warranty. Customer experiences say that it exceeds expectations and lasts more than 25 years. Probably, you will never need to buy another boot dryer.

In short, PEET is an effective boot dryer and it doesn’t cost much to use it daily. All you need is to make sure that you buy the original product only. Sadly, there are many counterfeit replicas of this dryer in the market.


  • Highly cost-effective
  • Silent operation
  • Deodorizes your boots
  • Made in the USA


  • No indicator for on/off signal

3. JobSite Silent Boot and Shoe Dryer

JobSite is a brand that is known for its heavy duty product line and this boot dryer is not an exception. This dryer has a sturdy design that can handle even heavy gears such as work boots, ski boots, tennis shoes etc.

The base of the dryer heats up the air that rises naturally through the air tubes into the boots. There is no fan for forced drying. This increases the dry time but makes it the safest dryer for all sorts of gears.

As there is no moving parts such as a fan involved in this simple boot dryer, it produces no noise at all. Sometimes, you may doubt if it is even working. To inform you that it is on and working well, there is a blue LED indicator on the base of it.

For a non-forced boot dryer, the dry time is still reasonable. If you want to just warm your boots, put them on it for 30 mins. If your boots are damp, put them on it for 8 hours. If your boots are wet, them on it overnight.

The dryer is very effective at killing bacteria and molds. These are the same bacteria that cause your boots to stink.

In short, to dry your gears you can count on JobSite boot dryer. Low cost, low maintenance, simple assembly, and versatile use make this product a strong contender on this list. The 2 years warranty also adds to this.


  • Noiseless operation
  • Safe for footwear and clothes
  • Kills bacteria and molds


  • No timer
  • No off button

4. MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer

MaxxDry is a forced boot dryer that is made for heavy-duty use. Not only you can dry your regular shoes on it but heavy-duty work boots, ski boots, and football cleats as well. Other than that, it is a good dryer for gloves, clothes, and other outdoor gear.

The dry time of this dryer is just a couple of hours max. For garments, it is as low as 1 hour and for heavy-duty boots, it is 2 hours maximum. So, you don’t have to leave this dryer overnight.

The dryer comes with a central fan that distributes the warm air (105 degree F) equally in all four air chambers. This ensures that all your footwear are dry and ready to wear at the same time. Other than the moisture, it takes care of the bacteria, fungi, molds, and odor as well.

The two removable extensions are also very sturdy. You can put heavy footwear such as ski boots and cowboy boots on them to dry. You can place up to 16 inch long boots on the extensions to dry. The use of extensions doesn’t extend the dry time.

What impressed me the most is that this boot dryer is safe for most articles out there such as clothes, liners, shoes etc. The warm air is gentle enough that it won’t shrink or damage your gears. Moreover, you can turn the heat off anytime. To make it even safer, you can set a timer for 0 to 3 hours.

In short, MaxxDry Heavy Duty boot dryer is a value for money product. It is for you if you are always in a hurry and want your gear eveready for you. It has an ergonomic design as well and you can place it both on the floor or on the table.


  • Maximum 2 hour dry time
  • Safe for even delicate clothes and footwear
  • Sturdy design to dry ski and work boots


  • A little noisy
  • Heat element is a little weak

5. DryGuy Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer

DryGuy forced boot dryer is a relatively new product in the market but has created a lot of buzz. This boot dryer is inexpensive to buy, affordable to use, and dries a variety of gears.

This boot dryer has unique air ports that can be rotated up to 180 degrees. So, if you have lightweight gears to dry such as shoes, cleats, gloves, clothes etc., keep these air ports at a 90 degree angle and put your gears on it. On the other hand, if you have some heavy gears to dry such as work boots and ski boots, rotate the dry ports to 180 degrees and lay flat.

The dry time of this boot dryer is also impressive. For clothes and lightweight shoes it is just 1 hour or so. For, heavy work and ski boots it is 2 hours max. Not only it dries boots quickly, it is also safe on them and doesn’t cause any shrinkage.

It uses gently forced air that is heated up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit to quickly dry your gears. It also has an auto shut off timer of 3 hours that makes it even safer for delicate garments.

Other than that it fulfills our criteria of best boot dryers that demands low consumption of electricity, bacterial control, sturdy material, and fast dry time.

In short, DryGuy boot dryer is a totally silent, effective, and affordable machine. The rotating air ports make it a compact and portable dryer as well. Just fold the ports and you will be able to put it in a backpack.


  • Rotating air ports allow to dry both light and heavy footwear
  • Auto shut off timer of 3 hours
  • Can dry boots that are up to 10 inches long


  • Doesn’t come with separate extension tubes
  • No option to turn heat off

6. DryGuy Portable Travel Boot and Shoe Dryer

DryGuy has done a fair job at creating a truly portable boot dryer. It is very handy if you travel so often or spend most of your time driving. It’s easy to carry and with its AC/DC adaptor, you can use it both in your house and your vehicle.

It’s standard size fits in most footwear. To use it right, you must lay it horizontally inside the boots and turn it on. It uses a forced air that is heated up to 99 degrees fahrenheit and pushed through the boots to dry them. It is also very safe on delicate inner walls of the boots.

The capacity of the heating element is very impressive. It heats up the air to 99 degrees just in a fraction of time. So you can warm up your boots on the way up the mountain and dry them out on the way back.

I found it to be a perfect travel accessory and the dry time is impressive as well. For damp to wet boots, it takes 2 to 5 hours to dry them completely. During the process, it also kills bacteria and molds.

It has a built in fan that is almost noiseless. The fan distributes the warm air evenly throughout the boots using the air holes punched into the dryer. The energy consumption of this dryer is very low and so is the price.

In short, DryGuy portable boot dryer is your perfect companion for outdoor activities. Also take note that you get a package of two dryers so that you can dry both boots simultaneously.


  • Portable
  • Noise is not noticable
  • Many happy buyers
  • Works well on ski boots


  • Short lifespan
  • Thin accompanied wire

7. IRIS USA SDR-C1 Boot and Shoe Dryer

IRIS USA SDR C1 boot dryer has a surprisingly useful and functional design. I literally fell in love with this model as it is compact, portable, ergonomic, versatile, and effective. All good things packed together.

It uses the same air dynamic principles as other forced boot dryers. There is a central fan and just two small air vents on the sides to draw air over the heating element. The element quickly heats up the air and blow it into both boots evenly. As a result, you get your boots dry in as little as two hours.

There are three power modes and three timer settings on this machine. The power modes- low, medium, high control how much to heat the air and the timer settings 30 mins, 60 mins, and 120 mins control how long to blow the air for. Thus, you can create several combinations for different types of boots and clothes.

This boot dryer comes with a built in ozone deodorizer that kills bacteria, molds, and any odor in your boots

You can extend the dryer tubes and set them in any position you want. If you are to dry lightweight shoes, just put them on the air tubes. On the other hand, if you are to dry heavy work boots or ski boots, just lay the boots on the ground and put the air tubes into them.

Keep in mind you can dry two pairs of boots simultaneously on this dryer.

In short, IRIS made a value for money boot dryer. It is fully digital and you have all the controls on its settings. Thus you can achieve a custom combination of heat and time suitable to dry your boots.


  • Low dry time
  • Expandable tubes
  • Different mode and time settings
  • Built in ozone deodorizer


  • A little noisy

How to Choose the Best Boot Dryer in 2021

boot dryer reviews

1. Quick Dry Time

This is the whole purpose of buying a boot dryer. The machine must be able to dry your work boots in as little time as possible but without shrinking or damaging them.

How quickly a boot dryer dries your boots depends on the type of boots you put on it. Lightweight work boots are quick to dry. On the other hand, work boots and ski boots take an entire night to dry out.

If the quick dry time is all you want, I recommend you buy a Forced Boot Dryer.

2. Low Cost of Electricity

Boot dryers must not add much to your electricity bill. Since you may have to leave the dryer turned on for hours, they should consume as little electricity as possible. Luckily, most boot dryers in this guide consume less electricity than a regular bulb.

3. Sturdy Material

Sometimes, you have to dry four boots simultaneously and the dryer must be made of a material that is sturdy enough to withstand the weight.

Some footwear such as work boots and ski boots are a lot heavier than regular footwear. Moreover, some work boots possess a steel cap inserted in the toe area that adds to its weight. Only a durable dryer can withstand that. 

4. Central Rotary Fan

This feature is necessary if you are looking for a Forced Boot Dryer. This feature is even more necessary if the dryer has four airports. 

A centrally located fan ensures that the air is distributed evenly among all the air ports. This way, you will get all the boots dried at the same time. Otherwise, one pair of boots may dry faster and you may have to wait for another pair to dry before you can turn the dryer off.

5. Extension Tubes

Removable extension tubes are necessary if you wear cowboy work boots. Generally, the airports are able to take a 10 inch long pair of boots. With these extension tubes, you can use the dryer for boots up to 16 inches long.

6. Noiseless Operation

Conventional boot dryers generally do not have a fan or any moving parts involved so they are always silent. Sometimes, it is hard to know if they are even on and working or not. So, noise is not a problem here.

On the other hand, Forced boot dryers come with a fan and ozone deodorizer that produce noise. Some noise is acceptable but not so high that you can’t talk in it.

I was mindful of this feature when choosing the best boot dryers to include in this guide.

7. Capacity

Boot dryers usually come in two capacities- one with two air ports and another with four.

If you are looking for a dryer that can help your dry your work boots or ski boots every night, go for two-port boot dryers. On the other hand, if you have a family and have many pairs of boots to dry every day, better go for a boot dryer with four ports.

How Does a Boot Dryer Work

Boot dryers work by pushing warm air through the air tubes into the boots consistently. This warm air takes the trapped moisture with it and leaves the boot dry. Alongside, it also controls and kills bacteria, molds, fungus, and odor in boots.

This warm air is produced by a combination of a fan, a heating element, and some open vents. The fan draws the air through the vents over the heating element. This element heats the air up to 99 degrees to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, the warm air quickly dries your boots. However, some boot dryers offer the option to turn the heat off and dry the boots with regular air.

The time it takes for the warm air to do its job is called “Dry Time”. It varies by-products and the type of boots you want to dry. Some dryers may take as little as 1 hour to dry your boots and some may take an entire night to do the job.

Types of Boot Dryers On the Market

There are two mainly tow types of boot dryers- conventional and forced. Both works by pushing the warm air into the boots but with a little different mechanism. Let’s know:

1. Conventional Boot Dryers

A conventional boot dryer has a heating element at its base. This heating element heats the air up but the dryer doesn’t have a fan to force this air into the boots. The warm air naturally rises and slowly moves into the boots.

The key benefit here is that the conventional boot dryers are safe to use for even the most delicate garments and don’t cause any shrinkage or damage to them. The only catch is they take a little longer to dry your gears than the forced boot dryers.

2. Forced Boot Dryers

A forced boot dryer has a heating element to heat the air up and a fan to push this warm air into the boots. The push is very gentle though. This constant pressure reduces the Dry Time drastically.

The key benefit here is that you get your boots completely dry within hours but at a little risk of some shrinkage. However, the air pressure is very gentle and chances of shrinkage or damage to the boots are very slim.

Benefits of Using a Boot Dryer

Quick Dry

The biggest benefit is that boot dryers reduce the duration to dry your boots to as low as one hour. Otherwise, it may take up to 24 hours for a wet pair of boots to dry.

Bacteria Free

Leaving a wet pair of boots overnight may breed bacteria on them. This makes boots stink very badly. Here, a boot dryer comes to the rescue and is effective at controlling and killing these bacteria and odor.

Warm Feet

You can also use boot dryers to warm your dry boots. It feels blissful when going to work on chilly days.

Who Should Own a Boot Dryer

Anyone who has a pair of leather boots should own a boot dryer. However, there are a few classes of people that should not live without it. They are:

Blue Collar Worker

Work boots face all sorts of water abuse- sweat, water splashes, oil, chemicals, mud, etc. Wearing these wet or damp boots is not only uncomfortable but may affect your performance at work as well. So, make it an event to put your work boots on a dryer every night.

Hikers & Skiers

The adventurous people who like to hike or ski know how important it is to stay on their feet and remain comfortable. Their boots are usually heavy and hard to dry once wet. A boot dryer may help.

People with Sweaty Feet

If your feet produce more sweat than anybody else out there, your boots have to absorb all the sweat. It makes them a good breeding ground for bacteria. A boot dryer not only dries your boots but sanitize and deodorizes them as well.

Hygiene Conscious People

If you are a person who is hygiene conscious, love your boots, and live in a snowy or rainy area, you must consider investing in a boot dryer. It is worth every penny.

Before You Go

Ultimately, your individual needs will decide what boot dryer is best for you but if you are on the fence and want a nudge, I’d say buy DryGuy DX Forced Boot Dryer. It is an affordable dryer and consumes very little electricity.

Work boots and ski boots are the hardest to dry. I am glad to say that most products on this list are so effective that they can handle the task easily. So, get yourself the best boot dryers for your needs and never wear the wet or damped boots ever again.

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