5 Best Saddle Soap in 2020

TL;DR: Fiebing’s saddle soap deserves the right to be called the best saddle soap available on the market today. You can use it to wash and clean most leather articles such as boots, purse, gloves, saddlery, etc.

You can use saddle soap on your leather boots to wash, clean, and recondition them. If used the right way, the saddle soap is good for the longevity and appearance of the pair.

On the other hand, if you use saddle soap the wrong way, the effects will be very penalizing. Improper use of saddle soap on boots can be as bad for the pair as proper use is good for it.

In this guide, I will explain practices to avoid and practices to embrace when using saddle soap on your boots. Read on!

Here are 5 Best Saddle Soap in 2020

Saddle Soap
1Fiebing's Saddle SoapBest Overall
2Kiwi Saddle SoapRunner Up
3Bickmore Saddle SoapAlso Good
4Sof Sole Saddle SoapMost Soft
5Otter Wax Saddle SoapMost Natural

5 Best Saddle Soap in 2020 With Reviews

1. Fiebing’s Saddle Soap

Fiebing is one of the most popular saddle soap brands in the USA, and when it comes to your boots, you can count on it.

Fiebing’s saddle soap is a versatile product. The original purpose is to use it on fine saddlery, but it’s equally good to use on other leather products such as boots, purses, gloves, etc.

Its unique formula seeps deep into the leather lubricating its every fiber. After a round of Fiebing saddle soap, the leather holds it’s shine, suppleness, and strength very well without any brittleness.

P.S. Fiebing saddle soap is available in 3 colors- white, black, and yellow. The white one is for light-colored boots, the black one is for black leather, and the yellow one is for shades of brown. So, choose accordingly.

2. Kiwi Saddle Soap

Kiwi is a reliable brand when it comes to shoe care products. The kiwi saddle soap is made of premium quality ingredients and is equipped with both cleaning and nourishing agents.

You can use kiwi saddle soap on work boots, dress shoes, and all kinds of leather products. The soap is very effective at removing embedded dirt and grime.

You may find that you do not have to use a conditioning oil after the use of Kiwi saddle soap. The soap usually leaves your boots with a soft luster and supple texture after the wash.

P.S. I strictly deter you from using Kiwi saddle soap on suede or nubuck leather. In fact, no saddle soap should be used on suede or nubuck surfaces.

3. Bickmore Saddle Soap

Bickmore saddle soap is not just for leather boots but for any leather articles such as purse, bags, tacks, gloves, jackets, etc.

I call this saddle soap an all-rounder. It possesses both the harsh properties that we need to clean the caked-on dirt and the moisturizing properties that we need to recondition the pair.

Formulated with lanolin and neatsfoot oil, it leaves the leather boots with a shiny and supple look after the use. Also, lanolin is well known for its capability to treat scratches and cracks.

However, to eliminate any chance of damage to boots, the manufacturer recommends using the saddle soap followed by a leather conditioner. I second this recommendation.

P.S. Before buying, please take note that the product is not suitable for products made of suede and napped leather.

4. Sof Sole Saddle Soap

Sof Sole saddle soap is both a soap and a conditioner. You don’t need to apply an oil conditioner separately after the use of it. Your boots will exude a new and fresh look immediately after the use of this saddle soap.

Once Sof Sole removes the dirt and grime from your boots, it creates a protective layer around the leather that makes your boots resilient to water splashes and stains. Thus, they get less dirty and require less maintenance.

The uses of this saddle soap are many. Not only can you use it to clean boots, gun holsters, horse tacks, purses, bags, etc. but to soften up the hard leather as well. The results are visible right after the first use.

Sof Sole saddle soap also does a great job of removing scratches from your leather boots. Small scratches and scuffs become unnoticeable right after the first use.

5. Otter Wax Saddle Soap

Otter Wax presents an all-natural saddle soap. This product hasn’t picked up much steam, yet but I believe this product is worth a shoutout. The manufacturer hasn’t used any toxic material such as silicone or petroleum while making it.

The strength of this saddle soap lies in the use of castile soap as a cleaning agent. Castile soap is made of natural oils and is very gentle even on the most sensitive skin/leather. It effectively lifts the dirt from your boots but doesn’t harm the leather in any way.

As castile soap is made of 100% natural oils, it nourishes the leather very well. Additionally, owing to the presence of beeswax, the soap creates a protective layer that makes the boots resistant to water and stains.

Otter Wax saddle soap is also a very versatile product. You can use it on almost any leather surface such as shoes, hats, bags, furniture, auto interiors, etc.

How to Use Saddle Soap on Leather boots

To apply saddle soap, start with scrubbing your boots down with water. Then apply some saddle soap on them in a clockwise motion. Then wash them under a running faucet and let them air dry. Once fully dry, apply a conditioner to nourish them again.

1. Start by Scrubbing the Boots Down with Some Water

Scrub the boot down with some water and a brush to lift as much dirt, grime, and oil as you can. You can feel free to be liberal with the water.

Keep in mind that H20 and leather aren’t exactly friends. So, use the running faucet, but don’t let the water dry on the boots. Instead, use a clean cloth to remove any water beads from the surface.

It’s not the water itself that ruins the leather boots, but it’s what happens when the water dries on the surface of boots. Water drying on leather can lead to cracking and crumbling. So avoid it at all costs.

2. Apply Some Saddle Soap on Boots

Once you have given your boots a good rubdown with water, apply a small amount of saddle soap on boots. Now, scrub vigorously with a soft brush to establish a rich lather.

As you scrub, you will find that the leather achieves a richer and darker color. Don’t fret as this is common to wet boots. You can scrub over the boots several times, as you see fit.

3. Let the Boots Dry But Carefully

The next step is going to be to dry your boots carefully so that it doesn’t ruin the leather. This part of the process can be a little bit hard on the leather.

Use a dry cloth to pat on boots and work out any excess water on the surface. The cloth will absorb the excess water, making the drying process less harsh.

Once you have worked up the excess water, leave the pair in the shade for 24 hours for air dry.

4. Recondition Your Boots

Once the boots are fully dry, you must take time to nourish them again.

Apply a good leather conditioner on your boots to nourish them well. When you use a conditioner, the best practice is to leave it in for a few hours before you next use your boots.

Once the conditioner is soaked in, your boots will be ready for wearing.

Benefits of Saddle Soap on Leather Boots

Before I talk about how you should use saddle soap on boots, it might be helpful to explain why you should use it. There are a few benefits to this versatile product that I will go over now.

1. Safest Way to Wash Leather Boots

Some tough stains on boots are hard to remove just by wiping with a damp cloth. In this case, you may want to wash your leather boots with a cleaning agent. Saddle soap is the safest product for the purpose. Any regular soap or detergent will be very harsh on the leather.

2. Easiest Way to Clean Leather Boots

There is a difference between a leather conditioner and saddle soap. Saddle soap is equipped with two types of agents- cleaning agents and conditioning agents. Whereas, a conditioner is equipped with conditioning agents only. A conditioner nourishes leather boots but is unable to remove dirt and stains. On the other hand, saddle soap cleans leather boots and conditions them at the same time.

3. Keeps Leather Boots from Drying Out

Leather is a skin, and it can dry out. When it does, it will crack, crumble, and get ruined. Moisturizing your boots is a good way to keep this from happening. The majority of modern saddle soaps contain waxy properties. Thus, they help to keep your leather boots looking vibrant and healthy.

4. Removes Caked on Grime

When dirt and grime get caked onto your boots, a washcloth won’t always be enough to abate the problem. When you do find yourself with a mess that won’t go away, it’s good to have help. The good news is that saddle soap is well equipped with the ability to clean your leather boots and lift any dirt and grime.

5. Provides a Splendid Shine

And of course, the obvious benefit: saddle soap will help bring out the natural gleam in your leather. At the end of the day, that is what we all hope for, don’t we?

Cautions While Using Saddle Soap on Leather Boots

Before I go into why saddle soap is great, it is important to mention the ways it might not be. Why? Replacing leather goods is expensive and just inconvenient. So, what might make you hesitant to use saddle soap? It comes down to the make of the material.

  • Saddle soaps are very strong. If you use one that doesn’t contain waxy properties or you don’t condition your boots after washing them with saddle soap, it can lead to the deterioration of the leather and may cause cracks in the boots.
  • The soap will strip the leather of its oils and treatments, thus, making it vulnerable. In other words, if you overuse or abuse saddle soap, you may be shortening the life expectancy of your boots.

The good news is that it is avoidable just by buying the right saddle soap. I have recommended some high-quality ones in this guide. Feet free to give them a try. I’m sure that you’d love them.

How Often to Use Saddle Soap on Leather Boots

You should use saddle soap on your boots once every three months. If you often find your boots getting too dirty, you may use the saddle soap on them once every two months, but that’s it.

Washing your leather boots with saddle soap should be a part of deep cleaning, not daily cleaning. Not only saddle soap removes the dirt and stains from the leather, but it also strips it off of its protective layer of oils. So, don’t overdo it. Your ideal boot care routine should look like this:

  • Daily: Use only the best boot polish to shine your boots every day.
  • Monthly: Condition your boots only with the best leather oil once a month.
  • Quarterly: Deep clean your boots with the best saddle soap once or twice every three months.

Before You Go…

Saddle soap is good a good option to clean your leather boots, but you must make sure that you buy a premium quality product only. I strongly recommend Fiebing’s Saddle Soap.

With the right application of saddle soap, you can enjoy a vibrancy to your leather boots. Now that you know how to do it, it’s time to use the learning to improve the appearance of your favorite accessory.

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