5 Best Pull On Work Boots in 2022

TL;DR: Don’t want to sound cheesy but Dr. Martens Steel Toes are so awesome that I don’t hesitate to call them the best pull on work boots I reviewed. You would love them too.

Pull on work boots are becoming the choice of many workers owe to their easy on/off, classic look, and functional features. Not only are they visually appealing, but they are also studded with all the necessary safety features as well.

Pull on work boots don’t necessarily mean cowboy boots. Pull ons are high shaft boots that are more curtailed to the needs of medium to heavy duty workers. Whereas, cowboy ones are mainly a fashion statement. However, there are some cowboy work boots also available on the market but that’s a topic for another guide.

I researched some pull on work boots that look promising prima facie but not all of them made the cut. Luckily, I was able to find some really good ones and I shared them in this guide. Enjoy!

Here are 5 Best Pull on Work Boots in 2022

Work Boots
1Dr. Martens Men's Steel Toe Pull On Work BootsBest Overall
2Caterpillar Men's Revolver Steel-Toe Pull On Work BootsRunner Up
3Wolverine Men's Wellington Pull On Work BootsAlso Good
4Ariat Men's Workhog Waterproof Pull On Work BootsBest Waterproof
5Irish Setter Men's Wellington Pull On Work BootsBest Heavyduty

5 Best Pull On Work Boots in 2022 With Reviews

1. Dr. Martens Men’s Steel Toe Pull On Work Boots

Dr Martens pull on work boots are suitable for any heavy duty workers. The boots are made for industrial standards and can withstand the harshest environments.

With two pull straps on the sides, it is very easy to put these boots on and off. Moreover, the shaft to vamp transition is so smooth that it will give you a great slide in experience.

The boot opening is 15” around that will sit on your calves snugly without leaving any space for debris or water to enter. The water resistant leather upper and moisture wicking inner lining prevent any dampness from occurring inside the boots.

The extra padded ankle area provide an ultimate support and comfort. This padded area also help keeping the feet, ankles, knees and legs in a proper alignment. The soft interior and cushioned footbeds enhance this comfort further.

The PVC rubber outsole of the boots is highly slip resistant. You can walk on all sort of wet and oily surfaces without the worry of getting slipped. Moreover, the outsole is electric hazard proof as well.

For toe safety, there is a steel cap inserted in the bumper. The cap is well covered with soft leather that prevents it from pinching your toes. The safety features of the boots are ANSI and OSHA approved.

In short, Dr Martens steel toe work boots for men is a good option for medium to heavy duty workers. Apart from safety features, multiple color choices and bold yellow stitching along the sole make these boots visually appealing as well.


  • Good shock absorption
  • Made for heavy duty use
  • Two pull on straps on the sides


  • A little stiff when new
  • Insoles are a bit lacking
  • A little heavy

2. Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Steel-Toe Pull On Work Boots

Caterpillar men’s revolver steel toe pull on work boots are suitable for you if you love classic yet trusty footwear. The boots are a great combination of both style and effectiveness. This is backed up by many satisfied buyers.

There are two pull straps on the side of the shaft for an easy on off. The slide in experience is also top notch. For a pair of pull on work boots, these boots are extremely easy to get in and out of.

The 14” around shaft opening makes the shaft to hold on to your calves very firmly. Water, debris, and dust will find it very difficult to get inside the boots. Moreover, the snug fit also makes sure joints on your lower body are in proper alignment.

The outsole of the boots is made of trusty slip resistant rubber material. A deep tread pattern is carved on it to make it extremely slip resistant.

For safety, the work boots are equipped with steel toe caps that are ASTM rated and can withstand high impacts and compression. You can walk around your work area without the fear of stubbing your toe or getting slipped.

To give the work boots classic and manly look, the leather of the boots is distressed during the manufacturing process. The more scuffs and scratches the boots get the more rugged and attractive they look. The leather of the boots age beautifully.

In short, Caterpillar men’s revolver steel toe pull on work boots are for you if you work in a heavy duty and wet environment. The safety features and the water resistance of the boots are very plausible.


  • Very long lifespan without any loss of effectiveness
  • Made for a rough and tough heavy duty use
  • Sturdy triple stitching


  • Takes a while to break in
  • A little heel slippage when new

3. Wolverine Men’s Wellington Pull On Work Boots

Wolverine men’s wellington pull on work boots are very simple and functional. No fancy features are given to these boots. Only the essentials but of top notch quality.

Dual pull straps and higher shaft to vamp transition make these boots extremely easy to put on and off. The comfortable interior won’t make you put these boots on and off multiple times a day. You can work all day long in them without feeling irritated.

The snug boot opening hang on to your calves very well. This prevent the boots from slouching and they stay upright even after a long period of use. The narrow boot opening may feel tight for a few days but it should feel fine once broken in.

The outsole of the boots is made with Wolverine’s patented SR technology that stands for Slip Resistant. The rubber and tread pattern make the boots resistant to water, oil, chemicals, heat, and abrasions. If you have to walk on slippery surfaces, these boots will be your best companions.

The comfort features of the boots are also admirable. The EVA grade footbeds and thick rubber sole absorbs any shocks coming your way. Together with a sturdy nylon shank, the boots keep fatigue away from your feet even on long working days. The boots are free of any metal, thus, are very lightweight.

The boots are made with robust Goodyear welt construction. Not only this makes the boots durable but highly flexible as well. The pliability of boots will follow the movements of your feet.

In short, Wolverine men’s wellington pull on work boots are for workers whose job includes working on slippery surfaces. Moreover, the boots are budget friendly as well.


  • Fit comfortable and hold up great
  • Extremely slip resistant
  • Made for fighting fatigue on long shifts


  • Runs a little narrow
  • Ankle area is a little tight when new

4. Ariat Men’s Workhog Waterproof Pull On Work Boots

Ariat men’s workhog pull on work boots are a rare combination of style and safety. The functionality of the boots and the typical western look of the boots make them favorite of many. I noticed there are many second and even third time buyers of these boots. Impressive, isn’t it!

The dual pull straps at the shaft make it a no hassle to get in and out of these boots. You can even put these boots on and off without using your hands. That’s how good is the slide in experience of these boots.

The shaft opening is 12.5” around, probably the narrowest on this list. Unlike other boots, the collar of the boots is not round but there is a dip in the center of both front and back quarter of the shaft. This design compliments the natural anatomy of your lower leg. Thus, the shaft stretches and wraps around your calves snugly when you wear the boots.

The upper is made of 100% genuine leather that is made fully waterproof during the manufacturing process. The boots can withstand even submerging them into water. The inner lining is soft, breathable, and moisture wicking. That together makes sure your feet stay dry and comfortable.

The sole system of the boots is extremely incredible and provide top notch comfort only. The EVA midsole and cushioned footbeds absorb any shocks coming your way. The supportive shank is made extra wide for an ultimate arch support. Together with heel stabilizer, the sole of the boots keep fatigue away and your lower body in proper alignment.

The patented Duratread rubber outsole is wear resistant and slip resistant on any type of wet or oily surfaces. The flexibility of the sole is also plausible.

In short, Ariat men’s workhog pull on work boots are for you if you like wearing tough yet beautiful boots. Multiple color choice, embroidery on the shaft, and embossed logo on the counter make these boots a center of attraction.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Comfortable as sneakers
  • Stylish and safe


  • Long break in period
  • No safety toe

5. Irish Setter Men’s Wellington Pull On Work Boots

Irish Setter men’s wellington pull on work boots are for heavy duty workers. Irish Setter is a division of Red Wing Shoe company. This separate division was launched to make work boots only for heavy duty workers. All products by Irish Setter is built for a rough and tough use and this pair is also not an exception.

Two pull straps at the collars of the shaft and long tongue make it really easy to put these boots on and off. The soft leather and inner lining also enhance the slide in experience. You can wear these pull on boots without using your hands.

The boots are reinforced at the key areas with a sturdy double stitching. The upper is not a single piece of leather but multiple smaller pieces stitched together. This approach keeps the boots upright and prevent them from getting saggy for a long time.

The 100% full grain leather upper is fully waterproof and doesn’t catch water, perspiration, or oil stains. The interior of the boots perfectly compliments this waterproofing capacity of the boots. The interior is made with Irish Setter’s patented UltraDry technology that wicks away any moisture inside the boots. Thus, the boots keep your feet always dry.

The outsole of the boots is made of vibram rubber. This is considered as one of the most slip and electric hazard resistant types of rubber. Thus, it makes these boots very safe to wear in wet and slippery environments.

The thick sole and patented StableFlex technology of the boots keep the fatigue at bay even on long 12 hours shifts. The boots will provide you all the essential comfort and stability that heavy duty workers need to finish a long work day.

In short, Irish Setter men’s wellington pull on work boots are made for heavy duty and wet environments. They will keep you on your feet and fatigue free no matter what. If safety is your prime concern, these boots are the way to go.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Fight fatigue on long shifts
  • Extremely slip resistant


  • A little difficult to put on until broken in
  • No safety cap

How to Choose the Best Pull on Work Boots in 2022

1. Shaft Height

Shaft height is important. Shaft makes sure that your feet, ankles, knees, and lower body stay in a perfect alignment. 

Make sure the shaft of your pull on work boots reach upto or over your mid calf. It will give the shaft something to hang on to. I recommend a shaft equal to or more than 10 inch tall.

2. Snug Boot Opening

The opening of the boots should wrap around your calf snugly without leaving any space between the collar of the boots and calf of your legs. Otherwise, water, dust, debris etc. may enter into the boots through it. A shaft opening of 15” around or less works for most people.

3. Reinforced Ankles

I like to see that the ankle area is specially reinforced with sturdy stitching or extra padding. This is an area that loses its strength over time and becomes saggy. As a result, the shaft may collapse on to it and slouch at ankles. If the ankle area is reinforced, the boots stay upright for a long time.

4. Ease of Use

Probably a big reason to buy pull on work boots is that they are easier to put on and off and you don’t have to go through the hassle of doing your laces multiple times a day. 

To make pull on boots really easy to put on and off, make sure there are two pull straps located on the collar of the shaft. Other than that, the tongue of the boots should be high so that there is a smooth transition between the shaft and the vamp. It results in an ultimate slide in experience. 

5. Soft Inner Lining

Pull on boots are generally worn without socks. If you are planning to do the same, check the inner lining of the boots. It should be made of a moisture wicking, padded, and soft fabric. Most pull on work boots recommended in this guide come with a very comfortable interior.

6. High Slip Resistance

Pull on work boots are a top choice for people working in wet environments. If you have to deal with water, mud, or oil at your workplace, make sure the boots come with an extremely slip resistant rubber outsole with an aggressive tread pattern on it.

Pull On vs Slip On vs Lace Up Work Boots. What’s the Difference?

Pull-on work boots usually come with a shaft 8” high or taller. Whereas, slip-on work boots come with a shaft an inch or two over the ankles.

Both pull on and slip on work boots are designed to eliminate the need for laces in boots. The lace area, especially in wet work environments, is vulnerable to water seeping inside the boots through it. That’s not the case with fully covered pull on and slip on work boots.

Both pull on and slip-on work boots do not require you to do and undo laces every day. Just slide your feet in and you are good to go. Moreover, with pull-on boots, owing to their soft inner lining, you don’t necessarily need to wear socks.

Ultimately, pull on and slip-on work boots provide safety from hazards as good as lace-up work boots do. The former is just more convenient to put on and off.

Before You Go

Pull on work boots are not only easy to wear but functional and safe as well. Moreover, they look visually appealing too in most cases. 

If you want to give them a try, start with Dr. Marten’s Steel Toe Pull on Work Boots. They are comfortable, functional, and stylish as well.

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