How to Easily Measure Your Foot Size At Home

measure foot size

It’s super easy to measure you foot size at home and it will go a long way in finding a snug fit footwear for you. In fact, you must do this process every time before you plan to gift yourself with new boots.

You cannot shop by an arbitrary number for your footwear as sizes differ from dress boots to work boots and brands to brands. So, always measure your foot size, consult with the sizing chart, and buy the best fit for yourself.

Best Time To Measure Your Foot Size

Always Measure your foot size late afternoon or in the evening. Reason being? Our feet are always smaller in the morning and gets bigger as the day advances. Thus, evening is the best time to take size of your feet.

Alternatively, you can measure your foot size both in the morning and in the evening. Then do an average of the both results to determine a fair number for your next pair of footwear.

Also, one more thing to keep in mind is that the size of your left and right foot are always different. So, measure them separately.

2 Ways to Measure Your Foot Size

measuring foot size

1. The DIY Way

This is a DIY way. All you need is a pencil, paper, and a measuring tape to follow this method.

  • Lay a sheet of paper on the floor.
  • Step on this.
  • Trace along your foot profile with a pencil.
  • Step off and measure the traced shape of your feet with a measuring tape.

For length, measure from the heel to the tip of the toe. For width, measure a little below the toes at the ball area. This should be the widest area of your foot.

2. The Brannock Device Way

Brannock device method has a slight advantage over the DIY method. Besides the length and width of your feet, a brannock device allows you to measure the height of your heel as well. Thus you get a 3-dimensional measurement for your feet.

  • Place your feet in the brannock device.
  • Make sure you don’t flex your feet.
  • Tighten the device around your foot profile.
  • Now step off and read the numbers.

Where From Now

Once you have measured your foot size very well, it’s time to translate the results into a well-fitting pair of footwear. So, you must consult a boot sizing chart.

Remember, boot sizing charts are different for men and women, even for the same measurements. So, better check if your boot manufacturer provides two different charts or not.

Before You Go

Ill fitting boots are the cause of discomfort and, sometimes, nasty blisters. Even worse, they can hinder your performance at work. You can avoid this all just by taking the right measurements for your feet.

I discussed two methods to measure your foot size and both works well. You will achieve accurate results with either of them. So, if you have an access to brannock device that’s good. If not, nothing to worry about and use the first method discussed.

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