5 Best Men’s Work Boots for Narrow Feet in 2021

best men's work boots for narrow feet

TL;DR: IMO, Danner Men’s Arcadia 8″ are the best work boots for narrow feet. They fulfill our criteria very well and provide excellent value for money.

Finding the best work boots for narrow feet is a tedious job. Here, two numbers (both length and width of your feet are at play). The combination of these two numbers determines what is your correct fit.

Once you have figured out the correct size of your feet, you need to check the measurement against a standard shoe-size chart before going on a shopping spree.

Not only this article guides you through the process but it also suggests some of the best work boots for narrow feet out there. Keep reading and make an informed decision.

Here are 5 Best Men’s Work Boots for Narrow Feet in 2021

Work Boots
1Danner Men's Acadia 8" Work Boots For Narrow FeetBest Overall
2Caterpillar Men's Diagnostic Waterproof Steel Toe Work BootsRunner Up
3Skechers Men's Mariner Utility Work Boots For Narrow FeetAlso Good
4Ariat Men's Heritage Roper Narrow Feet Work BootsBest Long
5Wolverine Men's SR Dura Shock 6" Steel Toe Work BootsMost Comfortable

5 Best Men’s Work Boots For Narrow Feet in 2021 with Reviews

1. Danner Men’s Acadia 8″ Work Boots For Narrow Feet

The Danner’s more stylish, slicker and slender Acadia 8” is one of the classic pairs on my list. The US-made boots comprise Cordura and lightweight leather which is a favorite among uniform services.

As a true American brand, Danner is trusted by many satisfied and happy customers. You think of any and you will find it right there. equipped with excellent stability, superior safety, durability, and tough construction.

The 8” Acadia will never hamper your ability to walk or run quickly. The protective and stable performance, makes it special for tactical units also.

 The easy to polish full-grain upper with a 1000 denier nylon material prevents abrasions, tears, and scuffs. Nylon adds breathability, dries your feet quickly and keeps them fresh and odor-free. 

It features a classy lace to toe design for secure and snug fit. Plus, the internal Gore-Tex liner is completely waterproof and breathable. 

To increase stability, there is a wider platform made by handcrafted stitch-down construction. The shank lends additional support. 

With the 1.5 inches of heel height weighs around 12 ounces each (size 10). Also, the Vibram Kletterlift outsole makes this pair comfortable to wear and durable for long life. 

The outsole offers terrific traction for wet and dry surfaces. Additionally, the heel is smooth, comfortable and has shock absorption features. 

The slender profile gives a more narrow fit. It gives ample support with the snug fit for various activities.


  • Stable platform with a slender fit
  • Made of 100% leather and Cordura
  • Non-metallic toe so doesn’t transmit cold or heat
  • Amazing snug fit 
  • Lightweight and sturdy pair


  • A little pricey. If budget is a constraint you may have a look on other boots too. 
  • This is relatively heavier than normal sneakers.
  • Shank is non-insulated

2. Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots

Walk the extra mile with this safe and comfortable men’s Diagnostic Hi waterproof work boots by CAT. The charming dark beige boot has seam-sealed material to provide the utmost waterproof protection.

The full-grain leather upper prevents the grime and moisture from invading the interior of the boot. Also, when you are surrounded by ice, this will keep your feet warm. 

The 200g Thinsulate will provide the needed insulation and regulate body temperature. The nylon mesh lining keeps them dry and fresh. 

The ERGO comfort profile maintains the natural movement of your feet. People with narrow feet may consider this pair for a perfect and snug fit. 

The perforated EVS with gel technology is removable and gives the added support to your heels and calf zone. Also, it gives high performance and gives a long-lasting cushioning impact. This set-up gives a steady step with a slip-resistant rubber sole. 

The 6 inches high-cut shaft is padded for support and the steel toe extends extra strength to the boots. The hard at work and easy on you boot come in both 6” and 8” versions.

This low profile sporty shoe stands up for all-weather without compromising comfort and style. The steel shank and cement constructed torsion look easily handle the tough climates. 

Just like any other boots, it also requires a few days to break-in. However, the users have high words for this masterpiece as its break-in period is comparatively short.

It is an ideal choice for all of you who is a farmer, firefighter, forestry worker, plumber, etc. In short, it is meant for all those who work outside in wet and muddy areas. 


  • A rubber sole lends excellent traction
  • Waterproof boot with breathable lining
  • Steel shanks provide durability
  • All-day support and comfort
  • Needs less time to break-in
  • PU midsole for stability
  • Abrasion-resistant leather uppers


  • You may find it a bit heavy because of rugged construction
  • A user complained that the tread comes off easily

3. Skechers Men’s Mariner Utility Work Boots For Narrow Feet

Skechers name is self-explanatory for the performance and reputation it owns. It will make you feel secure from land to sea with this versatile Mariner Utility Work Boots. 

If your job profile demands for switch between water and land, this boot will accompany you through all odds. The classic rug design on the leather upper supported by wedge heel takes you anywhere you want.

Unlike other work boots on the list, this workwear from Skechers is self-sufficient to provide you maximum safety in different terrains. 

The impressively designed extreme tread is constructed to provide you an upright posture. Also, the reinforced seam detail provides all-day comfort. 

The 100% leather boot has a cushioned collar. It extends pressure relief, breathability and instant comfort with a long-lasting effect.

The boot beautifully contours to most of the foot shapes and curves. Plus, the lugged sole features extreme shock absorption attributes.

If you often get disappointed because you have a hard time getting a well-fitted boot for yourself, this workwear has supportive instep and a deep toe box.

It goes well with almost every outfit. The graceful and elegant looking utility boot will cover long distances without any suffering from pain and blisters. 


  • Utility styled elegant and rugged boots
  • Padded collar, lug outsole
  • Smart logo label on tongue
  • Perforated dual lite footbed enhances breathability
  • Ideal for both land and water
  • Smooth or oiled leather upper
  • Superb shock absorption properties
  • Supportive instep and deep toe box


  • It doesn’t have memory foam
  • This boot is not waterproof but the oils in leather make it water-resistant for a time span.

4. Ariat Men’s Heritage Roper Narrow Feet Work Boots

Ariat has designed Heritage Roper work boots to meet the sports and athletic demands of ranching and rodeo. It is known for its revolutionary innovation, every pair is engineered for ultimate performance, durability, and comfort.

If you are searching for a well-established platform for performance then for all of you who want to work, live and ride freely, these work boots are indeed magic.

This boot features a patented system known as U-turn entry. This system makes it useful when you are going to wear boots. In simple words, it makes the boots easy to wear and you are for a treat once your feet are inside.

It features an EVA midsole and a gel-cushioned footbed that makes the boot shock absorbent. In addition to this, the extra-wide shank in combination with stabilizers reduces the foot fatigue for the heel and forefoot.

Further, the outsole is flexible enough to control your feet movement. It is slip and oil resistant and resistant to wear. Plus the self-cleaning profile doesn’t let dirt track in from outside.

To conclude, regardless of the look, these are simple to wear. It completely waterproof and you will feel like wearing a leather covering which is shockproof and gives ample support. 


  • Full-grain leather with round roper toe
  • Terrific outsole to move freely
  • Breathable leather lining
  • Ariat’s brand dura tread rubber outsole
  • 1 ¼” heel height with ATS Sole Technology
  • Easy to pull and doesn’t track dirt
  • Waterproof, oil or slip-resistant


  • Some people are annoyed with the leather getting separated from the sole after the use of a few months.
  • It is a Chinese boot, if you are an ardent fan of US work boots then you should give these boots a fair chance.

5. Wolverine Men’s SR Dura Shock 6″ Steel Toe Work Boots

Long back in 1883, Wolverine was established in Michigan and since then they have maintained their legacy of providing excellent craftsmanship. From the beginning, they are working on their ideas and designing the boots that can save you from the toughest environments. 

This iconic American brand has again come up with men’s SR DuraShock work boots comprising exceptional material with enduring expertise. 

The slip-resistant rubber sole provides a strong grip on the floor having oil or other elements. It saves you from embarrassment, pain, and injury. 

The upper features tumbled full-grain leather. It is a rugged-looking textured leather that is flexible to adjust according to your feet movement. Apart from being water-resistant, it can smoothly bear extended hours of wear and tear. 

The mesh lining completely wicks away the moisture due to wet or sweaty feet. Above all, the antimicrobial layer keeps your feet odor-free. 

The steel toe protects you from the outside impacts. It meets or extends the EH designations, which ensures safety from electrical hazards.

It features an impressive dual-density footbed for comfort and padded feel. The footbed is removable and easy to wash. 


  • Lightweight and extremely durable
  • Gives great protection to your feet
  • Moisture-wicking sock liner
  • High comfort level
  • Durable and non-slip outsole
  • Steel toe provides protection from impact
  • Keeps your feet dry and odorless


  • If you go for wading in streams with this pair on, that may be the last day of this boot

How to Choose the Best Men’s Work Boots For Narrow Feet in 2021

narrow work boots reviews

Once you know the true size of your feet, shopping for a good fit is easy. The reason for getting a right fit for narrow feet is to increase your stability and comfort at work. For this to achieve, besides a narrow fit, you need to root for a few other features as well. Let’s discuss:

Sturdy Shoelaces

It may sound weird but for narrow feet, I recommend buy work boots that come with a robust lacing system. These are the laces knots that make the boots truly wrap around the feet and give you a solid grip. So, sturdy boot laces, 6-8 eyelets, and speed hooks are important.

Good Cushion

For narrow feet work boots, the inner lining intentionally possesses a thick cushioning so as to fill the space and give you an even better snug fit. Besides a good fit, all-day comfort and prevention from blisters are added benefits.

Wide Outsole

Most work boots for narrow feet usually come with a slightly wider outsole. This is done just to artificially give your body a wider base when standing, walking, or at work. It helps to improve your stability and performance at work.

How To Know If You Have Narrow Feet

To know if you have narrow feet or not, you need to measure two different numbers- length of your feet and width of your feet. The combination of these two numbers determines whether your feet are narrow, regular, or wide. Here’s how to do it right:

  • Place two papers parallel on the floor and tape them from all corners.
  • Place your feet on the respective papers and ask someone to draw the outline of your feet.
  • With a ruler, measure both width and length of your feet at the widest and longest area
  • Now compare the number with the chart given below to find out if you have narrow feet, regular feet, or wide feet.
  • For example, if the length of your foot is 6″ and width is 3 5/16″ then you have narrow feet. If the length is 6″ and the width is 3 1/2″ then you have regular feet. Likewise, if the length is 6″ but the width is 3 11/16″ then you have wide feet.
US Men’s SizeNarrow/CAverage/DWide/E
63 5/16″3 1/2″3 11/16″
6.53 5/16″3 5/8″3 3/4″
73 3/8″3 5/8″3 3/4″
7.53 3/8″3 11/16″3 15/16″
83 1/2″3 3/4″3 15/16″
8.53 5/8″3 3/4″4″
93 5/8″3 15/16″4 1/8″
9.53 11/16″3 15/16″4 1/8″
103 3/4″4″4 3/16″
10.53 3/4″4 1/8″4 5/16″
113 15/16″4 1/8″4 5/16″
11.53 15/16″4 3/16″4 3/8″
124″4 5/16″4 3/8″
12.54 1/8″4 5/16″4 1/2″
134 1/8″4 5/16″4 5/8″
13.54 3/16″4 3/8″4 3/4″
Courtesy: https://www.footfitter.com/blog/wide-feet/

Before You Go

Danner Men’s Arcadia 8″ stands out on this list as the winner of best work boots for narrow feet. What impressed me the most is that it is a perfect combination of effectiveness and style. I’d suggest you bet on this one if you have not settled for any other pair yet.

Next, you must also determine the arch-type of your feet to know if you have a high arch or fallen arch so that you can know the overall shape of your feet and choose the right work boots.

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