4 Ways To Remove Creases From Your Leather Boots

crease on boots

Leather boots get some creases naturally as you break into them. You should not bother fixing them as they are normal and don’t ruin the appearance of your boots. Instead, the creases make your shoes look better.

Sometimes, due to the carelessness or age, some ugly creases and wrinkles may develop on your leather boots, making the pair fit for a thrift store only. This is the case when you should take some proactive steps to get rid of these creases and wrinkles.

I have enlisted 4 of my favorite ways to get the creases out of your leather boots. These are safe ways and don’t damage your shoes. Read on.

What Causes the Creases to Appear on Your Leather Boots

You must first understand the causes behind the appearance of creases on your leather boots. This will help you save your pair from developing creases once treated.

  • Wrong Storage: If you store your boots without boxes or leave them with several things piling on, they are bound to get unwanted creases and wrinkles. So, the first step towards saving new boots from creases should always be storing them in their boxes only.
  • Wrong Maintenance: Another reason is letting your boots go dry. Dry leather is bound to develop creases and some hard to repair cracks. So, regularly nourish your boots with effective leather oil.
  • Haste While Wearing: I have seen this to be the biggest reason for the development of creases, especially around the heel area. Please take the time to undo and redo laces every time you wear your leather boots. If they are not slip-ons, don’t treat them as such by forcing your feet into them.

Now that you know the reason behind the creases on your leather boots, you can eliminate the root cause and save your new boots from getting affected.

But what about your current leather boots that have already developed some creases? The damage has happened. Is it reversible?

Luckily, creases on your leather boots are reversible but with some limits. You can remove fine creases on your leather boots altogether, but for big & wide creases, you can only make them less noticeable.

The Key Behind Fixing Creases on Leather Boots

You must understand that there are only two ways to get the creases out of leather boots:

  • Either shrink the leather so that the creases get shrunk to extinction.
  • Or, stretch the leather so that the leather expands and the creases get skewed.

All methods described in this guide use either shrink or stretch characteristic of leather to fix the creases.

4 Techniques to Get the Creases Out of Your Leather Boots

wrinkles on boots

1. Use an Iron

You can iron out the crease on leather boots the same way you work wrinkles on clothes. This is by far the most effective method, but you must do it carefully as too much heat can burn the leather. Here’s how to do it right:

  • Remove laces from your boots.
  • Stuff your leather boots with paper and cardboard inserts.
  • Pour some water on the boots so that the leather is less prone to burn.
  • Cover the boots with a wet cloth.
  • Set your steam iron to a low temperature and let it heat a little.
  • Iron the boots but only on the area that has creases.
  • Remove the cloth and let the boots dry.

The key here is to keep the temperature low. If in doubt, use this method multiple times. Please start with the lowest temperature and gradually increase it with each round. Here is a good demonstration of the same technique but on sneakers.

2. Use Shower Steam

This method works by stretching the leather with steam and working the creases out of it. This trick is a little less risky than the iron one discussed above:

  • Stuff your leather work boots with papers and cover them with a cloth.
  • Take them in the shower with you.
  • Hang it in a high place so that they don’t get in contact with water.
  • Take your shower the usual way and let some steam to build up.
  • This steam will stretch the leather.
  • Grab the pair and work the creases out of it using your fingers.
  • You will see the creases disappearing.

You will be amazed by how effective and risk-free this method is. Just don’t let your boots get wet and work out the creases immediately after the shower.

3. Blow Some Heat

Nothing miraculous here. It is the same old principle- stretch the leather with heat and work the creases out. This time, it is just achieved by a different heat source- a blow dryer or a heat gun.

The key here is that you don’t heat any area on your leather boots too much. Keep your hands moving, and don’t let the dryer hover over one area for more than 3 seconds.

Also, keep the dryer or heat gun 3-6 inches away from the boots. Here is a quick video demonstration:

4. Spray Some Alcohol

Alcohol relaxes the leather by opening its pores. This relaxation can flatten the creases very well. But, too much alcohol can leave the leather dry and discolored.

The key here is diluting the alcohol with some water. A 50-50 mix of water and alcohol is excellent. Spray some of this mixture on your boots and wait for the leather to soak the liquid. Once fully absorbed, push the creases out with a clean cloth.

Before You Go

The hierarchy of action works like this:

  • Store and maintain your leather boots well so that they don’t develop creases.
  • If they develop creases, decide whether they ruin the look of your pair or not.
  • Only if they make your boots look bad, use the methods given above to get the creases out of your leather boots.

Don’t forget to condition the pair once you’re done with removing the creases from your leather boots.

The stretching or shrinking of the leather may change its chemical structure and may rip it off its essential treatments. So, always use oil to condition your boots after the procedure.

Other than that, not all creases on your leather boots are bad. Some give them a rugged look that most men want.

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