5 Best Work Boots For Electricians in 2022

TL;DR: I’m very happy to declare Ever Boots “Ultra Dry” the winner of this best work boots for electricians roundup. Its industrial-grade safety features suit well for any electrical work.

A non-conductive outsole, shock-absorbing sole system, and a comfortable upper are the three core features that together make the crux of best work boots for electricians.

Setting up wiring of a house, working in a large workshop with high voltage wires lying around, working on fixing different AC/DC devices, or working in an industrial storage room full of inflammable gas cylinders that are sensitive to static currents come with a risk of electrocution. In these environments, an EH rated work boots will protect you from any possible electrical hazards.

On the other hand, the long work hours that are spent standing on a table or climbing ladders don’t come easy on your feet. Thus, the comfort feature seconds the EH rating.

You don’t need to break a sweat to find the best electrician work boots as I have enlisted 5 such options that are available on the market today.

Here are 5 Best Work Boots for Electricians in 2022

Work Boots
1EVER BOOTS "Ultra Dry" Men's Premium Work BootsBest Overall
2Wolverine Men's Composite Toe Waterproof Work BootsRunner Up
3Irish Setter Men's Ely 6" 83607 Work BootsAlso Good
4Skechers Men's Workshire Condor Work BootsBest Comfort
5EVER BOOTS Men's Protector Electrical Hazard Work BootsFierce Protection

5 Best Work Boots for Electricians in 2022 With Reviews

1. EVER BOOTS “Ultra Dry” Men’s Premium Work Boots

Ever Boots “ultra dry” work boots is a great pair for electricians. The thick rubber sole and waterproofing capability make these work boots ideal for electric professionals.

The rubber outsole is capable of protecting you against currents of mild and high intensity. The waterproof upper only adds to this protection. The laces of the boots are also waterproof. Thus, your feet won’t get wet and you won’t catch electric shocks.

As far as comfort is concerned, the boots are made for heavy duty jobs. Thus, the comfort and support features such as cushioning, shock absorbance, arch support etc. are made keeping the long and tough work hours in mind. Thus, your feet will feel better at the end of the day and not fatigued.

This comfort is enhanced by keeping the boots lightweight. The total weight of the work boots is around 3 pounds. Bear in mind that to keep the weight low, there’s no metallic cap inserted in the toe area.

The sole and upper are attached together using a method known as direct attached. While it is not the most robust method to join the two together yet it is a highly reliable one for medium duty professionals such as an electrician. It also keeps the price low.

Before choosing a size, please bear in mind that sizing runs half a size bigger than Timberland boots. So, order accordingly.

In short, if you are on a budget, this pair of work boots will be an appropriate choice for you. It comes with all the goodies that an electrician wants and doesn’t bite your pockets much.


  • Waterproof up to the brim
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Thick rubber outsole
  • Reasonable price


  • Sizing runs half a size bigger
  • No safety cap

2. Wolverine Men’s Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boots

Wolverine never disappoints when you want work boots for your needs. Luckily, it has a great pair for electricians as well. These Wolverine boots are for you if you are not afraid of wearing bold colors.

The boots come with a thick rubber sole and a fully waterproof upper that together wade off high voltage electric shocks. Moreover it comes with a composite toe cap that is ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH standards. In plain english it means, it can withstand high impacts, compression, and electric shocks.

Together with an aggressive tread pattern, these boots keep your from slipping or tripping even if you climb on metallic ladders. With the tools in hand, it becomes crucial that your boots keep you on your feet.

The inner lining and footbeds are well cushioned. The sole is bouncy and acts as a suspension to your feet. Thus, you get an ultimate comfort and sufficient support that you need for a long work day.

I must mention that the sole and the upper (means the entire boot) is very flexible. Flex your feet however you want and the boots will follow. This doubles the comfort level that these boots provide.

Secretly, I am a fan of the design and bold colors of these work boots. They do look professional but give you a cool appearance as well. Even if you can’t break the dress code at work, these work boots will still satisfy your knack for fashion.

In short, these Wolverine boots are well manufactured work boots for electricians. If budget is not a problem for you, go with these work boots and you will appreciate them.


  • Bold and eye-catching design
  • Ultra comfortable and flexible
  • Composite toe for low weight and high protection
  • Long lifespan


  • Breathability is a bit lacking
  • Narrow toe area

3. Irish Setter Men’s Ely 6″ 83607 Work Boots

I love the Irish Setter Men’s Ely boots for their premium look, detailed craftsmanship, manly appearance, and ability to protect you from electric hazards. If you love wearing boots that have a long shaft, this pair is for you.

The thick PU sole gives you all the protection that you as an electrician crave for. The ASTM standard pair is capable of wading off even high voltage shocks that may stem from electronically energized parts.

The comfort these work boots provide is plausible. Padded and soft inner lining, lace up closure for a snug fit, roomy design, thick sole etc. all contribute to make your feet feel fresh and free from fatigue all day long.

You must take a close look at the premium look these work boots have to offer. The 100% full grain crazy horse leather upper, metallic eyelets, textured laces, grainy tongue, classic logo at the tongue, and contrast stitching make these boots an all purpose pair. I wouldn’t be afraid to wear them casually as well.

Besides electric protection, the non-marking polyurethane V-grip outsole is known for the traction it provides. With these boots on, you don’t have to worry about the water or oil spilled on the floors of workshops.

The direct attach method used during the manufacturing of the boots makes them durable and affordable at the same time. You can expect these work boots to last you for over a year of daily use.

In short, you can’t be wrong with these all purpose work boots for electricians. The work boots have many second-time buyers that proves how effective they are at providing you necessary support and protection.


  • ASTM standard electric hazard protection
  • Protection with a touch of style
  • Suitable for wide feet


  • Arch support is a bit lacking
  • Insoles are a bit lacking

4. Skechers Men’s Workshire Condor Work Boots

Skechers condor work boots is a great cross between protection and comfort. A long day of work will seem like flying by with these boots on.

The thick rubber outsole is electric hazard proof and is ASTM F2412-05 certified. This feature alone lured me into including this pair on this list of best work boots for electrician. Moreover, the outsole is slip and abrasion resistant on both water and oil.

The inner lining is made of memory foam that is a premium material. Memory foam is used aggressively in the bedding industry. Reason being? It conforms to any shape that sits on it and returns to its original shape when the weight is removed. Thus, it will conform to your feet shape and cushion every inch of them. As a result, you will experience an ultimate comfort.

Adding to its comfort, the boots are designed for a relaxed fit. It allocates enough space for your toes to wiggle and feet to breathe. Your feet will feel pampered inside the boots and you will feel less fatigued at the end of the day.

The look and feel of the work boots are rugged. The textured leather upper, embossed company logo, steel eyelets, high shaft and a lace up design give the boots a manly appearance. You can wear them casually as well and your friends will admire them.

To keep the weight of the work boots low, no steel cap is used at the toe area. Although these are soft toe work boots yet they provide excellent protection from falling objects because the toe area is reinforced.

In short, Skechers condor work boots are a good choice for electricians. You can choose from three different colors and between textured and non-textured style.


  • High standards of electric hazard protection
  • Memory foam inner lining that provides ultimate comfort
  • Great ankle support


  • Insulation is a bit lacking

5. EVER BOOTS Men’s Protector Electrical Hazard Work Boots

Ever Boots has a great pair in its store that passes our criteria of best work boots for electricians with flying colors. Due to its protection abilities, it got its name- Protector.

The work boots are electric hazard proof and can withstand upto 18000v at 60 hertz for up to one minute straight. That easily passes ASTM and OSHA standards of electric protection.

The work boots come with a thick rubber sole that gives you a strong grip on the ground and high insulation from electricity. Even if you accidentally step your feet on loose wires, the boots will give you enough time to step back to safety before the current can reach your feet.

The steel cap is covered with an insulated lining that won’t transmit any cold and current to your toes. The sturdiness of the cap is equal to the caps I found in concrete work boots.

The comfort features of the boots are also impressive. The thick rubber outsole, PU midsole, and soft footbeds can absorb high shocks and keep your feet at comfort all day long. You can easily climb stairs or ladders in them without feeling the strain.

The boots come with a roomier design to give you a comfortable fit. That’s the reason that the sizing of these boots run ½ inch bigger than that of Timberland and Caterpillar boots. The lacing system allows you to create a custom fit.

In short, Ever boots are a great pair for electricians who are looking for safety, comfort, and a touch of style in their boots. The steel shank, padded lining, breathable upper design are the added goodies. Get a pair for yourself and thank me later.


  • Highest standard of electric hazard protection
  • Tough and stylish
  • Long lifespan


  • Sizing runs half a size bigger
  • Limited color range

how to Choose the Best Work Boots for Electricians in 2022

1. ASTM Approved Electric Hazard Protection

One feature that no electrician must compromise with is the EH or Electric Hazard rating of the work boots. Without this feature, the boots are just garbage for electric workers.

I recommend going for work boots that feature Osho or ASTM standard electric protection. In plain English, they must be able to withstand 18,000 volts for at least a minute without allowing the current to reach your feet.

For one minute, the work boots must be able to siege the 18,000 volts of current within the sole lining without allowing it to reach your feet. This is an ample amount of time to step your feet away from open wires, if you accidentally stepped on them.

As a rule of thumb, work boots for electricians come with a thick rubber outsole. Rubber is a natural non-conductor to electricity. The thicker the rubber, the longer it can stop current from reaching your feet.

So, always check EH Rating marked on the work boots before buying them.

2. Shock Absorbing Sole

Climbing stairs and ladders is a part of the job of an electrician. This puts a lot of strain on your feet especially on the arch area. 

Adding to this, setting up electric circuits may mean standing on your feet for long hours. This makes the profession very demanding on your feet.

To minimize the strain, the sole must be able to absorb most of the shock and impacts that may happen to your feet. This is achieved by the use of thick outsoles, soft midsoles, and cushioned footbeds.

On top of that, to alleviate any strain on the arch, a wooden or steel shank should be present in the sole of the work boots.

3. Comfortable and Breathable Upper

The sole of the boots helps us achieve only half of the comfort that we are looking for. This comfort package is completed by an upper that is studded with a padded lining and breathable leather. Do root for these features when buying work boots for electricians.

Non-Conductive or Static Dissipative Work Boots. Which One to Buy?

Go for non-conductive work boots only. These are often made of a thick rubber or PU sole that prevents current to pass through it and reach your feet. Thus, they protect electricians from any possible hazards at workplace.

On the other hand, Static Dissipative work boots let the current flow through it, in a controlled manner. The inner lining stops the current, dissipates it into the sole, and then slowly release it back into the ground. These boots protect from mild Electric Hazards only. They are not effective at withstanding hazards that may be caused by high voltage current.

So, always go for non-conductive work boots only that have EH rating patched or stamped on them. Non-conductive work boots also provide sufficient protection against static electricity as well.

Myth: The Use of a Steel Cap in Work Boots for Electricians is Dangerous

A steel cap is not mandatory for electricians. But, if you like a pair of work boots that come with steel caps, there is no reason to pass on them.

Steel caps are there to protect your toes from falling objects and won’t cause any electric hazards. Although they are conductive to electricity yet they are covered well with thick non-conductive materials such as rubber or insulated leather. 

You absolutely do not need to worry that the cap may catch you a shock when you bend your feet to reach a wire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How Much Electricity Can Kill You?

This is not the voltage of electricity that kills you but the current, flowing through your body for a longer period of time, that kills you. A current of small voltage running for minutes in your body is able to kill you. Other than that, the skin’s resistance also play a part. Here’s a detailed video:

Q: How to Tell If Your Boots Are Electric Hazard Proof or Not?

This one is really simple. Electric Hazard proof work boots are marked or stamped with an “EH”. Sometimes, the patch is stitched and sometimes it is just printed on the tongue. Just look under the tongue or insoles to check if the boots are EH rated or not.

Before You Go

While I love all the options on this list, I believe EVER BOOTS “Ultra Dry” are the best work boots for electricians. They have got every feature that an electrician roots for. Plus, the touch of style makes them an even more attractive option.

While work boots play a great role to protect you from electrical hazards, it doesn’t mean you should overlook the other safety measures. Follow your workplace guidelines to the tee.

Additionally, wearing rubber gloves while maneuvering with electric circuits also goes a long way to protect you against shocks.

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