5 Best Work Boots for Wide Feet in 2021

best work boots for wide feet

TL;DR: Skechers Men’s Verdicts are the best work boots for wide feet. The roomier fit and extra-wide outsole easily accommodate feet of all widths. Besides, the boots are built for heavy-duty use.

Work boots are heavy-duty shoes for manual or physical work. They safeguard your feet and ankles from any damage specifically when you are working in heavy to light industries, construction sites, and many more terrains. 

There are ample of choices but every feet come with a different challenge. From wide feet to extra narrow feet to extra large, sometimes you are helpless to forcefit. If you have wide feet, you may consider boots designed with composite toes or wide steel. 

Therefore, all of you with wide feet need not worry as the manufacturers are kind enough to think about everybody thus come up with fantastic solutions.

I have listed down the top 5 wide work boots which are suitably designed with profession wear attributes for the perfect grip to give you a delightful experience. Be ready to improve your productivity and efficiency without any hassle. 

Here are 5 Best Work Boots for Wide Feet in 2021

Work Boots
1Skechers Men's Verdict Wide Work BootsBest Overall
2Wolverine Men's Harrison 6" Wide Work BootsRunner Up
3KEEN Utility Men's Milwaukee Wide Work BootsAlso Good
4Rocky Men's Mobilite Six Inch 6" Steel Toe Work BootsBest Lightweight
5Dr. Martens Men's Ironbridge Wide ST Work BootsQuick Breakin

5 Best Work Boots For Wide Feet in 2021 with Reviews

1. Skechers Men’s Verdict Wide Work Boots

Skechers is a renowned American shoe company that is very well-known for its charming athletic design and cushioned footbed of memory foam. One more thing, it these boots are known for their longevity. 

With Verdict wide rough and tough work boots, you can daily grind your tasks. The main attraction of this pair is its padded collar and tongue, heavy-duty lugged outsole and cushioned insole.

The 100% leather boots have oiled smooth suede or smooth leather upper. The superior waterproof leather prevents your feet from sweating. Even, the six-eyed adjustable lacing system keeps your feet tight and snug.

The high quality outsole delivers superior traction and flexibility on all the surfaces from grassy to greasy. This is rugged outsole and is going to wear out any time soon.

With the natural curve in the sole of the boot enhance the overall comfort while walking. The encased steel shank in the midsole adds to the extra support. The plus point is the boots are seam sealed and shock absorbing. 

The elegant look assures the vibrance and charm of the boots. You can walk for long distances without hurting your feet. Further, the removable memory foam enhances breathability. 

Conclusively, these boots are an ideal option for camp workers, ranchers, stand workers, drivers, farmers, winery workers, hikers, climbers and the list is endless. From wet, rocky to muddy, andy terrains, these will go strong with minimal wear.


  • Amazing cushioning
  • Comfortable, sturdy and durable
  • well-padded tongue and collar
  • Waterproof 
  • Heavy duty lugged outsole


  • Longer break-in period
  • Sole may accumulate dirt and snow easily

2. Wolverine Men’s Harrison 6″ Wide Work Boots

Wolverine always stay in the top picks when it comes to work wears and its Harrison 6”wide work boots is one of the most loved pairs so far. Specifically people who have wide feet look for this shoe without a doubt. 

This elegant brown boot has shaft which is about 6.5”from the arch with the heel of around 1.5”. The platform is about 1” to boost the overall height of the boot. 

The noticeable feature of this charming pair is its comfort which doesn’t look too wide. The too many size options will never disappoint and you will end up getting one for yourself. 

The size options D and E where D is of medium width and E is extra wide. From wide to big feet, you will be glad to know the boot ranges up to size 16.

Wolverine Harrison wide work boots come with PK mesh and air mesh lining which makes it breathable. Also, the removable highly cushioned polyurethane single density midsole and footbed keeps you free from fatigue. 

Since 1833, it has maintained the craftsmanship and the use of superior quality material which is keeping it strong and there is no looking back any time soon. The polyurethane outsole along with Pere Marquette rubber makes it rugged and tough. 

The add-on is that the boot offers resistant to oil, heat, chemicals and more things which may damage your feet. Plus, these are water resistant and responds exceptionally good in extreme weather conditions and terrains. 


  • Full grain 100% leather upper for a perfect premium look
  • Cement construction
  • Detachable full-cushion footbed
  • Lightweight nylon shank gives fatigue free days
  • Midsole comprises single density polyurethane material
  • Wide sizing choices
  • Chemical, water and oil resistant


  • A user wrote that the boots fit well as expected but the inner and above the heel mesh material separated after a few weeks of use.
  • Some people said that the right boot is larger than the left one. 

3. KEEN Utility Men’s Milwaukee Wide Work Boots

The distinctive looking KEEN utility men’s wide work boots are one of the most rugged and comfortable pairs you could ever own. The primary reason for the love for these boots is because of the feeling you get as soon as your feet slips in them. 

These hardly have any break in period, you wear them and you are good to go without any punishment and pinching. The removable dual density EVA footbed eases the bottom of your feet and saves them from any impact.

The full grain upper ensures toughness and durability plus the premium quality nubuck leather offers endless flexibility and comfort. Also, take these to any terrain with confidence, these are stain proof, water and abrasion resistant and will not disappoint you. 

 The moisture resistant inner layer and rubber sole with pervaded stitches provides sturdiness and greater appeal. The front footing flexible grooves along with the thick and solid outer sole supports in slip resistant on both wet and greasy surfaces.

In addition to this, the strong lacing eyelets and metallic locking hooks enhances and strengthens the grip. The boots comprise solid steel toe which is smooth and soft as well as its hardness makes it last long.

If would be worth if you go for steel toe version over soft toe. The advantage is the lack of break in period and impressive comfort. A few men felt steel toe a little heavy but still choosing it over soft toe. 


  • Super insulated, stylish, and comfortable
  • Ideal for dry to wettest workdays
  • Wide and have enough toe room 
  • Heavy duty steel toe boot with breathable membrane
  • Excellently padded collar and tongue
  • Oil and slip resistant


  • Sometimes one of the boots develop a squeak during walks
  • A user got annoyed with the stitches in the rear of the heel that rubs on the back of his foot leaving a painful mark.

4. Rocky Men’s Mobilite 6″ Steel Toe Wide Work Boots

Rocky wide boots are designed specifically to work throughout the day even for longer hours without unnecessary interruptions. If you are a shopaholic then you must be well aware of the awesomeness of the Rocky brand. 

Without giving a second thought, people with unusual foot sizes lands on this brand as it offers numerous options. I would say these are fairly affordable boots considering the features and attributes it owns. 

You can easily find your sizes as they boots come in D, E and 2E. So, you will never be disappointed. Also, the toe box is shaped like an oblique which feels like a proper room for toe hence enhancing the breathability. 

Rocky Mobilite 6 inches Steel Work Boots is both rugged and lightweight. You can wear it for hours on end daily. The material is full grain genuine leather with superior quality rubber sole. This sole is slip and oil resistant.

The excellent traction capabilities allows you to work freely and stress free even in shock prone areas. So you can move around circuits and open wires. 

In most industries, you may often find liquids of all viscosity, these boots are waterproof. Many reviewers have said that the boots lasted for quite a long time and still working fine.


  • Almost negligible break in period
  • Ample of sizes that ranges up to 16 with 2E options
  • The premium leather upper provides long lasting comfort and wear
  • Wide toe box to let your toes move freely
  • Polyurethane footbed to support and cushion foot
  • TPU Torsion stabilizer gives arch support
  • Additional support by 3 density EVA midsole and rubber outsole


  • If you have big feet than it may become a little pricey for you. 

5. Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge Wide ST Work Boots

Dr. Martens is one of the most loved fashion brands by punks as well as celebrities. Though style and comfort rarely go hand in hand but Ironbridge perfectly stands by this statement. 

It comes in two colors, black and teak. This 100% leather boot has insole made out of felt. This combination saves your feet from physical and electrical threats and it gives protection even from elements. 

The additional insulation containing air cushioned sole that comprises tiny air pockets in the midsole very well handles the sudden electrical discharge. The toe caps provides unparalleled impact protection and gives resistance to compression forces. 

This pair features water resistant properties throughout and offers safety from weather too. The amazing traction eradicated even the slightest chance of a fall on rough and dangerous surface.

Unlike many work boots these boots need around 3 days of break-in period to give you that endless smooth and tireless feel. This is due to thick uppers and soles. 

Whenever you feel pressure across top or your toe area, you can wear them loose. You feel the tightness because of the presence of metatarsal guard which is fitted internally. 

The uppers are designed with ballistic mesh. This perfect padded upper keeps your upper foot and ankles cushioned with restricting the airflow.

The Ironbridge pair is steel toed and is heavier than the average work boots. After wearing it for a week, people feel like walking in the air. There is no foot fatigue or pinching feet. 


  • Steel toe boots meets all ASTM standards
  • Traction is excellent 
  • Waterproof, slip resistant and electrical hazard protected boots
  • Heavy Duty eyelets and brushed leather adds to its elegant style
  • The impressive air cushioned sole is ideal for long shifts
  • Probably the best safety wide work boots


  • The removable insole is not up to the mark. I suggest you to replace it if you need a good amount of arch support.
  • These do not have a heel strap
  • You may feel the pair significantly heavy but the enhanced comfort justifies it. 

How to Choose the Best Work Boots for Wide Feet in 2021

wide feet work boots reviews

The saying that every problem comes with an apt solution stands true when even fins suitably fitten boots even for your wide feet. 

There are numerous options to choose from but what matters the most is choosing the correct one. This decision depends on the knowledge and data you have about your problem and the type of solution you are looking for. 

Here are some critical factors you may consider to ensure you are getting the most for your investment. 

Great Comfort

Generally, people with wide feet faces many challenges. Out of which the two prominent ones are constant pain and forcefit work boots. 

If the boots are not appropriate you may feel constant pain which is too intense to even work peacefully and comfortably. Also, when you don’t get your size you tend to opt for higher sizes which are ill fitted boots.

In both scenarios, the loser is the buyer. Choose the boots with supportive and soft footbeds, lightweight attributes and breathable linings. 

Wide Fit Parameters

When you step in the market you get the options but not for say wide feet. Then you search online and you get sizes but what lacks is the trust. 

For unusual sizes, it is always better to take the actual and proper measurements which removes even the slightest possibility of getting the incorrect size. 

Further, you can go through the reviews from customers which have bought them and are giving genuine and real reviews. 

Commonly, the sizes for wide feet work wears are D or E. D is medium wide whereas E is one with a wider fit. If you have size beyond E then you may check for 2E, 3 E and 4E options. 


Being claimed and actually happening are two different phrases. Mostly accidents happen when you slip or heavy things fall on your foot. 

Go for a well designed toe protective boots such as safety steel toe. Boots with good outsole and impressive traction gives almost a good protection. 

Further, waterproof, skid or slip resistant, oil resistant and many other minor to major features may result in overall safety. 


You are investing and expecting a long lasting work wear is certainly not much to ask for. It is frustrating if your shoe breaks on the sole is dragging behind right in the middle of some work.

Brands with a good reputation have earned that status by providing the best they can. Go for a durable pair with impressive craftsmanship and exceptional quality of the material.

Different Widths of Work Boots Explained

If feet come in varied sizes and shapes, fortunately, boots do too!! The confusion arises when you are not sure which method the company uses to denote width and size.

I have picked some different methods used by big shoe brands, it may help you to get the best fit for your next purchase. These methods are true for standard US work boots.

Note: the shoe widths are only for men, women please do not check your boot sizes from this data. Men have comparatively wider feet, men’s medium is D while women’s is B. 

Representation  Foot Size Abbreviated As
B Narrow N
D Medium M
2E Wide W
4E Extra Wide WW or XW

How to Find the True Width of Your Feet

Extraordinary sizes are hard-to-find and it eaves with only one alternative that is online shopping. To get the perfect fit boots, you need to know the actual or true measurements of your feet. Take a paper, ruler, pen, or pencil and follow the simple DIY steps.

  1. Place your bare foot or socked foot onto a piece of paper. It would be better if you put it either while sitting in a chair or crouching. Also, make sure that the surface is flat like floors.
  2. With the help of a pen or pencil, trace the outline of your foot. You may ask someone to do this for you as it will be more accurate than doing by yourself. 
  3. Take the outline for both feet. Measure the maximum length of your feet using a ruler. This is the size you need to order.. 
  4. The next step is a little difficult to understand so follow carefully. Measure the width of the feet parallel to the short edge of the paper. Don’t measure the width diagonally.
  5. Now, use the combination of length and width of the feet to find your true size. Refer to the chart below.
US Men’s SizeNarrow/CAverage/DWide/E
63 5/16″3 1/2″3 11/16″
6.53 5/16″3 5/8″3 3/4″
73 3/8″3 5/8″3 3/4″
7.53 3/8″3 11/16″3 15/16″
83 1/2″3 3/4″3 15/16″
8.53 5/8″3 3/4″4″
93 5/8″3 15/16″4 1/8″
9.53 11/16″3 15/16″4 1/8″
103 3/4″4″4 3/16″
10.53 3/4″4 1/8″4 5/16″
113 15/16″4 1/8″4 5/16″
11.53 15/16″4 3/16″4 3/8″
124″4 5/16″4 3/8″
12.54 1/8″4 5/16″4 1/2″
134 1/8″4 5/16″4 5/8″
13.54 3/16″4 3/8″4 3/4″
Courtesy: https://www.footfitter.com/blog/wide-feet/

Before You Go

To the readers who need a little nudge, Skechers Men’s Verdicts deserve to be called the best work boots for wide feet. People with feet of different widths are very happy with the pair.

If you have a regular feet size, you can easily get options to choose from but when you lie in the wide feet, narrow feet, or flat feet category there is less possibility of getting the options from your favorite brands.

The brands which are picked in the above list are chosen after deep and intensive research for all you who have wide feet. I hope that helped.

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