5 Best Lineman Work Boots in 2024

TL;DR: If you want a quick answer, La Sportiva Men’s Makalu Boots are the best lineman work boots that you can buy for yourself. The slip-resistance and traction these boots provide are exceptional on any surface be it terrains, poles, snow, etc.

Lineman boots are purposely designed to provide sufficient safety for the maintenance or construction of telecommunication lines, distribution lines, or power lines. A Lineman has to stay for long hours up to the pole regardless of the weather.

The job of a lineman is risky and daring which involves direct contact with high voltage electrical wires. Further, linemen often have to climb up the thin and narrow steps of the ladder to reach the wires.

To cover all the above-stated hazards you need a pair with sturdy outsoles and thick heels. Also, it should be slip-resistant with decent traction. It would be suitable if they are lightweight and durable as well.

After thorough research, I have listed down some of the best lineman work boots for your convenience. Also, have a look at the crucial factors to get a clear picture of the parameters which can help you to make the right decision.

5 Best Lineman Work Boots in 2024

Work Boots
1La Sportiva Men's Makalu Mountaineering Lineman Work BootsBest Overall
2Chippewa Men's 9" Waterproof Steel Toe Lineman Work BootsRunner Up
3Kenetrek Extreme Non-Insulated Steel Toe Lineman Work BootsAlso Good
4Carolina Men's 10" Waterproof Composite Toe Lineman Work BootsMost Versatile
5Red Wing Men's 6" Iron Ranger Lineman Work BootsBest Traction

5 Best Lineman Work Boots in 2024 with Reviews

1. La Sportiva Men’s Makalu Mountaineering Lineman Work Boots

The basic features for a lineman boot are standard in all boots and you can easily find them. The extra comfort and built makes them from ordinary to extraordinary. The same goes for La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Work Boots. 

This lightweight pair is fully loaded with heavy packing and mountaineering features which implies toughness and durability. Like as a lineman sometimes you have to work in the snow while other days may be rainy.

The boots are built out of durable leather which can handle strenuous work such as climbing over thin rungs of ladder or pole. 

It features both waterproof leather upper and yet breathable. Another attraction is the locking D-ring and rollerball hardware that helps in a perfect grip in lower as well as upper portions of your feet. 

The dry best lining permits water-resistance. When you are up there during the rainy season, the evolution sole provides dual-density SBR design, self-cleaning lugs, SBR Aircushion and automatic crampons compatibility. 

All the above combinations are well-trained for the harshest of environments. Further, the boot comprises 8mm Mtnflex insole with dacromet-coated steel shank. Plus the honeycomb grid in the heel absorbs the impacts.


  • Well-cushioned to keep you comfortable for long working hours
  • Tough and rugged built makes them durable
  • Water repellent as well as fully breathable leather upper
  • An ideal pair for CATV Linemen and Power Linemen
  • Worth its price


  • A user reported that the boots rec extremely stiff even after 4 months
  • For a perfect fit order a half size larger

2. Chippewa Men’s 9″ Waterproof Steel Toe Lineman Work Boots

Back in the 1980s, it commenced a campaign to empower skills of craftsmen who are completely responsible for the quality of Chippewa. 

The premium leather Chippewa Men’s Steel Toe Lineman Work Boots has all the reasons to get into this list. The leather quality is waterproof and keeps your feet safe and dry. 

Each inch of the boot is intelligently designed for kick-off, slip or oil resistance, braking, traction, good abrasion and stability. An exclusive compound is used to give maximum traction to move on various terrains from rough to wet surface.

It features a thickly treaded rubber outsole to provide durability and superior traction. The outsole focuses on the physical properties in colder temperatures too. 

The loftier and thicker Thinsulate ultra insulation provides warmth with maximum breathability. It consists of 400 grams of 3M Thinsulate ultra insulation. 

The dri-lex dives heightened convenience through moisture setup lining which is instant drying and completely breathable. Further, the chip-aa-tex waterproof layer shields the membrane from water and ensures air movement. 

The steel toe cap meets ASTM standards for compression and impact. As a lineman, when you are up there you become vulnerable to the electric shocks. These boots are well insulated and never let you feel any jerk. 


  • Meets and exceeds ASTM standards
  • Durable and tough Vibram
  • Impressive moisture arrangement
  • Waterproof and breathable


  • Variable break-in period
  • Fitting of both feet may differ

3. Kenetrek Extreme Non-Insulated Steel Toe Lineman Work Boots

Kenetrek laid its foundation with a promise to provide the utmost safety for each and every worker. It is still living by its promise to build sturdy, durable yet comfortable work boots. 

The extreme non-insulated steel toe work boots are the perfect footwear for hot weather. It may not be that successful for low weather conditions because of a lack of insulation. 

The steel-toed boot provides excellent safety against any injury. Also, the boots are 10 inches tall and give impressive ankle support. 

The boot leather uppers comprise 2.8mm full-grain leather which is double and triple stitched. Such solid construction is quite helpful in enhancing durability. 

Kenetrek pair features K-73 outsole with an open tread and deep pattern which provides full traction and lugs. This construction makes climbing safer and much easier. 

Further, the sole offers a single piece of vulcanized rubber for a solid built. Also, the premium laces are corrosion resistant and respond well even in bad weather conditions. 

The waterproof membrane keeps it dry. Since the boots are not insulated but it meets all ASTM safety standards to provide maximum safety from electric shock. 


  • Ideal for linemen, tree service workers, cable installers etc.
  • Steel toe protects your toe area hence reduces the chances of any injury
  • While working in warm weather, you will enjoy this pair
  • Withstand compression and impact 


  • Some of you may find it a little heavier
  • Since non insulated so working in cold temperatures may bother you
  • Available in D and 2E widths so size may be an issue

4. Carolina Men’s 10″ Waterproof Composite Toe Lineman Work Boots

If you are looking for a divine pair then enjoy the rugged and sturdy construction with Carolina men’s 10” waterproof composite toe lineman work boots. 

This boot is designed to withstand up to 14,000 volts at 60z for a minute that too without leakage. It is fully protected from electrical hazards that may occur while working in shock prone zones.

It features Cork Harness Leather which gives impressive durability and strength. It uses rugged welt construction to join a single piece Vibram Soles. 

The boot comprises impeccable Tiabrelle lining which gives moisture wicking attributes. It is highly breathable and goes well with waterproof Scubaliner which keeps your feet comfortable and dry during work. 

The removable AG7 Polyurethane footbed adds comfort with added arch support and patented moisture management setup. 

The composite toe boots have kept safety on the top priority. You can blindly count on Carolina boots for every sphere of your job. A reliable pair to get today!


  • Vibram brand makes it outdoor, service and rugged footwear
  • Available in soft toe and composite toe with waterproof scuba liner
  • Comes in 11 sizes ranging between size 8 to size 14
  • AG7 footbed for arch support


  • Breathability is not as expected
  • It may wear if used for heavy use

5. Red Wing Men’s 6″ Iron Ranger Lineman Work Boots

Iron Ranger is a famous footwear style that was solely made for hardworking and tough miners. It is still maintaining the legacy by manufacturing the handcrafted, strong, and unique Iron Ranger Collection. Red Wing work boots are always reliable.

The notable features are its material and outsole. It is constructed with premium quality leather and the outsole design goes well on any surface comfortably. 

The stitch-down welt construction makes it fully durable and ensures long-lasting comfort with the bump toe. The bump toe makes sufficient room for your toes and eliminates fatigue. 

The steel outsole shank gives needed support to climb the poles and other upright structures. Also, the inner insole of pure leather extends extra comfort to your feet. 

The leather is fully-waterproof and will keep you dry and fresh. So, be confident while walking in light rain and snow. 

To maintain the look, you can do polishing quite often. This will keep the boots new and dashing. A little care of your things helps them to live a little longer than expected. 


  • One of the affordable boots on the list 
  • Triple stitched design and Goodyear welt construction adds in durability
  • Order a half size smaller than your usual size
  • Looks elegant and classy


  • Steel elements are missing which make be disadvantageous while climbing
  • It takes a little time to get used to your feet. Try some oiling to slip-in comfortably.

How to Choose the Best Lineman Work boots in 2024

The sole purpose of the lineman boots is safety in various environments from electrical to water to weather. Let’s take a tour of the critical factors which may help you to get the best work boots for a lineman.

Solid And Thick Heels

To climb the ladder safely, focus on thick heels. The height and urgency vary, sometimes you have to climb high and rungs are slim. To get a firm grip, the heels play a vital role. 

For a lineman, it is simple and comfortable to crawl the rungs on a pole with thick heels. Therefore, the thick and sturdy heels maintain the body balance very well. 

Durable Outsoles

The steps of the ladder are sometimes slippery and small which are risky and can be fatal too. The thick outsole gives you a stability to maintain the perfect balance. The outsole must have the needed strength. In minimum words, it should not be too hard or too soft. 


You cannot afford cramps and regular aches, the workwear with suitable specifications saves you from unnecessary fatigue. Generally, every job demands between 6-8 working hours. 

When you are well aware of the job profile, you try to put comfort first. Before making a final choice, always research well as per your working environment.

Waterproof Boots

The challenging task that comes to a lineman is when it is raining. This is the time when most power failures occur. There is no option but to repair the faults as soon as possible. Your boots should be waterproof and always ready to respond to deep puddles without being tough on your feet. (Related: Best Waterproof Work Boots)

Shockproof Boots

The well-insulated rubber boots can withstand electric shocks. Check for EH mark or omega letter on your shoe. It denotes that boots are electrically protected. 

Before You Go

I may sound biased but I honestly want to highlight La Sportiva Men’s Makalu Boots as the best lineman work boots out there. On any surface, the boots will give you unmatched grip and traction. Do check them out.

To perform any job to the best of your capability, you need comfort and durability. Lineman’s workwear should be extra vigilant to tolerate any obstacle. 

The attributes such as water-resistant, outsole with traction and slip resistance, durability, comfort with a long life can help you sustain through rough conditions too. 

The dedicated and top 5 picks of the best lineman boots are listed above. All the boots are chosen from best out of best. You will not be disappointed.

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