10 Best Work Socks for Men’s Boots in 2021

best work socks

TL;DR: Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Wicking Crew Work Socks are the best work socks that you can get for yourself. They will keep your feet moisture-free even on a long day. Their reinforced seams will take care of your comfort and performance at work.

The best work socks listed in this guide are heavy-duty and can be used by any blue-collar worker. You will love them if you are in a heavy-duty profession such as construction work. 

These work socks are well-cushioned to make you feel comfortable all day long. They are moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry during hot weather or if you have sweaty feet. They are well-padded to provide enough arch support. They are durable enough to avoid developing holes even if you wear them with sturdy steel toe boots.

Here are 10 Best Work Socks for Men’s Boots in 2021

Work Socks
1Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Wicking Crew Work SocksBest Overall
2Fruit of the Loom Men's Heavy Duty Full Cushion Crew Work SocksRunner Up
3Wigwam Men's S1221 Crew Work SocksAlso Good
4Carhartt Men’s Force Performance Crew Work SocksBest Performance
5Hanes Men's Tube Over the Calf Work SocksBest Long
6Carhartt Men's All-Season Cotton Crew Work SocksBest All Weather
7Carhartt Men's Cotton Steel-Toe Work SocksBest Hot Weather
8KMM Men's Heavy Duty Moisture Wicking Cotton Crew Work SocksBest Breathable
9Smartwool Men’s Ultra Light Wool Crew Work SocksMost Comfortable
10Darn Tough Men's Merino Wool Full Cushion Crew Work SocksBest Wool

10 Best Work Socks for Men’s Boots in 2021 with Reviews

1. Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Wicking Crew Work Socks

Dickies men’s work socks are equipped with Dri-Tech technology that is another name for comfort, breathability, and moisture-wicking. When you work all day long, dry and moisture controlling socks proves to be a great companion. You will find that companion in these socks.

These crew socks have a built-in ventilation channel just above the toe area, the zone which is most prone to sweat. Such design is specially weaved to make the socks ventilated and let the air circulate properly to avoid sweaty feet.

It hardly matters how breathable a pair of socks is, everything fails while working in heavy work boots for long hours. To avert the issue, I strongly feel that the construction fabric should be moisture-wicking. Dickies socks have a combination of cotton, polyester, spandex, and nylon fabrics which makes it suitable to keep your feet dry and fresh. 

With any work socks, the toe and heel area are vulnerable to develop holes due to regular rubbing against safety caps. But, that’s not the case with these Dickies socks as they have reinforced toe and heel areas that are resistant to friction.

Many of you may find the problem of bunching up and slipping down of socks, which is quite annoying. Since these pairs have reinforced heels which prevents fabric to bunch up or slip down. 

For comfort and stability, the socks have compression support at the arch area that firmly grips your feet. This ultimately enhances your performance at work.

In short, it is safe to say that Dickies walked the extra mile to provide the most comfortable work socks. Additionally, the socks give the needed protection, breathability, and arch support.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Easy to machine wash
  • Comprises moisture-wicking fiber
  • Breathable material for fresh and odorless feet
  • Mesh ventilation to keep feet dry


  • Stretchability may be an issue
  • Some people may need to buy one size up their size

2. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Heavy Duty Full Cushion Crew Work Socks

Fruit of the Loom socks is a treat to have while working in some of the toughest conditions. These socks are made to wear for heavy-duty use and are capable of balancing out the impact of your job on your feet. 

The moisture-wicking fibers keep the socks fresh, dry and comfortable. In like manner, these socks have a mixture of such fibers and ventilation channels which together make it breathable too.

Generally, synthetic materials like acrylic, polyester, etc. are good for work socks as they are abrasion resistant and enhance durability from heel to toe. Similarly, these socks have polyester in the majority that qualifies it to avoid holes and tears from toe or heel area even after repeatedly rubbing against sturdy steel toe caps.

Since these socks have a blend of cotton for warmth, polyester for absorbency, and lycra spandex to retain shape with minimum shrinkage after regular washes, these socks are a quality pair to go gaga for.

If your feet are properly supported, especially from the sole, you may stay a little longer at work before you feel the fatigue or burn on your feet. To fulfill this requirement, these crew socks have reinforced sole that is well-cushioned to minimize foot fatigue.

I’m really impressed by the snug fit of these socks that wraps around your feet like a second skin. These socks fit comfortably and wrap around your feet to provide a great level of stability. They ensure a snug fit but your feet will never feel suffocated.

In short, Fruit of the Loom work socks delivers exceptional performance and great quality to your feet. Furthermore, the extra thick cotton makes it apt for rugged and heavy-duty usage even for long durations.


  • Inhibits moisture and bacteria
  • Designed for heavy-duty use
  • Snug fit even after repeated washes
  • Ideal choice for long shift workers
  • Suitable for machine wash
  • Breathable and fights fatigue


  • It may take time to dry out after a wash
  • You may find some lint after a few washes

3. Wigwam Men’s S1221 Crew Work Socks

Wigwam is experienced in crafting one of the most comfortable, durable, and innovative work socks. These American made work socks are enhanced with antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria and ward off unpleasant odor too. 

Besides odorless, these midweight socks are designed to provide an additional cushion in the ball of the foot and heel. This construction is beneficial when you need to stay for longer hours on your job.

Regardless of your working hours, you need supported socks especially for the arch of your feet. These socks delighted me with the amount of comfort it gives to the wearer with the cushioned foot bottom. This keeps you confident and prepared for heavy workloads. 

Wearing a pair for a long duration inside your tough heavy work boots may result in holes in the heel or toe area of your socks. But as they are reinforced with synthetic fibers from the foot bottom, these socks are resistant to such holes.

Although this pair qualifies for a machine wash, try to avoid bleach tumble for a long-lasting companionship. 

In short, a Wigwam pair of midweight work socks with a smooth toe seam gives extended protection to your feet. Also, the length of socks up to the largest part of the calf holds the socks in place even after regular wash.


  • Midweight designed socks
  • Lightweight with enhanced breathability
  • Cushioned for underfoot comfort
  • Odor guard controls foot smell
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Eligible for machine wash but not bleaching


  • You may find a little tightness if you have thick calves
  • Turn the socks inside out before washing, it prevents cotton from loosening

4. Carhartt Men’s Force Performance Crew Work Socks

Carhartt is one of the brands which unconditionally brings a smile on most of its users. The evident reason is its premium quality crew work socks. 

The smelly and wet socks are a big no for the health of your feet. So, to save you from irritation at work, Carhartt socks are equipped with built-in fast-drying technology that wicks away the sweat and keeps your feet fresh and dry. 

Apart from fast-drying mechanisms, these socks have mesh cooling channels for improved breathability and proper circulation of air. Thus, from sunup to sundown these socks keep you comfortable and efficient on your job. 

Moreover, these socks have strategic cushioning over the toe and heel region that gives enhanced impact resistance to high impact areas. 

A sock is well-designed if it doesn’t make the wearer uncomfortable and annoyed. This pair stands strong with the compression arch and ankle brace that gives a much needed complete flexible motion stability and support to keep you going. 

This pair of socks is made up of 98% polyester and 2% spandex. Polyester is non-absorbent and quickly dries up the socks (if wet because of sweat or washing). Whereas, the spandex retains the shape by creating a snug fit and provides additional arch support.

In short, Carhartt crew socks are lightweight, fully cushioned, and keep your feet cool all day. Plus, the odor neutralizing technology maintains the freshness and wards off a bad odor.


  • Supported by fast-dry technology
  • Keeps your feet fresh and odorless
  • Mesh cooling channels for breathability
  • Athletic socks to keep you performing
  • Cushioned to give resistance in impact zones


  • People with wide feet may reconsider the size
  • Calf area may bother you

5. Hanes Men’s Tube Over the Calf Work Socks

Hanes, more than a century old brand, is still running strong in the race. The advancement and innovative approach while designing these calf work socks are visible with a number of attributes these have. 

The name calf tube work socks is sufficient to explain its notable design. This pair is constructed to cover the region all the way from toe to top of your calves. 

With this coverage, Hanes has given them extra-thick cushioning for backing up until the top-end of the foot.

These socks comprise 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The thought of polyester blend is introduced for enhanced insulation and durability. On the other hand, spandex is essential for a snug fit. 

Sometimes, the socks which cover the calf area, after 2-3 washes, tend to lose their elasticity. Well, this is not the case here, this pair has durable elastic ribbing to prevent your socks from slouching or bunching up.

In a sock, the most exposed parts to abrasion are toe and heel which get holes in a short span. However, if your socks have enforced toe seams it adds to the durability likewise with these pairs of socks. 

In short, the USA made Hanes calf tube socks are well suitable for any outdoor work. The blend of fabrics adds to its durability while premium quality elastic restrains it from slouching.


  • Features cushioned soles 
  • Fresh IQ technology controls odor
  • Flat seams add to the comfort
  • Extra thick cushioning for complete foot support
  • Reinforced toe seams
  • Comes without any shaped heel


  • After regular wash, it may get thin
  • May fit a tad too tight for men with big calves

6. Carhartt Men’s All-Season Cotton Crew Work Socks

Carhartt all-season cotton work socks are perfect for you to slip into comfort. Intentionally designed to last as long as your work boots, these socks will keep you rolling throughout the day. 

Though this pair of socks are constructed with a combination of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, nylon, and lycra, the contribution of premium soft cotton is what makes it eligible to wear regardless of the season. 

Further, the cotton present in these socks effectively absorbs the moisture to boost breathability. Such a design helps to keep your feet comfortable and cool while they are still inside a rugged pair of work shoes. 

Not only cotton, but the synthetic fabrics in these socks also wick away the sweat and keep your feet dry. This whole composition of varied fabrics makes this pair a premium absorbent for long-lasting freshness.

Smelly and sweaty feet often result in bacterial growth which further puts your feet on the risk of getting athlete’s foot and fungal infections between the toes. For this reason, the sock is equipped with proprietary technology to ward off the toughest odors.

I feel Carhartt has done a good job by giving targeted cushioning in high impact areas like toe and heel. This padded protection brings softness and makes your last step as good as your first one. 

Moreover, you need not worry about holes in the toe and heel region as these socks have reinforced heels and toe with frictionless yarns. These yarns provide extra durability to the socks without compromising with comfort. 

In short, these all-season work socks comprises Carhartt tough materials to hold up as long as your work shoes. These durable pairs give a snug fit and wrap around your feet nicely till you work. 


  • Soft and breathable socks
  • Features odor neutralizing technology
  • Equipped to provide extra arch support
  • Ultra-durable toe and heel areas
  • Machine washable
  • Available in a range of colors


  • The elasticity may get weaken after several washes
  • Try a larger size than your usual one

7. Carhartt Men’s Hot Weather Cotton Steel Toe Work Socks

The American brand Carhartt’s work socks are a fantastic pair of socks for all of you who are determined to get a full day in. These work socks are designed for all-weather wear, these will work hard to make your feet comfortable.

Keeping steel toe boots in mind, the different colors of the socks represent different mechanisms. For example, the black part of the socks covers the bottom and upper of the foot which needs extra cushioning for comfort. Hence, more fabric is stuffed here to serve the purpose. 

Whereas, the grey part of the socks that covers toe and heel requires more cushioning and must have added strength to resist abrasion. So, this part is made out of polyester and other fabrics. 

I am impressed with the grip and hold it keeps throughout the day without bunching up or slipping down. Gratefully, these socks have a self-adjusting welt cuff that restrains socks from falling down as your day advances. Moreover, each sock has Y-stitches that forms a cup around your heel for enhanced comfort and no pulling down of socks inside boots.

Over the years, many of you may get blisters in your feet due to over wearing or excess of standing in the same pair of socks. To fight this problem, Carhartt has put Cordura fibers in the toe & heel region for extra durability and to prevent blisters.

In short, these socks are designed rugged through strong seams on toe and heel regions. Also, the welt cuff keeps it in place, especially in the mid-calf zone.


  • Cordura fibers to prevent blisters
  • Self -adjusting welt cuff
  • Elastic arch bands
  • Made to wear with steel toe work boots
  • Abrasion-resistant with arch support
  • Fights odor
  • Machine wash and tumble dry


  • Seams may break if you have grown nails

8. KMM Men’s Heavy Duty Moisture Wicking Cotton Crew Work Socks

Performance, breathability, and comfort are the main attributes of work socks and KMM nailed them all with these moisture-wicking crew socks. 

Starting from the composition, these socks comprise premium cotton with superior quality of polyester, nylon, and spandex blend. All of these fabrics provide elasticity to keep your diligent feet comfortable and breathable throughout the day.

If you often feel pain in your heel to the arch area, soon you are going to get relief from it. To add stability and improved foot arch support, these socks have a deep heel pocket. Not only for the pain-free experience, but these pockets also boost the overall performance by preventing socks from slipping. 

This sock features max protection which is a combo of comfort and softness. This feature is beneficial when you need the utmost cushioning in the high impact areas in most situations. 

Not only comfort, but KMM has also focussed on hidden seam toes which are pretty effective to minimize blisters. 

These KMM work socks are made of reinforced high-density fibers which add to cushioning while you work overtime or for long hours. 

To take care of minute details, KMM has given extra-wide cuffs to these socks that keep it stay up without slipping off.

In short, KMM work socks are durable enough to provide comfort in high-stress areas like toes and heels. Also, these socks give maximum stretch for easy blood circulation throughout your feet.


  • Non-slip extra-wide cuff
  • Compression support for a snug fit
  • Hidden seam toe
  • Max stretch for blood circulation
  • Durability in toes and heels areas
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking


  • Lints may come after regular usage
  • During extreme summers, it may cause mild irritation

9. Smartwool Men’s Ultra Light Wool Crew Work Socks

Smartwool crew work socks makes you feel good as you go far. From odor-neutralizing features to keep your feet dry, Smartwool rocks in every attribute you are looking for in your work socks. 

Opening my sentence right from the durability, these socks are manufactured with Indestructa wool technology which provides exceptional comfort and durability to your feet. 

To keep these socks breathable even after all-day wear, Smartwool embedded body-mapped mesh zones which don’t trap the heat inside and keep your feet sweat-free. Plus, these meshes ward off bad smell too. 

I liked the light cushioned bottom given in these crew socks, they make you feel jumpy without any discomfort. Pun apart, this bottom cushioning doesn’t hurt your arch area regardless of your arch shape. 

When you work outdoors on your feet, these comfortable work socks let you concentrate on your work rather than your feet. For this reason, these socks come with a 4-degree Elite-Fit system with a flex zone located at the ankle joint. This combination adds to your comfort greatly. 

In short, these Smartwool socks are ultralight and provide warm insulation, hence making you ready for any challenge at your workplace. The socks feature the mesh ventilation zones at high impact areas that makes them super durable with immense breathability.


  • Apt for everyday wear
  • Light crew socks
  • Durable yet breathable
  • Lightly padded bottom
  • Eligible for machine wash
  • Endless support on toe and heel 
  • Available in a range of colors


  • Upper section may irritate in extreme weather
  • The neck size for thick calves may be bothersome

10. Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Full Cushion Crew Work Socks

An undeniable comfort in a full cushion sock is what most of us strive for but Darn work socks have achieved the maximum of these features with these merino wool socks. 

The most fascinating thing about these socks is its high density knitted appearance. These fine knits have more stitches per inch than any usual socks that add to the comfort and makes these socks snug-fitted ones without any added bulk. 

These knits are Darn’s signature knits that reinforce wear regions such as the toe and heel. Thus, the socks do not get holes even after continuous rubbing against hard toes of your boots. This reinforced structure, not only makes these socks long-lasting but also provides a padded effect to toes and heels. 

The next notable thing is the mid-level cushion density which Darn’s have given underfoot. This cushion provides ultra comfort and warmth as the conditions demand. Such cushioning, inside the socks, stays always ready to rebound for the complete day. 

Darn’s has used the newest generation of Italian knitting machines to knit ultra-light yet immensely durable socks with invisible toe seams. So, you will never feel any seam but only bliss in your socks. 

The vital feature is fitting which these socks have definitely achieved so far. These socks ensure custom fitting without any slipping, bunching, and blistering. Featured with soft ribbed support up to micro crew height, these socks will never leave you in between your work. 

Also, the fast action wicking mechanism strongly pulls out the moisture and repels bacteria and odor. Last but not the least, these socks comprise merino wool fiber that keeps them breathable in all situations. 

In short, Darn merino wool work socks are a perfect performance fit socks with undetectable seams. With a snug fit, breathable knits, and antimicrobial fibers, these socks have it all. Go Darn!


  • Undetectable toe seams
  • Ultrasmooth and comfortable feel
  • Fast wicking action
  • Breathable merino wool
  • Mid-level cushioning
  • High-density knits


  • May take some time to dry up after a wash
  • Elasticity may bother people with big feet

How to Choose the Best Work Socks for Men’s Boots in 2021

best socks for work boots


To be honest, keeping the worker’s requirements in mind, the best work socks are always a combination of different materials such as cotton, polyester, lycra, spandex, etc. because different materials hold different properties that cater to different work needs.

For example, the touch of cotton gives the socks the ability to cushion your feet all day long. Likewise, a mix of polyester wicks away any moisture inside boots and keeps your feet dry. Lycra makes the pair capable of staying at its place and avoids any bunching up, etc. In short, always be on the lookout for work socks that have the right mix of different materials.

Reinforced Toe and Heel

The heel and toe regions are the most vulnerable areas of any work socks. If these are not reinforced properly through undetectable seams or strong weaves, it hampers the performance at your workplace.

If socks have no reinforced toe, tear or holes may appear soon due to regular rubbing against your strong toe work boots, especially against steel-toe ones.

Similarly, non-reinforced heel zones result in bunching up and slipping down of your socks. Such issues may put you in an embarrassing position and of course, disturbs your performance at work. To avoid holes or bunching up of socks, select a pair with reinforced toe and heels.

Arch Support

Without sufficient arch support, you may develop pain in your feet. I personally prefer socks that offer arch support with either reinforced mesh or well-cushioned fabrics. Also, avoid extra thin or extra thick padding at the arch, you may consider mid-level arch support.

Not only arch but also make sure you opt for socks with convenient ankle bracing to have support while you move or stand. Without both arch and ankle support, you may suffer foot fatigue right at the bottom of your feet. Therefore, choose the socks which will make you efficient at work without any irritation or pain.

Snug Fit

Ill-fitted socks fail the whole purpose of getting a pair of work socks. This is a critical factor you should take care of. Never compromise with the fitting of any workwear. 

Socks that fit tight may leave deep impressions on your calf muscles. On the other hand, if socks are loose, they may slip below the heel and prevent your heels from getting proper support. Get the perfect fit now and always.


Cushioning or you can say padding of any socks majorly depends on fabric blend or weaving type of work socks. With the combination of different materials such as lycra, spandex, polyester, etc. a thick sole can be produced. 

Extra cushioning comforts your feet, it gives a smooth movement and enhances your performance at work. However, both thick or extra light cushioned socks may be problematic. So select a pair of socks with moderate cushioning.


The length of the socks is decided as per your need. Likewise, shorter socks give great support through ankle bracing. While taller socks fit snugly around your calf area and give needed insulation during extreme winters.

Moreover, a sock of appropriate height prevents abrasion by restricting direct contact between your skin and your work boots. In short, choose the length of your socks in accordance with your job profile and your comfort.


Mostly extreme weather is the right time when you actually experience if you have made the right choice or not. There are various types of socks, some are designed for all-weather while a few can be worn during nail-biting winters or torrid days.

I feel, to a large extent, you can wear all-weather socks during summers and winters but cannot be worn all the while. In this case, I will suggest keeping separate pairs for extreme weather conditions. The all-weather socks will accompany you in between.

Sweaty Feet

Socks or footwear are not the only reasons for sweaty feet, sometimes it depends on the physical composition of your body too. 

If your socks don’t have mesh fabric or material that can restrict sweaty feet then it may trigger the growth of bacteria. These bacterias cause smelly feet which leads to greater disappointment. 

Therefore, verify the material of your socks. I would recommend going for breathable and mesh fabric blends that may solve the problem to a greater extent.

Work Socks vs. Casual Socks: What’s the Difference?

Both work and casual socks have their own purpose, you cannot swap their roles just like that. The work socks are designed to enhance the performance of blue-collar workers while casual socks are more suitable for office goers with sitting jobs.

Further, the work socks have reinforced toe and heel area to avoid holes, meshable fabric for restraining sweaty and smelly feet, added arch support, breathable fabric for proper air-flow, and whatnot. 

On the other hand, casual socks may lack such features and fabric blend. If you wear them to work, they often bunch up and you may have to compromise with your comfort and performance at work. 

Therefore, for blue-collar work, I suggest it is best to go with a comfortable pair of work socks and keep your feet healthy and look professional.

How Often Should You Change Your Work Socks in a Day?

There is no such definite time limit you should change your socks in a day, but yes, the sooner the better. It largely depends on the weather and if you have sweaty feet or not.

During extreme summers when you work throughout the day, your socks become wet due to sweat or lack of air circulation within. This makes your feet smelly and even accelerates the growth of bacteria or fungal infections. So, change them every day.

If by any chance, you are suffering from an athlete’s foot, changing your socks twice in a day will save you from any advancement in fungal growth. Further, wash your socks every time you change and dry them properly before wearing them.

Conclusively, only on normal days, you may take the risk of repeating the same socks that too not more than for two days. However, in extreme weather, either change them every day or twice in a day, it’s up to you. I’d suggest you read Mona Chalabi’s article on the same topic.

Before You Go…

You can choose the work socks from the above-mentioned list, still, according to my research Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Wicking Crew Work Socks stand out as the winner of best work socks for men’s boots. These socks are designed for rough and tough heavy-duty use. 

Dickies work socks feature ventilation channels to help air circulation within your work boots. Not only this, but it also comprises a blend of fabrics that helps them to keep your feet dry and fresh always. Worth a try!

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