How to Get Creases Out of Leather Boots the Sure Shot Way

New leather boots tend to develop creases as you break into them, especially in the area where they flex. These creases are normal to appear and happen to almost all leather boots. These creases and wrinkles do not look nasty but give your pair a rough & tough appearance.

But, sometimes, some ugly creases and wrinkles may develop all over the leather upper. This happens due to the lack of proper leather boots care or the boots getting aged. You need to take some proactive steps to get the creases out of your leather boots in such a case.

I wrote this guide to share some of my favorite hacks to get the creases out of leather boots. They are safe methods and have a very high success rate. Here you are:

4 Ways to Get Creases Out of Leather Boots

get wrinkles out of leather boots

There are broadly two things you can do to get the creases out of leather boots. You can either shrink the leather or stretch the leather. Shrinking the leather will pinch the creases to extinction. Same way, stretching the leather will flatten the surface and diminish the creases. The four methods below will work either by shrinking the leather or stretching it. Here you are:

Iron the Creases Out of Leather Boots

You can iron out and get rid of creases on leather boots the same way you work the wrinkles out of clothes. This is by far the most effective method I have ever used to fix creases on leather boots.

Just make sure your iron is set to a low setting as too much heat can burn the leather. If in doubt, start with the lowest temperature and gradually increase it with each round. Here is a good demonstration of the same technique on sneakers.

Here’s how to get the creases out of leather boots with iron:

  1. Remove laces from your leather boots.
  2. Stuff your leather boots with some paper or cardboard inserts.
  3. Sprinkle some water over the leather upper to be less prone to burn.
  4. Cover the boots with a wet cloth.
  5. Set your steam iron to a low temperature and let it heat a little.
  6. Iron the boots but only on the affected areas with creases on them.
  7. Remove the cloth and let the boots dry for a while.

Use Shower Steam to Flatten the Leather Creases

The shower steam stretches the leather, flattens the bulges, and removes the creases. This method is very effective in fixing the creases on leather boots with little risk of damaging the pair.

Here’s how to get the creases out of leather boots with shower steam:

  1. Stuff your leather boots with some paper.
  2. Cover your leather boots with a dry & lint-free piece of cloth.
  3. Take the pair to your shower area with you.
  4. Hang the pair in a high place in your shower room to prevent it from getting wet.
  5. Take your shower the usual way but let some steam build up.
  6. Grab the damp pair once you are done taking a shower.
  7. Work the creases out of the leather using your fingers.

Blow Some Hot Air to Fix the Creases

Nothing miraculous here. The same old principle of stretching the leather and getting the creases out of boots works here too. This time, it is achieved by a different heat source- a blow dryer.

Here’s how to get the creases out of leather boots with a blow dryer:

  1. Hover a blow dryer over the leather boots at least six inches away from the pair.
  2. Set the air to hot and let it blow directly on the pair.
  3. Keep moving your hands to blow the hot air all over the boots.
  4. Keep using your fingers to work the creases out into the welt of the boots.
  5. Avoid blowing air on any boots area for more than 3 seconds.

Apply Some Diluted Alcohol to Eliminate the Creases

Alcohol is a great chemical that relaxes the leather and opens its pores. Along with relaxing leather, the creases also flatten and disappear. Avoid applying too much alcohol on leather or discoloring the leather.

Here’s how to get the creases out of leather boots with alcohol:

  1. Make a 50-50 mix of rubbing alcohol and water.
  2. Spray the mix all over the leather upper.
  3. Wait for a little until the leather has soaked in the liquid.
  4. Work the creases out using your fingers or a clean piece of cloth.
  5. Leave the pair in the shade to air dry.

Prevent Creases From Appearing on Your Leather Boots Ever Again

Once you have got the creases out of leather boots, it is time to prevent them from happening again. All you need to do is, understand what mistakes cause them and how to avoid making those mistakes. Here’s the list of causes:

Wrong Storage

If you store your leather boots without boxes, they will develop some creases on them. Even worse, if you pile up several things on top of the boots, some irreversible creases may appear on them.

So, do not throw away the original boxes in which your leather boots were delivered. Use them whenever you are to store your boots for an extended time.

Wrong Maintenance

If your leather boots start to lose their moisture, creases will appear on them. Even worse, you may see some cracks in your leather boots as well. So, care well for your leather boots and keep them nourished.

Haste While Wearing

Last but not least. Last but not least. If you do not take the time to unlace your boots while wearing but force your feet into them, creases are sure to happen. So, take time to put your boots on and off. If you are short of time every morning, consider buying pull-on style boots.

What’s Next

You know how to get the creases out of your leather boots. It is even more exciting that you know how to keep them away from your boots forever. This is time to use the knowledge and make your boots look new again.

Just a reminder, try to get the creases out of your leather boots only if they make your boots look ugly. The creases at flexing points are normal and can’t be avoided. Thanks!

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